She is a goddess for these 5 reasons

She is a goddess because she knows where she stands but is not afraid to explore.

She embraces her sensuality and sexuality because she knows it is her right.

She listens to what her gut tells her and practices discernment between the lies and truths.

She is capable of loving truly, madly, and deeply. She accepts and expects the same depth of love in return.

She is a goddess because her strength is not measured by her failures

She is not ashamed of the way her voice trembles when she’s scared.

She believes strength is not the absence of powerlessness but it is the courage to speak out loudly despite her feelings of tremor.

She is not without fear of the consequences though she knows she must do it anyway.

She is a goddess because she knows herself

She knows what her heart wants and she follows it, even when it is against the world.

She knows some things that are unexplainable but she trusts the voice within her.

She embraces her totality, in acceptance and love. Unafraid of her darkness that comes along with her beautiful light.

She is a goddess because she strives to be the best of her

Even when she falls, she gets back up. Her life is a constant battle but she pushes herself to be the better version of who she was yesterday.

She is not scared to be vulnerable, raw, and honest.

She is a goddess and she lives inside of you

She has been there all along.

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Written by Jude Paler

I am a poet with a positive outlook in life and a writer with a purpose in mind. I write to express my thoughts so that others will be inspired.

I hope you find what you’re truly looking for deep down

To the goddesses feeling pain: I need you to know this