10 warning signs a man will never get married

Some men are just never going to marry. 

They’re not trying to find the love of their life, or they’re too content being single and without commitment.

However, it is not possible to predict which men will remain unmarried. It is highly likely that you may be wrong in your assessment.

In this piece, I will assist you in identifying 10 indications of a man who will never get married.

1) He doesn’t want children 

Numerous people I’m acquainted with are giving careful consideration to avoiding having children. 

Even though most of them are in a romance, when I inquired as to whether they were considering tying the knot, they appeared to be quite perplexed about giving a response.

That’s something we should consider: People who don’t want to parent, will probably not be good candidates. 

So when it comes to men who have no desire to have children, there’s definitely a red flag.

If you’re dating a man who doesn’t want any kids, then getting married might not be going to happen. 

And the relationship can definitely go south if the two of you don’t see eye to eye on this topic.

So you’re not just hurting your chances at marriage by dating a man who doesn’t want to be a parent, you’re also setting yourself up for disappointment and heartbreak later.

2) He doesn’t believe in ‘true love’

When you ask him: “Do you believe in true love?” He won’t answer with an enthusiastic yes. 

In fact, most men will have to give a serious thought before they can come up with a response. And that’s because they’re thinking about what they believe when it comes to love.

So if this man isn’t really fond of serious relationships or has problems with commitment, then you’ll probably get the same answer: “I’m not sure” or “Maybe.” 

He simply doesn’t know whether or not he believes in true love.

And a man who doesn’t believe in everlasting love is a huge red flag that you should be able to spot. 

When it comes to marriage, someone who doesn’t believe that there’s one person for him isn’t more likely to not get married . . . ever! 

So don’t be too wishful, it’s the truth. And if you’re dating a guy who doesn’t believe in true love, then you’re probably not going to get married either. 

It might hurt your heart now (and later) but you’ll have to let him go if you wish to see a ring on your finger.

3) He drops hints that he won’t get married in the future 

Whenever you two go to a wedding ceremony of your friends or relatives, you would hear him saying that he won’t have that in his future.

Whenever you two stop by a church or a chapel, he’ll say: “I don’t think I’ll be getting married here”.

Whenever he talks about marriage, he won’t show any enthusiasm. He either downplays it or overshadows it with other insignificant things like gambling, sports, drinking and flirting (with girls) etc.

He will always find ways to divert your attention from marriage and being serious about the relationship.

Those are examples of a man who doesn’t want to get married.

You should always take this type of comment seriously. How could he not want to get married? 

He clearly said so many times! 

So if you’re dating a man who says they don’t want to get married and wonder if he means it, then you should probably be careful.

If he was planning on getting married in the future, then he would say things like ‘I think we could be together forever,’ and he’d say those same things now. 

And the truth is, they wouldn’t be just words.

4) He thinks he can never afford to get married

Some men will tell you that they don’t want to get married because they can’t afford it. 

They’re not really sure how much money they need because they’re still trying to figure out what their career will be like in the future, and how much money they’ll need to provide for a family. 

But that’s not being honest.

If they do want to get married to you, they would try to find a way. Not being able to afford a wedding is a bad excuse, but it’s funny sometimes they can use things like that. 

You can just say that like most men who aren’t planning on getting married, he thought they could afford it when their careers were going well but it seems like he’s ever sure if it’s possible or ever trying to make it happen. 

I remember some of my friends talking about the exact same thing about their ex – who are still single now, that this is one of the things they keep telling my friends when those girls mentioned marriage.

Some men just don’t want to take that next step because they’re unsure if it’s meant for them. 

They don’t see a future because that’s how they feel about marriage.

5) He loves himself and he thinks he’ll never need anyone else

A lot of men are self-centered and have issues with jealousy.

They think they’ll never have to worry about someone else as well as they can take care of themselves. 

So if you’re dating a guy who has the exact same mindset, then get ready for problems down the road. 

He might tell you over and over that he’s fine being single and that he doesn’t need or want a relationship.

And as long as he thinks that way, he won’t be able to be happy with just one woman, or even two. 

In my opinion, he’s never going to get married, because he’s not the type of man who is going to stay faithful. 

I’ve seen men like him become very insecure in a relationship, because they want to control and dominate their partner. 

They don’t want partners who are smarter than they are or who can do anything better than they can. They just want someone to take care of them and make them feel like a man. 

And as soon as they think you are not good enough anymore, he will walk away without doubt.

So if you’re dating a guy like this and you’re planning on getting married, take some time for yourself to consider if this relationship is worthwhile.

6) He believes marriage is just a piece of paper

Some men honestly believe that it’s not important to get married anymore. 

I’ve heard this more than once, and it’s never good news. 

They don’t think that marriage is a big step in life, and they take it lightly.

In fact, marriage has changed over the last few decades because so many couples are making it work without the need for paper. 

A lot of them are deciding to live together at their place or in an apartment before they make it official, and that’s very different from how it used to be.

But let’s say you’ve dated a man who truly believes that marriage is just a piece of paper, that it doesn’t matter at all. 

He’ll never get married because he doesn’t think it matters. He’ll say things like “I don’t need a gold ring,” or “Isn’t everything good enough now?” 

When I hear stuff like this from men I date, I know there’s no chance of him getting married.

7) He do not vibe with traditional gender roles

When I say traditional gender roles, I mean this: “Men are supposed to be the breadwinners and women are supposed to be the homemakers.” 

To a man who doesn’t believe in true love, traditional gender roles can be very scary. 

And if he would be under a lot of pressure to follow these gender roles, he’ll probably not be very enthusiastic about them.

And what are traditional gender roles?

According to traditional gender roles, a man would be the breadwinner and his wife is supposed to make sure that he provides for the family. 

And the woman is supposed to be the homemaker. She has no work except looking after her children and her husband. 

So if this man that you are seeing doesn’t like the idea of traditional gender roles in marriage, there is a big chance that he won’t marry.

He might sound selfish, but he is just making sure that he doesn’t take on a lot of responsibilities. He doesn’t want to feel that he has to take care of you and the family.

So if you’re dating a man who isn’t enthusiastic about this idea, then you shouldn’t be happy to get married either.

A man who doesn’t follow the traditional notion of gender roles may never tie the knot; however, the sign can come from something quite opposite: him being a responsible family member.

8) He has family responsibilities 

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A lot of men have a family to take care of and they don’t want to get married. 

So IT’S NOT A JOKE if he says “I’m not ready for marriage because I have to take care of my family.” 

When he said things like that, it’s going to be very difficult for him to ever marry you. 

He’ll probably never get away from the responsibilities he’s still dealing with right now, and so there won’t be any room in his family plan for you.

When a man is so dedicated to his family that he’ll do anything for them, he’s not going to want to get married. 

He’s already taken on the responsibility of taking care of one family, and it’s just too much for him. 

He doesn’t want to add anything else onto that pile. 

So if this is the type of man you’re dating, don’t expect him to ever get married. 

9) He just wants to have fun

Sometimes you’ll meet someone too serious in his responsibility, but sometimes, you will meet someone that never really takes anything serious: They just want to have fun and not worry about life. 

Men who don’t believe in true love and want to have fun, aren’t really looking to get married. 

They’re looking for a few good times, and that’s it. 

I’ve seen many men like this. And when I did, I knew there was no chance of seeing myself standing in a wedding hall holding their hands. 

Since they’re not working in a serious career that requires tons of time or dedication, they can take their time dating you. 

They can see you whenever they want because it’s not like there’s anything important waiting for them at work.

That’s not the type of man I’d want to marry, because my intention is to spend the rest of my life with one man who knows what he wants to achieve in life and take responsibility for any decision he makes.

10) He’s a non-committal kind of guy

When I see a woman dating a non-committal kind of man, I know that she can’t expect him to ever get married and stay with her for life. 

And I’ve seen this happen more than once, and it never ends well. In many cases, the girls end up getting cheated on by her boyfriends, or they will just end the relationship with the saying: “I need to work on myself”.

But if you keep seeing yourself dating non-committal guys, have you considered getting to the root of the issue?

You see, most of our shortcomings in love stem from our own complicated inner relationship with ourselves – how can you fix the external without seeing the internal first? 

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So, if you want to improve the relationships you have with your current boyfriend, or you want yourself to stop seeing those heart-breaker guys, the first thing you should do is probably to start with yourself.

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Final words 

You’d be surprised at how many men I’ve met who are staunchly against marriage. The thing is it’s more common now than before that men just want to stay single and not get married.

They believe that it’s outdated and that there’s no reason to stick with one person for the rest of their lives. 

They know they’re not going to find true love in a relationship, they’re just looking for a good time and to feel special. 

They’ll never be the type of man to marry, so I just ignore them if they try to date me. 

What do you think? Does this sound like a guy you’ve dated who didn’t believe in marriage

If yes, then you’re not alone. 

I hope that you’ll be able to identify these 10 signs and avoid getting into a relationship with a man who’s not going to marry you.

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Nguyet Yen Tran

Yen is a freelance writer and a researcher specializing in mental health, self-awareness, and psychology. Her hobby is studying human behavior throughout their reaction upon situations. Be sure to check out her other posts on our blog.

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