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The Science of Intuition: Gut Feelings Are Much More Than A Feeling (Video)

This is a brilliant video on the science behind our gut feelings.

Our guts are incredibly complex. In fact, they are so complex that they have been labelled the “second brain.”

And as the video below will explain, the brain and the gut constantly communicate with each other.

We’re not consciously aware that we’re sending all these complex signals throughout our body, but it’s happening, even right now.

In fact, as this video shows, the more aware you are of your body, the better you are able to understand your feelings (and trust your intuition).

This means that through practices like yoga and meditation, we can become more aware of our bodily functions and as a result, improve our intuition.

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Remember, your brain and gut are always communicating and they are both incredibly complex.

Watch the video to find out more about the science of your intuition.

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