Rudá Iandê: What I’m doing during lockdown

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Hello, Rudá Iandê from Ideapod here.

It’s incredible to see how fast the whole world can change, right?

Just a few weeks ago, we were traveling all around, visiting beautiful places, watching concerts, hanging out in restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and nightclubs. Do you remember the streets of our cities flooded by our noisy and frenetic movement? Our time wasn’t enough for so many dreams in our minds and so many things in our schedule.

But, abruptly, the whole world changed! Streets are empty, hospitals overloaded, unemployment rates exploding. In the middle of all this mess, we can also see beautiful things, like shifts of consciousness, people finding different ways for coming together and cooperating, and the atmosphere of our planet cleaning itself up.

I’ve been working hard, during my whole life, to find a balanced relationship with the modern world. Although I love the effervescent atmosphere of the big cities, all full of culture and possibilities, I’ve never detached from taking time by myself immersed in nature.

Maybe because of that the isolation hasn’t changed my life so much.

I’m entering my fourth week locked in a farmland in the Brazilian countryside, surrounded by fruit trees, eating food from the garden, planting, taking river baths, doing yoga, meditating, deepening my shamanic studies and writing. I’m even more in touch with my friends since we now have more time for catching up on the internet. Ok, there are things I’m missing, but I’ve already understood, years ago, that I can’t have everything at once. There will be time for what I can’t have at this moment, so I’m focusing my energy on what is at my disposal now. And I found out I got more of my most precious asset: my time.

The biggest change for me is that my life became simpler. Before the lockdown, I had so many things in my mind! An overloaded schedule full of trips, many goals and the stressful task of trying to conciliate my work with leisure. But once I stopped, I realized that I need much less than I thought.

I was not the only one rushing, I think. Since our world has stopped, I could see more clearly how frenetic our rhythm was. In the anxiety of living a full life, we were pushing ourselves to such a stressful rhythm, while pursuing so empty things!

The things we pursue so fiercely in our lives: money, success, experiences, knowledge, are empty if we are not in touch with the intelligence of nature which resides in our core. But we’ve been relegating ourselves to a secondary place. We’re all looking for fulfillment, but we bought the illusion that we can find it outside of us. It’s a lie!

Fulfillment comes from inside out. It comes from being in touch with our inherent love, passion, creative power and purpose. We don’t need to be more than we are or do more than we’ve done to achieve that. But we must prioritize. We must love, respect and take care of ourselves. We must cultivate a powerful and positive relationship with our own self, in the first place.

Stimulated by the capitalist subliminal propaganda, we have been going further and further away from ourselves. The further we go, the emptier we feel and the more desperately we try to alleviate our existential pain achieving the empty goals we’ve learned to pursue.

The capitalist machine we’ve created has worked very well so far. Although, it doesn’t care for our souls, for our wellbeing, nor for our planet. What we call progress at this moment represents trash, carbon emissions, exhaustion of natural resources, destruction of ecosystems and extinction of other species.

But suddenly a virus comes turning the game and bringing us back to a place neglected by many of us: our homes. Staying home for weeks, living together with our family and having time for ourselves should be great, but for many of us, it’s torture.

We like it or not, these are our first fundamental layers: our inner world and our home.

If we don’t have a nice relationship with our own self and there’s no balance at our home, the rest of our life we, by extension, will be a mess.

A solid and healthy inner relationship is the most basic fundament for developing positive ties at home. Unfortunately, many of us don’t pay attention to this rule. We bond, marry and have children not only for love but for despair, as an attempt to escape our existential struggles and find the “happy ending” of a fairy tale. But if we don’t know how to love, respect and nourish ourselves, it’s better to forget it, anybody else will do.

Usually, we only find out that there’s something wrong in our home after we have had kids. We have done everything according to the American Family’s manual, although we feel stressed, frustrated, and empty. We don’t know how to fix it, and it’s too late to go back. So, we anesthetize it through work and entertainment. This is how we became such a frustrated, consumerist, superficial and workaholic society.

There’s no anesthesia for the pain inflicted by the coronavirus. Death, reclusion, and desolation are everywhere. Although, every crisis brings an opportunity within. We can stay on our sofa complaining, or we can take this moment to deeply reflect and heal our relationship with ourselves and with our families. If we do it properly, we’ll be able to heal our relationship with the world. And the world really needs balanced active citizens to reframe our social structures.

I invite you for deepening this conversion, watching the video:

and reading my most recent article:

Coronavirus and the apocalypse: three lessons we must learn to guarantee our survival

For years I’ve been studying the collective hypnosis that enslaves us and takes our power away, turning us into passive pieces of the patriarchal capitalist system. I’ve dedicated my life to develop a solution. That’s how I created the online journey Out of the Box. A method for breaking through the social conditioning and reconnecting with the flame of life, the inherent wisdom and the creative power which reside in our deepest nature.

At such a challenging planetary moment, I see Out of the Box as a key for finding the knowledge and the creative power for not only overcoming our immediate challenges but for completely reframing our lives. The world needs changes and we can’t just expect them to happen. We must be the change the world needs.

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I hope we can join our hearts and efforts to construct a world where there’s no difference nor dissonance between us and nature, and we can think and act from our most authentic self, as agents of life.

Warmest regards,

Rudá Iandê, Ideapod

P.S. Out of the Box is the online workshop based on my 28 years as a shaman, supporting people all over the world to connect with their primal source of power. By joining today, you’ll get lifetime access including all future updates to the workshop. Here’s where you can learn more about the online workshop.

Rudá Iandê

Rudá Iandê

Rudá Iandé

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