Signs a married man likes you but is hiding it

It’s hard to know if a married man likes you when he’s so good at hiding it. 

You can’t just ask him if he likes you and you can’t see inside his mind to see if he has a crush on you too. 

To make matters even more tricky, most married men are masters at hiding their feelings or at least appearing as though they don’t have feelings for anyone but their wives. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to know whether or not a married man likes you. 

In fact, there are plenty of telltale signs that will clue you into an unspoken spark between the two of you.

If the thought of dating a married man grosses you out, avoid reading further and move on with your life. 

But, if the idea intrigues you and makes your heart skip a beat because maybe, possibly, hopefully that could be you someday then read on…

1) He shows weakness around you.

Although he may not be a big old softy with everyone, a married man will display his soft underbelly around you. 

This shows that he likes you or even wants to be your lover. 

This behavior of his can be anything from complaining about work to revealing vulnerabilities and insecurities that only someone he likes would know about. 

Why does he tend to be weak around you? 

Maybe he is afraid of rejection and may not want to scare you by telling you he likes you.

Moreover, he may be afraid that if he starts to show his feelings for you, his wife will find out.

He may also be worried that if his wife sees him being affectionate toward someone else, she might get jealous.  

Whatever the reason, it’s important for him to come clean and tell you how he feels about you so that he doesn’t leave you in awkward situations. 

If this is the case, you should avoid doing anything that would give him the impression that you are responding positively to his love. 

You can start by taking the initiative to gradually reduce contact with him as much as possible, except in absolutely required instances.

2) He asks about you. 

If a married man keeps asking about you, it’s a sign that he likes you. 

And while you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, it’s worth taking some time to think about why he would ask about you if he isn’t interested in pursuing something more.

A married man could be just trying to be polite and show respect for you, or he could be genuinely curious about your life, how you’re doing, or how you’re feeling. 

Either way, it’s important to remember that there’s no harm in answering his questions honestly. 

In fact, doing so can help build a connection between the two of you. You should feel free to go along with it and maybe even invite him over for coffee later on. 

Though, you should beware of him when he keeps always asking about your life, your job, and what’s going on with your family and friends. 

He cares enough to ask how things are going in your life even when he knows exactly how things are going because he’s asked others about it or is privy to the information. 

This can be because he is worried that you will reject him or because he doesn’t want to scare you off by being too forward. 

It’s best to be cautious and aware of the situation. If you worry his wife might find out, trust your instincts and make excuses to leave.

3) He uses a nickname for you.

Married men may have a nickname for you that they use in place of your name or a nickname they use to refer to you.

A nickname is a shortened form of your name that people use instead of your full name. 

The nickname may be informal and/or used only by the two of you.

A nickname can work in a couple of ways. 

The first way is if the reason for using it is because he wants to keep things a secret.

He does not want his wife and friends to know that he is falling in love with you

By using a nickname, he can pretend to be just making friends with you and not interested in anything serious. 

The other possible reason for him to use a nickname for you is if he likes you but does not want to come right out and say so.

It’s possible that a married man has used a nickname for you because he likes you but is hiding how he really feels about you.  

It also gives him an opportunity to think of ways to get your attention without being too forward. 

He might be nervous about how you will react to his affections, and he doesn’t want to risk losing the friendship he has with you if you discover that he is interested in more than just friendship. 

In this case, if you don’t want to get into any trouble or if you’re not interested, try to keep your distance from him and try not to respond when he calls you by that nickname.

4) He speaks highly of your qualities.

Married men may say nice things about you to mask the fact that they are attracted to you

He sees something special in you, and he wants to spend more time with you. 

This married man will not only speak highly of your qualities, he will also tell other people good things about you. 

If he likes you he will offer up praise for your accomplishments and traits, especially when other people are around. 

He will always appear proud and appreciative of you. He may also be trying to impress you by saying nice things about you to your friends or your colleagues in front of you. 

In this case, it is possible that he does like you but is not ready to admit it yet. 

He might be trying to hide his attraction to you and does not want you to know that he is interested in dating you. 

He may be afraid that if you know how he feels about you, you might lose respect for him and he’d feel less confident about being married.  

The love he feels for you can be seen through his actions, so pay attention!

5) He seems to be in a better mood when he’s around you.

Another important sign when a married man likes you is that he will have a much more positive outlook on life when he sees you or hears from you than when you’re not there.

He’s also more energetic and willing to talk about his feelings and problems.. 

The reason why he is in a better mood when he’s around you is that he feels more comfortable and happier around you and doesn’t want to come off as awkward.

If he texts you a smiley face then it’s likely because he wants to talk to you more and doesn’t want the conversation to end there.

He may become more talkative and more affectionate than usual when the two of you have time alone together. 

You should always pay attention to the way he acts around you. He may be interested in you more than he should.

So if a married man seems to be in a better mood when he’s around you, take it as a sign that he likes you but is hiding. You may want to reduce contact with him for not affecting his family.

6) He treats you differently than other people.

The next sign that shows you a married man likes you but hiding it is he treats you differently than other people. 

This is a big red flag you should look out for. He will make you feel special, cherished, and like the center of attention while he’s around you. 

He will go out of his way to do nice things for you without being asked. 

This could be as simple as opening your car door if you’re driving together or helping you with your coat when you arrive in a public place. 

But he never always does those things for your mutual friends or colleagues.

He might also try to spend more time with you and show his feelings.

These are all signs that he likes you, but is trying to hide it because he’s afraid that he’ll get in trouble.

For you, these are subtle cues that can be hard to read, though if your gut tells you something’s going on, listen to it! In another situation, if a guy always wants to see you after work, it’s likely because he wants to get to know you better. 

That also a possible reason which lead to the next sign:

7) He stocks up on excuses to see you. 

pexels jopwell 2422293 Signs a married man likes you but is hiding it

A married man stocks up on excuses to see you is a sign that he likes you but is hiding his love

You may have noticed this behavior when he is busy but always seems to make time for you

He may even manufacture reasons why it’s necessary for him to travel across town or out of state just for the opportunity to spend time with you.

When he spends time with you, he shows his interest in you through his actions and words. 

He may even text or call you just to see how you are doing and make sure everything is okay. 

This type of behavior shows that he cares about you and wants to spend more time with you. 

I’m not saying that all married men prefer to spend time with single women, but this is the most likely reason why he’s always doing things with you and never has anyone else to hang out with. 

It’s also possible that he has many friends but feels obligated to hang out with them and he feels comfortable being around you instead

If his wife is at home, he may still hang out with you, but if he has to leave early and can’t spend time with you before he leaves, he might feel disappointed or guilty about his actions.

Either way, it’s important to understand his reasons for being around you. If a married man hangs out with you when his wife is not around, then he probably likes you.

8) He touches you more than he needs to.

There are many reasons why a married man may touch you more than he needs to.

One is that he is attracted to you and wants to be close to you. 

Another is that he wants to show you how much he cares about you, or how much he trusts you. 

Still, another is that he just likes the feeling of being close to you and might not realize that his actions are inappropriate. 

He makes excuses to touch you and to make sure that you aren’t mad at him. 

If a man feels the need to touch you all the time, it means that he feels insecure about his marriage. It may also mean that he is in love with you and can’t hide it from himself anymore.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to touching someone, but there are some red flags that you can look out for so that you can avoid getting involved with a married man who is more interested in your body than he is in your heart.

Maybe he’s not satisfied with his wife in making love and wants to have an affair with a girl who suits his taste. 

Hence, you must watch out for these people and have a clear head so you don’t fall into their trap.

Last words

Men who are married can be difficult to read. 

They may not reveal what they’re thinking or feeling as readily as a single man would. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tell if he likes you or not. 

There are many different signs that a man might like you and as a result, it’s probably best to take these things with a grain of salt until you know his intentions.

You can only have so many people in your life at once, make sure it’s the right one!

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