10 signs a woman loves you without saying “love”

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signs a woman loves you without saying love 10 signs a woman loves you without saying “love”

Because we put I love you on such a pedestal, it can be difficult to then see the other ways people might express this love.

Unfortunately, this can mean that we’re unable to see the signs when a girlfriend, wife, partner or friend is showing us that they love us rather than uttering words.

And in a time when we stress “actions over words”, it can be quite counterintuitive to only accept someone saying that they love us as the real deal whilst overlooking all ways in which they put in effort into showing us.

Not realizing when someone is really showing you they love you can do a lot of damage and lead to a great deal of resentment on both sides.

Plus, ruining healthy relationships just because of a communication error is not somewhere you want to go.

So to make sure you don’t end up spoiling something good, I’ve got the 10 signs a woman really loves you (even if she isn’t voicing it) at the ready:

1) She remembers the little things

There are a lot of people in the world.

Over 8 billion to be almost exact.

Now, out of those billions and billions of people, if she’s taking it upon herself to remember 

You might wave away her asking how your sourdough starter is getting along as normal pleasantries, but trust me – no one is that interested in your kitchen ventures.

Notice that she’s finding reasons to talk to you and remembering to ask about small details you dropped into conversation on a whim?

Know that she’s firstly trying to engage with you, and secondly show you how important she thinks you are.

2) She’s showering you with compliments

Women aren’t such big fans of negging as men are.

You know when backhanded compliments and criticism are delivered under the guise of flirtation to undermine someone’s confidence and make them more targetable dating prey.

Instead, women tend to take the high road and deliver compliments to try and show how much they genuinely appreciate you and think you’re the bees knees.

They’ll find any excuse to slip you some praise and comment on the color of your shirt, the music you’re listening to, how your hair is looking today, or your choice of screensaver.

We know that men don’t receive compliments as readily, so we use these to demonstrate when we notice and value someone.

3) And talking you up in conversation

These snippets of praise aren’t just reserved for when you two are together.

No, a woman who really loves you will make sure to big you up in the presence of others (and when she’s alone with other people) too!

“He’s so good at playing chess, honestly it’s unbelievable”, she’ll beam in the presence of your shared friends.

Her constant stream of compliments will have you blushing in no time.

4) You have her in constant fits of giggles

I’m not one to judge how funny or unfunny you really are, but much in the same way that she’s constantly lifting you up through compliments, she’ll also make you feel like you’re the funniest person on earth.

That dry dad joke you’ve been hiding up your sleeve for months will have her in absolute stitches.

Honestly, you’re not even sure it was that funny yourself.

The second-best way to get someone to notice you and express your love besides complimenting them is to make them feel like a stand-up genius.

5) And she goes out of her way to get you to smile

signs a woman loves you without saying love 1 10 signs a woman loves you without saying “love”

When she’s not giggling away at your jokes, she’s doing everything she can to try and make you laugh or smile.

This might not be through joking, but she will go out of her way to express how much she cares about you in little ways.

Your favorite snack might appear on your desk on a regular basis (she tells you that stopping off at the bakery across town just happens to be on her morning drive).

Or she notices when you’ve been feeling down and does even more than usual to text and ask how you’re doing and make sure you’re not left feeling alone.

6) She’s tuned into your emotions 

Women are incredibly empathetic.

When they truly love you, they put you on a pretty high pedestal in their lives.

They will notice any changes in your standard behavior or moods like a hawk.

What’s likely is that before you even have a chance to acknowledge that you’re out of sorts, they’ll be right there telling you they’re ready to listen or just give you some company.

7) She genuinely worries about you

Loving someone does tend to mean slightly higher levels of anxiety and jealousy, but it also comes with a great deal more genuine worry about that person’s safety.

If she’s asking you to stay in communication, it might not just be because she’s concerned about what you’re up to.

True love brings so much joy, but also a great deal of worry about that person’s wellbeing.

Maybe you don’t text her for a few days and are sincerely confused as to why she’s frustrated and stressed when you do check in.

Trust me – she’s likely been fraught and overwhelmed with worrying about whether you crashed your car, got into a street alteration, or otherwise somehow got yourself into danger.

8) She involves you in her own life

Loving someone means wanting to integrate and combine your lives.

If you notice that she’s inviting you along to meet her friends, her family, to experience her hobbies and see how she lives her life – she’s doing the most to show her love and willingness to make it work between you.

Does she send you pictures of her pet? Funny memes? Invite you out for drinks with her girlfriends?

Being included in the personal aspects of her life are a high sign that she loves you deeply and thinks you’re in it for the long run.

9) She values your input and respects your advice

You’re not even that well-informed on half the topics she comes to you for, but no matter what you say, she listens earnestly and values every word that comes out of your mouth.

Someone who sees you as wise and welcomes your input on any of their personal issues is showing how much they value your opinions and trust your judgement.

10) She copies your movements

And finally, if you notice that in interactions with her it’s almost like looking in a mirror, it’s likely that she’s trying to subconsciously show her love.

In the absence of verbalized I love you’s, body language can reveal a lot of hidden emotions.

If she smiles when you smile, leans in when you do, and copies your stance or proximity, take it as a sign that her love is absolutely there – even if those three magic words aren’t being uttered.


Whilst we put so much emphasis on getting to the stage where we say the big L word, there are also so many other ways women express their true emotions and their love which often fall under our radars.

Failing to notice these and instead assuming they don’t love us can be incredibly detrimental to our relationships as it leaves us feeling unloved and our partner’s feeling like they’re not doing enough to show their love.

And the latter can be very hurtful in a world where we stress the importance of sticking true to your word and showing our commitment more than confessing love but not really meaning it.

Rest assured that if you notice these 10 signs in someone you’re involved with, they show far more sincerity than flyaway statements or hollow declarations. 

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