7 signs a man is romantically interested in you, according to psychology

Perhaps you’ve noticed someone showing you more attention than usual (in a non-creepy way) and you’re flattered – you may even be interested in this person, but you’re just not sure if he’s truly into you.

When a man’s into you, it’s either incredibly obvious or plain confusing. There’s no in-between.

So today we’ll clear this matter up once and for all.

Let’s dive into 7 signs a man is romantically interested in you, according to psychology.

1) He maintains eye contact when he speaks to you.

When we’re attracted to a person, we’re usually more attentive to them than others. They hold our attention when they speak as we try to show that we’re listening, and of course, while being mesmerized by them.

In the same way, if a man is into you, he will maintain eye contact with you when you’re speaking.

However, this depends on the person you’re talking to because some people make a conscious effort to make eye contact with the person they’re talking to, as a sign of respect.

But if your crush holds your gaze as you speak with him, it could be a sign that he’s into you.

2) He introduces you to his friends.

Another sign that a man likes you is when he introduces you to his friends. He’d want you to get to know the people in his life and vice versa.

He’d also want to seek his friends’ or family’s opinions about you and perhaps get their approval if they determine that you’re a great match for him. 

This is also a way of confirming that you’re a good fit for his social circle. If he wasn’t interested in you, he wouldn’t even think of introducing you to his friends.

Therefore, if he’s asked you to join his friends for a movie or dinner, it’s a good sign that he is romantically interested in you.

3) He’s always suggesting to do things together.

It’s natural to want to do things with the people we like. Therefore, if a man likes inviting you to spend time with him, or asking if you’d want to hang out, it’s very likely that he has strong feelings for you.

He’s likely to initiate dates and make plans. Even after the date has ended, there’s always a follow-up, be it over text or to plan the next date.

This is a clear indicator that he’s actively trying to pursue you and wants to keep connecting. He enjoys your presence and may even tell you that he misses you if you’re unable to meet due to busy schedules. 

So, if he’s unable to meet you as frequently because the two of you are busy, the next sign would be the next best thing.

4) He tries to communicate with you as much as possible.

shy man likes you 7 signs a man is romantically interested in you, according to psychology

Whether it is over text, phone calls, or video calls, this guy wants to maintain frequent communication. He may even DM you an interesting post on Instagram or Tiktok, just to show that he’s thinking of you. 

When the two of you can talk, it’s clear that he wants to share about his day and listen to what you have to say. There’s an undeniable interest from him, as he wants to not only learn more about you but involve himself in your life.

The two of you may even be video calling but doing your own thing – working, studying, but the fact that you’re there virtually is good enough for him.

There’s an intention to maintain and strengthen the connection which reflects how much he values your presence in his life.

When this happens, it’s quite clear that there’s something there.

5) He initiates physical touch.

According to psychology, people not only show interest in verbal communication, but you can tell from their nonverbal cues how much they’re into you – which includes moving closer to a person, or through physical touch.

When a man is romantically interested in you, he’ll try to find small ways to share physical contact, such as playing with your hair, touching your hand, or patting your back.

There are some people who don’t enjoy touching others. In this case, they may try to move closer to you (without touching) or at most, brush their arms against yours.

The thing is that you’ll know. They’ll start leaning in, and with small instances of physical touch, reflect how they feel towards you.

But if these advances are not welcome, please voice out your discomfort or confront the man. 

6) He compliments you frequently.

What do we do when we like someone? We tell them how much we like them and what we like about them!

Psychologists state that individuals who show romantic interest in another person will have conversations revolving around similar interests as well as compliments for the other person. This is to indicate their admiration for them and to make the other person feel good about themselves.

Does he compliment you when the two of you meet? He may tell you how beautiful you look, from your outfit to your hair and perhaps to the way you carry yourself.

Just did your nails? Or went to the salon to do up your hair?

He may notice these as well and compliment you on them!

7) He values your opinions.

We often seek the opinions of people who mean the most to us, such as our close friends and family.

So if a guy asks you for your opinions before he makes a decision, it’s likely that you have a special place in his heart.

Not only does he enjoy spending time with you, but he treasures your opinions and is willing to consider them before embarking on something.

The reason why this is a good sign he’s interested in you is because men aren’t usually open to taking advice from people. They’ll usually proceed with whatever they think is right.

Therefore, if a man values your opinions, it shows that he respects you and trusts you to give him the right advice and guidance. 


If you recognize most or all of these signs from a man you’re interested in, it’s very likely that he’s romantically interested in you.

But if you want to be very sure, it’s good to ask him directly. The signs are good indicators that his response will be favorable.

He may also be wondering if you’re into him as well. 

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