15 signs a man has strong feelings for you, according to psychology

Dating is hard, isn’t it?

A lot of the difficulty lies in trying to determine how a man thinks and feels about you.

If only we could read people’s minds, right?

While we could never really read people’s minds, we can do the next best thing: reading people’s behavior

And most of the time, that’s more than good enough. After all, some research shows that men fall in love earlier than women. 

This means that they’ll show these telltale signs of attraction pretty early on when dating. 

It can even prove useful in the context of a committed relationship. That’s because these signs also show just how strongly he loves you. 

Below, you’ll find the top 15 signs a man has strong feelings for you, according to psychology. Read on so you can navigate your love life better!

1) He is really open with you

Men are taught to be incredibly guarded. Most of the time, they’ll try to put up a cool, stoic facade to appear masculine to other people.

But when a man falls for you, his walls fall, too. He’ll start being more vulnerable towards you and express his true feelings.

This shows that he sees you as an important person. He trusts you and wants to build a deeper connection with you.

2) He’ll get a bit anxious around you

Women aren’t the only ones who get giddy or anxious around their crushes. Men absolutely do, too (and it’s quite cute, isn’t it?)

As much as they hide their emotions, it’s harder to hide body language. Men who like you will try to act cool, easygoing, and natural, but they will act uneasy at times if they like you.

For example, they might stutter when they talk to you, shift their weight around constantly, and avoid eye contact.

3) He’s in touch you all the time

A man or woman, a person who likes you, will constantly be texting or calling you. That’s just how it is in the age of technology, isn’t it?

There are many reasons for this. Among other reasons, he probably wants to:

  • Make you feel his presence constantly;
  • Know more about you;
  • Flirt with you;
  • Make you know that he’s concerned about you.

Watch out for particularly sweet messages like good morning or good night messages or if he asks you if you’ve already eaten.

Try to see if he escalates the chat, too. He might sound polite at first, but if he progressively gets friendlier (and flirtier), then he probably wants to be more than just friends!

4) He admires you all the time

Look, I know that I just said he’ll probably avoid eye contact with you if he likes you, but the flipside can be true, too. 

If he thinks you’re attractive, then he’ll constantly be stealing glances at you. Or he’ll look at you when you’re talking to make you feel like he’s paying attention.

…Or if he’s particularly brave, he’ll maintain prolonged eye contact to let you know he’s serious.

Research has also shown that our pupils dilate or get bigger when we’re looking at someone we’re falling in love with. So watch out for that too!

5) He smiles a lot when you’re together

I mean, he’s happy to be with you! What else is there to say?

Bonus points if you catch him blushing, too.

As I said, men can hide their emotions, but no one can control their body language completely.

If he’s smiling with a sparkle in his eyes, then you can bet that his heart is overjoyed to be with you.

6) He is very helpful

Finds you beautiful 15 signs a man has strong feelings for you, according to psychology

Admittedly, this isn’t the most reliable sign. Some people are just naturally helpful people who’ll always jump to people’s assistance at a moment’s notice.

But is he being particularly helpful towards you compared to how he is with others?

If so, then something is probably up! He wants to impress you and gain your trust. He wants you to feel like you can rely on him.

He’ll do things like:

  • Offer you a ride (even if it’s out of his way);
  • Help out with household chores;
  • Carry your bag around;
  • Open a door for you.

7) He remembers the small things about you

I still remember when I first started dating my current partner. On my birthday, he gave me a very specific gift and I absolutely loved it.

But I was actually confused because I don’t remember mentioning that to him.

He explained that apparently, I did—but only in passing. It was such a minor part of the conversation that I forgot about it, but he still remembered it.

Men who like you will pay complete attention and take note of even the smallest details.

8) He shares his childhood secrets with you

One aspect of opening up is sharing about one’s childhood. After all, our childhood experiences are something very special and intimate to most people.

Sharing about one’s childhood can reflect one’s profound trust and desire to connect with you.

By telling you about the past that has molded his current self, he wants to make you know the “real” him.

He’s also probably prompting you to open up as well!

9) He is ready to give you advice

When men discuss their difficulties, they tend to go straight to giving advice. It’s quite different from women, who tend to give emotional validation first.

So if you’re already at that point of intimacy where you’re being vulnerable to each other, expect him to immediately jump to giving advice when you open up about your problems.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about your emotions! Most men are just brought up to be problem-solvers first and foremost. It’s how they show their concern.

10) He showers you with compliments

It goes without saying that a man will compliment you if he likes you. He’ll call you beautiful, smart, strong, or use whatever well-meaning adjective on you.

But here’s the kicker: a man who’s truly in love with you will be incredibly specific with his compliments. Remember that he’ll pay attention to the smallest details if he likes you!

So instead of simply saying you’re beautiful, he’ll say something like, “I love how you’ve done your hair today; it really suits you.”

Or instead of saying how smart you are, he’ll say something like, “You’re great with research; I bet you can be knowledgeable about any field if I gave you a whole day to research.”

11) He is protective of you

Men feel the need to protect women. Of course, there’s much debate about whether this is a product of socialization or biology, but the fact remains nonetheless.

Before he can gain your trust and affection, he knows that he first needs to make you feel safe around him. He wants you to know that he cares about your safety and well-being.

A proper gentleman will always drive you home. He’ll probably pick you up straight from your place, too. And if you’re walking along the sidewalk, he’ll walk on the outer side of it.

It’s small protective gestures that reveal a man’s love for you. For example, he will:

  • Insist on picking you up and driving you home;
  • Walk on the outer side of the sidewalk;
  • Keep on telling you to take care and stay safe;
  • Ask if you got home safely from a night out.

12) He tries to be funny

things that men think women find attractive but they actually dont 15 signs a man has strong feelings for you, according to psychology

It’s an adage at this point: funny men are attractive men.

It’s probably one of the first pieces of dating advice given to men—and for good reason. I mean, who doesn’t want a funny boyfriend?

Many studies illuminate the significant role humor plays in romantic attraction. Not only does it make for a fun relationship, but according to experts, it’s also a sign of creativity and quick problem-solving skills.

So if he’s teasing you or constantly cracking jokes, then he wants to make you fall in love with him. Or, at the very least, he wants to see that pretty smile of yours all the time.

13) He has fun doing boring things with you

It’s easy to have fun with someone if you’re doing something together.

But the true test of attraction and chemistry is being willing to spend time doing nothing or boring things together. 

Things like:

  • Doing groceries together;
  • Studying or working together in a cafe;
  • Chilling at either your or his place.

If you don’t mind just lying around together while you mind your businesses—or even have fun while doing so—then this person loves your presence for what it is.

14) You are his priority

A man who’s down bad (as the kids say nowadays) for you will sometimes drop things at a moment’s notice for you.

There was a time when I asked my boyfriend if he could pick me up from the office at that very moment. He was at the gym at that time but didn’t hesitate to say yes.

I told I wouldn’t have minded if he didn’t, but he was adamant about picking me up.

Whether it’s as trivial as leaving you the last bite or as life-changing as moving cities, a man who’s in love with you will prioritize you as much as he humanly can for you.

15) He expresses unyielding belief in you

Sometimes, a man who’s in love with you believes in you more than you believe in yourself.

He’ll always forgive you or your mistakes, offer support, or reassure you that you can achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Of course, it’s easy to say that he just has the rose-tinted glasses on. Or that he’s seeing you in an idealized light, but true love will never stop supporting you.

Of course, this can definitely go too far if he starts putting you on a pedestal. However, that’s a sign of an emotionally immature man, and that’s for a different conversation.

Wrapping up

I need to end this article by saying to take these signs with a grain of salt. Human beings can be incredibly complex.

A man might like you and not show any of these signs. The reverse can be true as well!

However, these behaviors are common enough in men to safely consider them as quick shorthands. Remember that just displaying one sign isn’t a guarantee of love. Generally speaking, the more of these signs he shows, the likelier it is for him to be in love with you.

The key to dating success lies in navigating the unique individual situations you’re presented with. So take these as mere tips—not gospel!

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