7 shamanic secrets for achieving emotional balance in a chaotic world

The shamanistic world offers so much richness and so many lessons, yet the decision to follow these ancient ways of living is often met with a demand for justification and intense scrutiny. 

Society often exerts an overwhelming influence on individuals who dare to tread the path less trodden, creating an atmosphere in which many people conform to societal norms out of fear of standing out. 

These norms – sometimes so deeply rooted in expectations that are challenging to fulfill or simply do not resonate with the individual in question – can stifle their authenticity. 

This can create a huge amount of despair or discontent within a person.

However, this article does not preach that you follow the shamanistic path whilst following the same template as above and shaming you should you choose not to. 

The intention is by no means to persuade you to adopt the shamanic path over a more conventional lifestyle and shun you for not wanting to. 

Instead, the objective is to convey the wise and complex teachings that shamanism has to offer, and to reinforce that there should be no sense of shame in learning more.

This will be achieved by sharing 7 shamanic secrets for attaining emotional balance in a world which is ever rife with chaos:

1) Embrace the chaos

This is an essential secret that requires acceptance.

“Embracing the chaos”, comes from the understanding that life is a series of unpredictable events. 

Sounds a bit scary, right?

But the truth is, it’s in this unpredictability where we find the opportunity for growth and transformation.

Consider how nature operates: The wind blows on its own accord. The rain falls unpredictably. The sun rises and sets by itself. While reading these words, seasons are changing by themselves somewhere in the world.

If you’re going to live in harmony with the world, it’s crucial to acknowledge that you can’t control everything. 

You’re part of a larger, ever-changing system. 

Like the weather, you too will grow and change and evolve

Trying to force restraints or predict what will happen next will inevitably be setting yourself up for failure.

Hence why it’s important to let go of the illusion of control that comes from believing you can orchestrate every aspect of your life. 

You can’t. 

Your actions, although important, are a part of a bigger picture and they are most impactful when they align with the natural flow of life, and when you act in accordance with nature.

Now, embracing the chaos doesn’t mean surrendering to disorder at all.

Rather, it’s about understanding and respecting the unpredictable nature of life and using it as a stepping stone towards achieving emotional balance.

2) Silence isn’t always golden

Guidance on how to handle emotional turbulence and overcome it often suggests “finding a quiet place” or “seeking solitude”. 

While this is common advice, it doesn’t tap into the full spectrum of emotional balance.

Instead, achieving emotional balance requires becoming an active participant in the world around you. 

It involves immersing yourself in the unpredictable dance of life. 

When you try to “find silence” all the time, you give too much power to isolation

You disconnect from your natural instinct to connect and lose the ability to grow and evolve with the world around.

So, give less power to silence. 

Perhaps you will find yourself amidst chaos. 

Other times, you’ll find parts of yourself whilst surrounded by noise and activity. 

Put pressure on neither and embrace the ability to grow and thrive in both environments. 

You’ll be surprised by what awaits you when you do learn to let go.

3) You may find comfort in discomfort

Although hardly a secret, shamanism does stress the need to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to achieve emotional balance.

It may well seem counterproductive to embrace discomfort in a chaotic world, but paradoxically, it’s often one of the greatest catalysts for growth.

You’ll likely even find yourself on the other side of that discomfort; emerging stronger and more grounded. 

Discomfort manifests itself in various ways, but if you willingly place yourself in a position to confront it, you are paving the way for growth and showing the true nature of your bravery.

4) Your reaction to chaos defines your balance

flourish in the dark hours of life 7 shamanic secrets for achieving emotional balance in a chaotic world

I started this article by emphasizing the importance of embracing chaos.

The thing is, embracing chaos also dictates how we respond to it.

In my case, I often find myself overwhelmed by the unpredictability of life. I become engrossed in trying to control the uncontrollable even though I know I cannot control it.

Now, my intentions are good. I try desperately at times to create a harmonious and balanced life amidst the chaos.

But when I get so overwhelmed, I can slip into the habit of thinking my need for control is more important than experiencing life as it unfolds. 

I can lose touch with the present moment and become anxious as things unfold beyond my control – things I didn’t plan for nor expect would ever happen.

Despite the awareness that you cannot control everything coupled with the desire to do so nonetheless, you must work to find balance. 

Gradually, you learn to let go and appreciate the unpredictability of life.

And yes, it is never easy.

But remember: your reaction to chaos is what defines your emotional state and that balance, not the inner voice that still demands control.

5) Nature is your greatest teacher

Nature serves as a profound teacher in the realm of shamanic practices, offering invaluable insights into emotional balance. 

As mentioned above with the forceful, unpredictable nature of the weather, by observing the cycles of the natural world, we learn about the impermanence of life and the necessity of embracing change. 

Just as seasons transition, so do our emotions, and understanding this parallel can alleviate the fear and resistance often associated with emotional fluctuations. 

Nature’s resilience, evident in the face of adversities, teaches us to withstand life’s storms with fortitude. 

Through our connection with the earth and its elements, we unearth a deep sense of grounding that can anchor our emotions during tough times and keep us afloat and healthy.

The shamanic path encourages us to harness these lessons from nature, transforming them into tools for emotional balance in our chaotic world.

6) Embrace the wisdom of animals

In shamanic traditions, animals are revered for their unique wisdom and abilities. 

They’re seen as messengers and guides, each one possessing unique qualities that can help us navigate our human existence.

And whilst humans do so much to torture and exterminate many species, we must do what we can to protect these beautiful creatures with which we share our planet and learn from them.

Each animal; from the tireless ant to the nurturing mother elephant carries a lesson that we can apply to our own lives.

In addition, those feeling overwhelmed, connecting with animal wisdom can provide a sense of calm and perspective. 

It’s a reminder that we are part of a larger ecosystem, a web of life that extends beyond our human concerns.

Embracing the wisdom of animals encourages us to see our journey as part of a larger narrative and can provide a sense of balance and unity with the natural world.

7) Chaos is your ally

Finally, we return to chaos.

In our quest for balance, we often view chaos as the enemy. 

We strive for order, predictability, and control, fearing that chaos will disrupt our carefully laid plans and topple our hard-earned equilibrium.

Yet, in shamanic understanding, chaos isn’t a destructive force but a transformative one. It’s not the enemy of balance but an essential part of it.

Chaos breaks down old structures and patterns that no longer serve us. It stirs up the stagnant waters of our lives, inviting fresh currents of energy and inspiration. It disrupts the status quo, forcing us to adapt, grow, and evolve.

Rather than resisting chaos, we are encouraged to dance with it—to allow its rhythm to move us, to let its energy shape us. In doing so, we discover that chaos isn’t a threat to our balance but a catalyst for it.

Embracing chaos as an ally rather than a foe invites a profound shift in perspective—one that can transform how we experience and navigate our world.

Final words

The complexities of human emotions and our quest for achieving balance in life often intertwine far more with ancient wisdom and practices that we initially think.

One such connection is the relationship between emotional balance and the shamanic understanding of chaos.

For those seeking emotional balance in a chaotic world, embracing the shamanic perspective might be key. 

This viewpoint could potentially induce a sense of acceptance and peace towards what is conventionally seen as terrifying and destructive.

And this journey towards balance isn’t by any means about eliminating chaos, but instead about learning to dance with it and embrace what is a very natural element of life.

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