An Ideapod online salon with Julian Noel and an incredible community of entrepreneurs and change makers in New Zealand

  • When: Wednesday 27th March, 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (6am in London)
  • How to join: Register via the form below and you’ll receive an invitation link
  • What’s a salon: Ideapod salons bring together extraordinary thinkers to have a conversation with the community, exploring the ideas shaping our world
  • Why you should joinSalons are a unique format where people come in a conversation about meaningful ideas
Julian Noel, founder of Shine

A message from Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod:

Are you interested to explore what’s happening in New Zealand in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation?

Last week I was having a great conversation with Julian Noel (Jules), the founder of Shine, a global community of change makers. He mentioned he’s been regularly visiting New Zealand lately and told me there are some incredible initiatives happening at the intersection of culture, commerce and technology.

This really struck my interest. I’ve known Jules for almost one year now and he’s a heart-centered entrepreneur, always surrounding himself with some of the most fascinating thinkers.

We decided to put together this salon, and true to form Jules has gathered some amazing people to join us in conversation.

I’ll be there moderating the conversation with Julian Noles. He’s known for asking the big questions, always seeking to create a narrative for the human journey.

We’ll be joined by the following:

Andre Rowell, editor and owner of M2 magazines new Zealand, connected to entrepreneurs, and leaders in new Zealand. Founder of The Cook Islands Project bringing culture and commerce together in Rarotonga. Andre hails from Rarotonga. He knows every good thing happening in NZ. The NZ space program… and everything else.

Kaye-Maree Dunn an extraordinary Maori mover and shaker. She is connected to many Maori entrepreneurial groups in NZ. She is the co-founder of Ahau (I Am), a blockchain based system for tribes to connect and share information and power. She is also a graduate of The Edmund Hillary fellowship program, and extraordinary initiative to bring together the world’s youngest, hippest, brightest entrepreneurs to create a raft of new businesses.

Stacey Noel is creating a youth leadership program in rural NZ using expressive arts, spoken word poetry in particular as a way for disenfranchised youth to reclaim a sense of identity beyond drugs, alcoholism and generational poverty.

Arohanui Aperahama is a former nurse who is starting a home based business making Kombucha, Maori medicine, and broth products.

Ana Heremaia is a social entrepreneur who works with disadvantaged kids in local high schools solving social issues through design and buildings.

You can register via the form below: