7 signs a woman thinks you’re really attractive, according to psychology

Sexual attraction is a strange thing. It comes in uninvited and unbeckoned, leaves whenever it pleases, and most of all, it can be quite difficult to recognize in others.

It’s not like someone who’s attracted to you has it written on their forehead, after all.

No, people are usually much more subtle than that, from specific nonverbal cues to the hidden meanings behind their words.

How can you tell a woman thinks you’re really attractive?

Let’s find out together.

1) She laughs at your jokes – even if you’re not that funny

Based on research, women prefer funny men. They want someone who will make them laugh, giving rise to feel-good hormones and a sense of friendship.

That one’s pretty obvious. What you might not have known, however, is that a woman who fancies you is also very likely to think (and act like) you’re funnier than you actually are.

I know what I’m talking about. Whenever I’m attracted to someone of the opposite sex, I laugh or giggle every time they say something even remotely funny. 

This elicits a positive response from them as well, and as a result, we have a great time – even if none of us is Chandler Bing.

Therefore, the first lesson you ought to take away from this article is that it’s a good idea to watch out for how a woman reacts when you’re attempting to be funny.

Of course, you might also just be a hilarious person who makes everyone laugh – including people who aren’t attracted to you – which is why it’s important to take other factors into consideration as well.

2) She uses light touches to express affection

Studies indicate that physical touch may promote love between partners.

Moreover, psychologist Jack Schafer PhD writes that “people often touch the person they like. In romantic relationships, women may lightly touch the arm of the person they are talking to. This light touch is not an invitation to a sexual encounter; it merely indicates she likes you.”

This all points to one important thing: a woman who thinks you’re attractive is likely to use light touches to express her feelings.

She may gently brush her arm against yours, touch your upper arm whilst laughing, or lean her head against your shoulder when you’re sitting next to each other.

Whatever it is, she is pretty “touchy-feely”. And whilst this might just be her overall personality (some people like physical contact more than others, after all), it could also be another sign she fancies you.

3) She gets nervous and giggly around you

According to psychology, people often assess whether someone’s sexually attracted to them based on how nervous the other person acts. Of course, this is primarily a subconscious action.

In The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, Darwin wrote, “When lovers meet, we know that their hearts beat quickly, their breathing is hurried, and their faces flush; for this love is not inactive.”

Attraction makes us feel unsure of ourselves. It throws us off. It puts us in a position where we want something but aren’t quite certain if we can get it or how to go about acquiring it.

It’s a rollercoaster of physiological reactions and emotions, and so it’s probably not that surprising that most of us get flustered and nervous, stuttering our way through conversations or giggling like teenagers.

If a woman you’re talking to acts like this, it’s possible there is more to her feelings toward you than meets the eye.

4) She often fixes her appearance when you’re around

It is unfortunate that the male gaze is still so present in our society, but that is the truth of things.

Femininity has been considered a performance for a very long time now, and while many women try to fight stereotypes and ignore the male gaze altogether, others are still quite susceptible to it.

Especially when they’re sexually attracted to someone.

If a woman thinks you’re really attractive, she might often think of how you perceive her and feel self-conscious about it.

As a result, she may fix her hair and jewellery way too often, put extra effort into her outfits when she knows she’s about to see you (or rather, you’re about to see her), and try to appear attractive so that you get on the same wavelength.

Again, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all. For example, a woman who’s been friends with you for a long time may suddenly find you attractive, but since she already feels comfortable with you, she might not necessarily act all that differently.

Remember that the signs on this list don’t really work in isolation. They only mean something when mixed together.

5) She keeps glancing your way

pic2485 7 signs a woman thinks you’re really attractive, according to psychology

Okay, this is going to be a bit of a confusing one.

While many people say that maintaining eye contact is key to sexual attraction, it’s also true that nervousness makes us avoid direct gaze rather than initiate it.

When you think someone’s so attractive that you feel shy around them, you’re going to have a pretty hard time staring them in the eyes for longer than a few seconds, right?

This is why it’s more helpful to watch out for indirect glances.

Does she seem to always glance at you when she thinks you’re not looking (despite the fact you can peripherally see it)? Do your eyes always land on each other just for her gaze to quickly dart away?

Yep, another sign right there.

If the woman in question is very confident about her feelings for you, she may not even glance away – she might just do the whole maintaining eye contact business.

As I said, sexual attraction is complicated. It manifests differently for everyone because it creates a unique blend when mixed with one’s personality.

As a general rule of thumb, though, someone who can’t help but stare at you (be it when you’re not looking or when you’re staring back) may think you’re attractive.

6) She initiates conversations

Among the many things attraction does to us, the desire to get to know more about the person in question stands out a lot.

It’s funny that something as simple as a physiological reaction can have such a large impact on our emotional state, yet that’s precisely what happens.

You think someone’s attractive, and bam!

You suddenly want to memorize every single detail they tell you about themselves, spend as much time as possible with them, and learn about their hobbies so you can bond.

One such way to do this is to look for any excuse to strike up a conversation. It might take her a bit of time to muster up the courage, but if she really fancies you, she’ll probably try to chat with you at some point or another.

Again, though, take this with a grain of salt. She could also just want to be your friend.

A woman’s desire to connect emotionally should go hand in hand with the signs mentioned above, such as nervous giggling, light touches, and frequent glances.

7) She compliments you

Did you know that compliments have been shown to make both parties feel better – both the recipient and the giver?

This is probably all the more interesting when sexual attraction is added to the mix.

A woman who compliments you is going to feel amazing not only because she’s made you happy but also because she’s innocently pointed out she likes a specific trait about you, toeing the line between flirting and a simple friendly gesture.

Giving someone a compliment is one of the easiest ways to show appreciation and possible attraction (depending on the kind of compliment).

So, have you ticked off all seven signs on this list?

If your answer is yes, it might mean you’re dealing with a woman who finds you attractive.

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