16 definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move

If there’s a married woman who’s been showing interest in you, then I can relate.

I’ve been in that exact situation myself.

What I remember most at first was the confusion: did she really want me or was she just having some fun teasing?

Here are 16 definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move.

16 definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move

1) Her eye contact is off the charts

If she’s making frequent eye contact with you, this married gal is interested.

Also pay attention: what is the feeling you get when she looks in your eyes?

If she wants you to make a move you will get a feeling that she’s a bit preoccupied and sort of living in fantasy-land.

Is her gaze drifting down to your lips and does she seem like she’s trying to look into your soul? Bingo…

“A longing look can most times be just that- a woman longing for you to make a move,” writes Emyli Lovz.

“Long periods of eye contact indicate that she is interested in what you’re saying. It also shows that she is ready for you to make your move.”

The ball’s in your court now.

2) She tells you how you’re better than her husband

When a married woman is interested in you she will often drop hints that relate to her husband.

Don’t get me wrong:

Her husband and unsatisfying or sexless marriage is usually not a topic she wants to touch on.

It’s more in the form of playful hints and cues.

She’ll make a joking remark about how her other half could definitely learn a thing or two about how to dress stylishly from you…

Or joke about how she should have married a guy like you in the first place and saved herself from a lonely life binge-eating ice cream.

Jokes and comments like these are some of the most definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move.

3) She openly hits on you

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to point out.

A married woman may hit on you so blatantly that you think it’s just a joke or her trying to tease you and see your reaction for fun.

It’s like missing your glasses when you’re wearing them. You think: surely she can’t be flirting that crudely with me right in front of everyone, right?

No, trust me: she definitely can, and is.

The fact of the matter is that she’s really rusty at flirting and she’s genuinely showing interest!

She wants you to make a move, but especially if she’s been married a long time she forgets how to woo a man in more subtle ways…

She’s basically saying: “Hey, I’m here and I’m horny and lonely! Let’s have fun!”

In her article, Amanda Palmer writes about this.

Older married women, in fact, may show more signs of sexual interest and may do so rather boldly.

They have done it a number of times and know about the pleasures of sex.”

4) She wants to help you out with job and life opportunities

If the married woman in question is trying to help you out a lot in your career or life then she often is into you.

Depending on her career status and connections, she may try to help you out in various ways.

This can seem a bit like try-hard behavior, but it’s just her way of romancing a guy she finds hot.

If you’re looking for definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move then this is right up there.

However: don’t confuse this with a woman who’s really just trying to help. Look out for other signs of her flirting and being interested in you.

5) She brings up sexual and intimate topics

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Married women are still women. They have needs, desires, and problems like anyone else.

Unfortunately, there are many situations where their husband just isn’t fulfilling those needs anymore.

That’s where you (potentially) come in…

If she’s bringing up sexual and intimate topics with you then it’s probably not for a book she’s writing about male sexuality.

It’s probably because she finds you attractive and is getting turned on talking about hot stuff with you.

Lucky you.

6) She wants to be where you are

Never underestimate the power of physical closeness.

When a married woman is interested in you sexually or romantically, she will make obvious efforts to be close to you.

She’ll make excuses to be where you are.

This can include popping up in places you visit, physically moving closer to you, putting an arm around you, or touching you and generally seeking you out in a crowd.

If you want definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move then look for her showing up around you.

Does it happen a lot? She’s telling you to make a move.

If you can be where she wants you to be, you’re much more likely to attract the right type of woman for you.

7) She dresses to impress and likes to see you noticing

A married woman looking for an affair often feels unappreciated by her husband.

She may even feel full-on unattractive or believe men don’t want to be with her. This can lead to some very attention-getting outfits.

Is she displaying a lot of cleavage around you and leaning over frequently? Hello…

Is she wearing yoga pants when you see her but never seems to actually be going to yoga class?

That’s great, and it could just be that she has a sexy style.

But if you notice a hint of a wink as she catches you enjoying the view then you can bet there’s a good chance she wants you to make a move.

8) You’re on her booty call radar

When a married woman wants you to make a move, she pencils you into her schedule.

Late-night texts and strange early morning messages and calls are the clear signs she’s basically booting calling you.

Maybe she’s just emotionally lonely or sees you as a friend, too.

But she definitely is interested in you in some way, and if you’re getting messages as these unusual times of day it’s more likely to be sexual and romantic.

Do you message your platonic friend and 1:30 a.m. with “hey there, r u up?”

I don’t…

9) You’re getting consistent laughs from her

You may be Eddie Murphy for all I know.

But when a woman likes a guy she laughs at his jokes: that’s just dating 101.

If you want to know definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move, then listen for her laugh.

Is she lighting up every time you do the same old joke or make a clever pun about something?

She’s inviting you into her intimate zone, trust me…

Like Dateless 2 Dating writes:

“When everyone in the group has no idea what the crap you mean when you told that lame joke while she is the only one that ‘gets it,” you can bet your Star Wars figurines that she is interested in you.”

10) She butters you up with compliments and flattery

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Every man loves to be flattered. It just feels great.

When a married woman is into a man and wants him to make a move, she’ll butter him up.

After all, she knows men well: she’s married to one.

So she knows that telling a man about how great he tends to get him feeling pretty buzzed.

She wants you to feel great and bring some of that sweet loving over to her.

Now it’s up to you whether or not you’ll accept her offer…

11) She’s jealous of the interest you show in other women

Another of the top definite signs a married woman wants you to make a move is that she gets jealous when you show interest to other women.

This can be disconcerting at first, but if you’re into this woman then it’s actually pretty exciting.

“Even though she is married, she is still a woman and jealousy is a trait.

“A married woman who has a crush on you would not be happy about you getting close to someone else,” writes Arushi Chaudhary.

Pay attention to this sign if you’re looking for clues about whether this married woman is looking for some extracurricular activity with you.

12) She’s bubbling over with nervous energy and excitement

When a married woman is wanting you to make a move she’s downright giddy.

You could be the first sign of life she’s found in the male population in years.

This is your chance, so keep an eye out for a lot of nervous energy on her side.

“If she’s excited, she will be maybe bubbly or maybe just flushed, depending on how outgoing or shy she is.

“Either way, she’ll be happy while also being flushed, so that’s how you know it’s a positive feeling of excitement rather than aggravation or tension,” writes Sarah Jones.

I’m not Phil Collins, but I can definitely feel it in the air tonight.

13) You can hear it in her voice

Scientific research has shown how important vocal pitch is in our attraction to each other.

It’s also the case that when a married woman wants you to make a move she will generally be very charming, pleasant, and eager to do nice things for you in any way possible.

She’ll continue conversations with you and try to strike up new ones quite a bit.

This is her telling you to take things further if you want…

“She will usually be very agreeable to what the man has said and may come back with similar situations or stories to keep the conversation going…

“The tone of her voice becomes more animated and friendly and she may be quicker responding to things he says,” writes Annmarie Keller at Our Everyday Life.

14) She touches you and wants you to touch her

Touch is the classic indicator of interest.

If a married woman has been very touchy with you and brushing up against you like a billowing sail every time you’re around her, then start paying attention…

This is her marital flirting on display.

She’s inviting you to explore the high seas with her.

Want confirmation? Try lightly touching her shoulder or putting a hand on her arm for a few seconds in a reassuring and affectionate touch.

Does she shy away or lean into it? Maybe you even hear a light sigh of satisfaction.

If so, you’re in…

15) She suggests meeting up outside your usual meeting place

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Where do you generally see this married woman?

Maybe it’s at work, at a business you go to, or through a mutual friend when you’re out as a group.

Maybe you’re chatting to her online.

Whatever the case, look for her to suggest meeting up one-on-one or away from where you usually do.

When a married woman suggests a new venue or scenario of meeting up, it generally means she’s thinking of you in a date-ish way.

If she does this, then she wants to get you alone and she’s inviting you to make a move.

16) She wants the full story of you

Married women who are into a new guy will want to know everything about him.

For one thing, they’re probably bored in their marriage.

For another, even if it’s just a fling, she wants to know what she’s getting into.

If the married woman in your sights has been getting you to open up about everything you believe and your upbringing, she’s probably getting ready to open up to you in other ways in the near future.

Relationship expert Barrie Davenport has the down-low on this, writing:

“She’s asking you questions about your family, how you spent your weekend, what relationships you value most, etc.

“She wants to know everything about you.

“On the flip-side, she doesn’t share much about her own family, especially her husband.”

Trust me: it’s so on.

Should you go for it or back away?

Having an affair with a married woman can be risky and it can leave you feeling guilty and ashamed.

It can also be exhilarating, sexually explosive, and leave you craving more.

What you do is ultimately up to you.

This all relates back to the incredible advice I learned from Relationship Hero.

I was blown away by how genuine, understanding and professional they were.

In just a few minutes you can connect with a certified relationship coach and get tailor-made advice specific to your situation.

Click here to get started.

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