7 secrets of people who thrive under pressure

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have a special talent of doing well under stress or in intense situations? And wished you could do the same?

Maybe you wonder how you can learn from them.

It might seem like an inbuilt skill set but there are things that you can copy and adopt.  

Keep reading to find out what these secrets are!

1) Pressure energizes and inspires them

Why run from pressure when you can dance with it? Pressure thrivers understand that challenges are not foes to be defeated but dance partners to be embraced. They find power in acknowledging their power and then channeling its energy to fuel their actions. 

These warriors of the mind tap into their primal instincts, allowing the adrenaline rush to push them further and faster than ever before.

Let me tell you about my amazing friend Alicia. She’s an investigative journalist. 

Alicia is unlike most people, who feel the heat and then collapse. Instead, she’s like a hot air balloon pilot, using pressure as fuel to soar to new heights. 

When she’s on the hunt for a juicy story with a tight deadline, her eyes light up with energy and inspiration. 

It’s like she’s got a turbocharged engine inside her, propelling her to seek the truth like an unstoppable force.

2) They are always hungry for improvement 

You know what else sets pressure thrivers apart? They’ve got this insatiable hunger for growth

They are always on the lookout for ways to up their game, improve performance and outdo their own achievements. When the pressure’s on, they are not content with just meeting expectations – they crave excellence. 

They want to improve, push boundaries, and raise the bar. 

Pressure is a driving force that propels them to greatness. While others settle for mediocrity, these people thrive on the joy of a never-ending quest for self-improvement.

3) They keep a calm head in the chaos

Think of the movie series ‘The Matrix’.  In a moment where all is action, the world slows down, giving us time to see every detail from every angle.

In the whirlwind of chaos, pressure thrivers find their calm. These people possess an uncanny ability to extract order from the madness and find beauty amidst the storm. 

Pressure thrivers recognize that chaos breeds innovation and creativity.  It also bestows a great sense of purpose and clarity. They understand that the greatest moments of strengths often emerge from the depths of disorder.

I’ll tell you another story, this time about my friend Matt, a paramedic. 

Sometimes he’s faced with emergency situations and shocking scenes such as a gas explosion with a group of people lying ill or sick, many of whom are very visibly distressed.  

Time slows down for him as he assesses the situation. He is quickly able to realize who to treat first and which emergency steps to take.  

And guess what? He has saved hundreds of lives throughout his career. 

How does he stay calm even in extreme situations? Well, that’s what the next section is all about…

4) They know when to take a breath

In short, Matt – and other people like him – know how to be mindful

While the world around seems to be in a dizzying frenzy, he finds solace in the serenity of mindfulness. He understands that the present moment is his sanctuary, a place where he can silence the noise, and focus on what truly matters.

You see, mindfulness allows pressure thrivers to tap into their inner reservoirs of calm and clarity. 

It provides them with the mental fortitude needed to make wise decisions, and maintain unwavering focus. Even in the most chaotic of situations.

By taking a moment to breathe deeply and center himself, Matt is able to become truly present in the moment.  

He can then notice every detail, and respond to every new thing that emerges.  Allowing him to be the best he can be at his job.

5) They trust their own judgment 

It’s good to take time to stop and consider, when under pressure.  But overdoing it, or second-guessing yourself, wastes time and can lead to overload.

The pressure-thriving person listens to their gut instinct or inner voice that tells them, “You’ve got this.” They remember when they have done things in the past and how it worked out for them.

They take risks, make tough calls, and embrace the outcome, knowing that their intuition is their guiding light. Pressure is their ally, and trust in themselves is the superpower that sets them apart.

6) They are flexible and resilient

Knowing when to be flexible and resilient is the key that unlocks the door to success under pressure. 

These individuals possess an innate ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. 

They don’t resist the winds of change. Instead, they sway like a young tree in the wind, bending, changing, but never breaking.

Pressure thrivers understand that rigidity breeds failure. By adapting to new situations and remaining open to alternative paths, they uncover hidden opportunities that others might overlook.

Consider Amy Hunt, a young British athlete, who broke the under 18’s women’s records for the 200 meters sprint. Not only does she excel at running, but she also did this while managing to get into the prestigious University of Cambridge in the UK.  When Covid came, she couldn’t compete, and then she broke her leg. 

But she didn’t give up under the pressure, remaining committed to her running, and doing what she could to exercise and keep a positive mindset.  

In her words, “I definitely feel a sense of pressure. But I always like it. I embrace it. My philosophy is always to go out and enjoy the race.”

7) They cultivate a support network 

Behind every pressure thriver stands a tribe of unwavering support. 

These people understand the importance of surrounding themselves with a network of like-minded souls who uplift and inspire them. They recognize that no great feat is accomplished in isolation, and that together, they can conquer the seemingly insurmountable.

A support network provides pressure thrivers with the strength and encouragement to persevere when the going gets tough. They offer guidance, share insights, and remind them of their boundless potential.

Case in point: Natasha Stott Despoja, a former Senator and Party Leader from Australia and, and now an advocate, author and diplomat.

Politics is often thought of as an older man’s game. As she was in her early 20s when she became involved, it’s one of the reasons that Natasha Stott Despoja knows the value of a support network. 

Leading a high-stakes campaign with numerous moving parts, Natasha relied on her support network to navigate the difficult world of politics. Her team members, mentors, and trusted advisors formed a safety net, offering their expertise and unwavering belief in her abilities. 

According to her:

“I [also] strongly advise you to have support networks: politics is a hard profession to pursue alone. Like-minded friends and allies are important, not only to support you when things are tough, but to ensure your views are tested and challenged, to make sure you are representing people and their ideas as well as your own.”

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