10 signs a man loves everything about you, according to psychology

None of us are perfect and we all have flaws; but when we’re in love, a person’s flaws start to seem negligible or even kind of cute.

When a man is deeply in love with you and appreciates everything about you, you’ll notice a cluster of behaviors and attitudes start to manifest. 

Drawing on the insights of psychology, let’s take a look at the top behaviors that demonstrate when a man is in love with everything about you. 

Let’s dive in!

1) He listens closely to what you say

The first key is listening:

A guy who’s into you at the deepest level will hang on your every word. 

Not only will he practice active listening and hear the words coming out of your mouth, he’ll also remember what you say and care about it. He’ll do his best to act on what you say and keep it in mind for the future:

He’s really listening and caring about what you say and keeping it in mind for the future of your relationship

2) He backs you up on your goals and ambitions

When a man is in love with everything about you, he’s in love with your hopes and dreams, too. 

Sure, he gives you honest advice when he thinks something you’re doing is the wrong approach: tough love is still love. 

But he’s willing to back you up and be your cheerleader as much as possible and also to make sacrifices for your success:

It’s not just about you giving you a pat on the back or saying “good job,” this is about going out of his way to help you out on achieving your goals, which is what psychologists call “costly commitment.”

“If love is in the air, sacrifice is too. Individuals who engage in costly commitment signals are more oriented toward a long-term relationship with their partner,” explains social psychologist Theresa E. DiDonato, PhD.

3) He makes your happiness and wellbeing a priority

Your happiness and well-being is a priority for this guy. 

He wants to see you happy, healthy and engaged in your life, and when that’s not happening he becomes concerned. 

He’s not codependent on you doing well in order to be doing well himself, but he clearly cares

He does his best to avoid those things that bring you down and to do those things which make you happy. 

“A man who loves you will avoid doing things that make you unhappy. Whether is it going to a botanical garden, taking dance lessons, going to a sports event, or rubbing your feet, he will learn the things will make you happy, and make an effort to do those things,” notes psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD. 

4) He gives you deep and ongoing affection and intimacy

Every relationship runs on its own schedule, and a long-term connection is sure to have times when one of you isn’t in the mood for cuddling, affection or sex. 

But he will show an ongoing pattern of being intimate with you and seeking out ways to show you his affection and attraction

Physical attraction is a key component of any relationship, and it’s also an important part of love which the ancient Greeks called eros. 

He won’t neglect this part, and it will be crystal clear that you’re the one who turns his crank. 

5) He goes out of his way to help you when you’re in trouble

If your partner does these things without being asked they love you unconditionally 10 signs a man loves everything about you, according to psychology

When you’re in trouble he will be there. 

This relates to the earlier concept of costly commitment which was discussed. 

He spends quality time with you and shifts his schedule to be around you, especially when you’re in need or going through a tough spot. 

The guy who’s in love with every part of you is willing to make changes to his 

He will go out of his way to back you up and come to your aid when you’re in trouble and struggling. 

Whether this is just a shoulder to cry on or active help in a crisis you’re going through, you’ll never have to be in doubt whether he’ll show up. 

Even if it’s not convenient, he’ll be there, because he’s deeply committed to you and leaving you on the hook wouldn’t occur to him. 

As Bernstein writes:

“Is he there for you when there is a problem? True love is about meeting the needs of the other person.”

6) He respects your opinions and acknowledges your differences

When a guy loves everything about you, he admits where you disagree and stays true to himself. 

There can be significant divergences between you that actually end up strengthening the relationship. 

The key is respect. 

And when he’s in love with everything about you, he’s also in love with you as a person he honestly disagrees with on some things. 

For example, he may believe your political views are incorrect and wrong, but he respects that you have a valid right to hold them and that you have deep values that inform you on holding these views. 

“It’s possible for you and your partner to be on completely opposite poles of the political spectrum and still remain happy together for years,” observes Professor Emerita Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD.

“The key feature is not what your beliefs are, though, but how open you can be to accepting your partner’s perspective as valid.”

7) He shows empathy when you need time and space alone

True love is kind and respectful. 

When he cares about you at the deepest level and loves everything about you, he shows you empathy and care when you need to be alone, too. 

He understands that there are times when each of you needs your own time and space. 

He doesn’t take it personally, nor does he get jealous or think this is a hit against his own worth or your love for him. He loves the fact that sometimes you just need some solitude on your own. 

“Distinguishing between emotions that reflect passion versus the kind of love that creates a foundation for a long-term relationship is never easy,” points out DiDonato.

“But research suggests that passionate love might become sustained love when it is accompanied by substantive compatibility, a supportive social network, and mutual commitment.”

8) He involves you in his future plans

When it comes to future plans, you’re front and center. 

He’s not building his life around you as an idol: his anchor is himself and his mission. 

But he is thinking about you and a life together when he envisions and plans the future. 

This is part of what keeps him motivated and pumped up. He loves to talk to you about the future and consider what you are most pumped up about, too. 

As Bernstein explains

“Does he make references to upcoming events and ask if you are available or willing to join him? …If he is into you then he is also wanting you in—big time—as part of his future.”

9) He respects your boundaries and doesn’t pressure you

When it comes to your boundaries and limits, he respects those and doesn’t pressure you. 

This relates to the earlier point about respectful disagreement. 

He may want to try something new sexually that you don’t want to, or he may have a career ambition that gets in the way of your dreams. 

He does his best to be patient and not rule you out or pressure you due to this tension.

He loves the fact that you are your own woman and that you won’t do anything you don’t want to do at your deepest core. 

10) He is transparent and honest with you even about awkward subjects

When a man really loves you, he wants to show his real self to you. 

He knows that your affection and trust for him means nothing if it’s not based on the real him:

So he is transparent and honest with you as much as possible about who he is, what he values and the shortcomings he has. 

This doesn’t mean he’s down on himself by any means, but it does mean that he’s honest about when he makes a mistake or when he’s wrong. He loves you too much to let his ego sabotage the relationship.

“Love means engaging in self-reflection rather than self-love when you have to reach deep inside and admit that you are wrong,” Bernstein points out.

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