9 signs a man has an incredibly strongly attraction for you, according to psychology

Decoding a man’s behavior can often feel like trying to solve a complex puzzle. How can we separate genuine attraction from mere flattery?

Well, according to psychology, there are some signs that a man is strongly attracted to you.

Today, we cover 9 of the most important. 

Let’s dive in. 

1) He mirrors your actions

Ever noticed how people who are close – be it friends, family, or couples – tend to mimic each other’s actions?

This is no coincidence.

Mirroring or mimicking is a subtle yet powerful sign of attraction. In fact, studies have shown it can enhance liking and trust. It’s a way of subconsciously saying, “We’re alike, we’re in sync.”

So if he starts adopting your gestures, your slang, or even your drink of choice, don’t shrug it off as mere coincidence. This could very well be his subconscious showing his strong attraction towards you.

However, keep in mind that genuine mirroring is subtle and natural. If it seems forced or exaggerated, then it might not be a true sign of attraction. As always, authenticity is key.

2) His body language speaks volumes

Body language is a powerful communicator, often revealing more than words ever could. In fact, some research suggests that over 90% of our communication is non-verbal.

Take my friend Tom, for example. I remember when he first met Lisa at a party. He was drawn to her instantly. While he was usually a man of few words, his body language told a completely different story.

Even before he mustered up the courage to talk to her, I noticed his eyes lingering on her whenever she was in the room. He would lean in when she spoke, maintaining strong eye contact and subtly positioning his body towards her even when they were in a group conversation.

And when he finally did speak to her, his body language was even more telling. He’d instinctively touch his face or hair, signs that are often linked with attraction.

So, pay attention to his body language. It might just reveal how strongly he’s attracted to you.

3) He remembers the little details

When a man is strongly attracted to you, he makes an effort to remember the nuances and details of your conversations. 

It’s no secret that we pay great attention to those who were are really into. Ask yourself, does he remember that offhand comment you made about your favorite childhood book or how you like your coffee?

It’s more than just a good memory at work. Such attention to detail is a clear sign that he’s genuinely interested in you and what you have to say.

4) He initiates contact

In the game of attraction, who makes the first move can often be quite telling.

If a man constantly initiates contact, whether to plan a meet-up, share an interesting article, or simply check in on how your day is going, it’s another strong indicator of his attraction.

We’re all busy juggling different aspects of our lives. When he takes time out of his day to reach out to you, it shows that he values your interaction and is keen to keep the connection alive.

But it’s not just about quantity; quality matters, too. Look for meaningful conversations and genuine interest in your responses. This shows that he’s not just reaching out for the sake of it but because he genuinely wants to engage with you.

5) He’s genuinely interested in your life

signs someone finds you very attractive 9 signs a man has an incredibly strongly attraction for you, according to psychology

There’s a big difference between polite small talk and genuine interest. A man who is strongly attracted to you will want to know more than just the surface-level details of your life.

He’ll ask about your interests, your past, your dreams, and your opinions. He’ll listen intently to your stories, laugh at your jokes, and engage in deep conversations. And he won’t shy away from discussing topics that are important to you, even if they’re outside his comfort zone.

This genuine curiosity about your life and experiences is a clear sign. It shows that he doesn’t just see you as a fleeting interest but as someone he genuinely wants to understand and connect with on a deeper level.

6) He values your opinions

Does he ask for your advice on matters big and small, from which shirt to wear for an important meeting to your thoughts on more significant life decisions?

He’s not just seeking validation but genuinely wants to know what you think.

This level of respect and consideration speaks volumes. It’s a sign that he cherishes your input in his life. When a man is truly attracted to someone, he values their mind just as much as their physical presence.

7) He opens up to you

In our society, men are often taught to keep their emotions in check but when a man starts to open up and share his feelings with you, it’s a significant sign of his strong attraction.

I remember the first time I felt a deep connection with someone. It was the moment he shared his fears and insecurities with me. It was not about grand gestures or eloquent words, it was the raw honesty that struck a chord.

He shared his dreams, his past, and even his shortcomings. This level of openness showed me how much he trusted me and saw me as someone special in his life.

Sound familiar?

If so, it’s a good sign that he is strongly attracted to you. After all, vulnerability is at the heart of deep emotional connection.

8) He makes an effort to be around you

This one is pretty simple. When we’re strongly attracted to someone, we naturally want to spend as much time with them as possible.

If a man consistently makes an effort to be around you, it’s a clear sign he’s drawn to you. This could mean him showing up at events he knows you’ll be attending or even rearranging his schedule to spend time with you.

Of course, it’s not about stalking or infringing on your personal space. It’s about him genuinely enjoying your company and wanting to share experiences with you.

9) He makes you feel special

At the end of the day, the most potent sign of a man’s strong attraction is how he makes you feel. 

This could be through thoughtful gestures, kind words, or simply by being there for you when you need it. When a man is strongly attracted to someone, he not only cares about their happiness but also strives to be a part of it.

Feeling special doesn’t mean grand gestures or expensive gifts. It’s about feeling seen, respected, and valued for who you are.

When it comes to attraction, it’s not just about how much you like someone but how they make you feel about yourself.

Final thoughts: It’s about connection

At the end of the day, attraction is not just about gestures, words, or body language. It’s about a deep-rooted connection that transcends these superficial signs.

Although psychology offers us insights into understanding attraction, it’s important to remember that every individual is unique. What might be a sign of strong attraction for one person might not hold true for another.

As you navigate the complex world of attraction, remember to trust your instincts and emotions. They are often your most reliable guide in understanding whether a man is genuinely attracted to you or not. After all, true attraction is felt, not measured.

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