10 undeniable signs you’re dealing with a fake person

Navigating the wild world of human relationships can feel like a tricky game.

We bump into all kinds of folks: some are like precious gems who turn into our best buddies or soul sisters, while others seem to specialize in heartbreak and backstabbing.

Spotting a plain old meanie? Easy-peasy. But a faker? That’s where things get a bit hairy.

Fake folks have a knack for hiding their true colors. They might come off as friendly or super charming, but don’t let that fool you.

They’re not really interested in being your true friend. No, they’re just looking out for what they can get from you, and if that means betraying your trust, well, they’re game.

These phony pals can be a real problem. But don’t worry, the first step to keeping them at bay is to know how to spot one.

So, let’s dive into how to identify the red flags of a fake person.

1. They’re As Changeable As The Weather

One moment they’re sunny and warm, the next they’re stormy and cold – just like unpredictable weather, you never know what you’re going to get with fake people.

Why’s that? Because they’re not grounded by strong, core values.

They’re like chameleons, changing their colors to suit whoever they’re with or whatever they can gain.

They might promise you the moon, only to bail out when it’s time to deliver. They might seem super sweet one day, but that’s probably because they need a favor.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we all have friends who can be a bit flaky. Maybe they’ve got some issues they’re working through.

But the difference is, these friends own up to their slip-ups and try to make things right.

Plus, when you really need them, they’re there for you.

Fake folks? No, they’re usually only consistent in not caring much about your feelings. To them, it’s all about what they can get, not about building a genuine bond with you.

2. They’re Backstabbing Gossipmongers

Ever had a pal who seems to relish in bad-mouthing others? Especially if those “others” are supposed to be their friends?

That’s a giant, flashing, neon sign of a fake person right there. They might come off as entertaining, even make you feel like you’re their VIP with their charisma.

But if they’re freely dishing out nasty comments or spreading rumors about other folks, you can bet your last dollar they’re probably doing the same to you.

Fake friends are masters of the double game – all sweet and buddy-buddy to your face, but quick to stab you in the back when you turn around.

Why do they do this?

Usually, because they’re insecure and boosting themselves up by pulling you down gives them a kick.

Being around such people can be a real emotional drain – constantly worrying about what nasty stuff they might be saying about you the moment you’re out of sight.

3. They’re Overly Generous With Other People’s Secrets

You know those folks who just can’t resist spilling the beans on other people’s private business?

Yeah, you gotta watch out for them.

If they’re gleefully sharing juicy tidbits about their so-called friends, that’s a glaring sign of a faker.

If they can’t respect the trust of their friends, what makes you think they’ll respect yours?

These cunning chameleons are pros at winning your trust, making you feel safe enough to share your secrets.

Then, bam! The next thing you know, they’re blabbing your private stuff to others without asking, or even using your own secrets against you.

I once had a buddy who loved to dish out the steamy details about her other friend’s love life, dropping names and all.

She’d laugh as she told me, treating it like a fun gossip session.

That’s when it hit me: if she could reveal her friend’s private affairs like that, she wouldn’t hesitate to spill my secrets too.

4. They’re Masters of Tall Tales

Have you ever noticed how fake folks just love to be the star of the show?

They’ve got a knack for jazzing up their life story, making mountains out of molehills, and turning minor incidents into epic sagas.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your achievements and wanting to share them.

But cooking up tales just to look cooler or more important? That’s classic faker behavior.

These folks have a habit of spinning wild yarns about themselves, trying to paint a picture of a person they’re not, all in a bid to earn your admiration.


Because they’re insecure and desperately need validation.

Sure, everyone deserves a fair shake, but when their stories start to have more plot holes than a bad movie, you know you’re dealing with a phony.

5. Their Actions Don’t Match Their Words

Here’s the thing about fake people – they’re like a soda that’s all fizz but no flavor.

They might brag about their amazing skills or talents, but when it comes down to showing what they can do, they fall flat.

It’s easy to talk a big game, but proving it? Not so much.

Actions, unlike words, don’t lie.

Fake folks would rather charm their way into getting what they want, rather than earning it with genuine effort.

These are typically the people who blow their own trumpet, yet always seem to be griping about their work or slacking off.

They’re quick to point fingers or come up with excuses when things go wrong.

And when it comes to their work?

It rarely lives up to the hype. In fact, some even stoop so low as to steal the credit for someone else’s hard work.

6. Their True Feelings Are Like a Mystery

Here’s something I’ve noticed about fake folks: they’re usually masters of hiding their true feelings.

It’s like they’ve got this emotional iron curtain that they just won’t let down, probably because they’re scared of revealing their soft spots.

So, when emotions come into play, they might get defensive or dodge the topic altogether.

Now, many of us struggle with expressing our feelings from time to time.

But the thing with fakers is they’re not really interested in forming deep bonds with anyone.

So they don’t bother to share their feelings or show their real selves.

I once got a nasty surprise from a ‘friend’ who, it turns out, had been harboring a bunch of issues against me, spreading rumors and misconstruing my actions.

It was like a slap in the face. We used to hang out often and everything seemed fine.

But instead of just talking to me about their concerns, they let it fester and spread.

That’s when I learned that fake people often can’t handle their feelings in a healthy, relationship-building way.

7. Their Body Language Screams “Fake!”

Sometimes, you just get that gut feeling about someone, right? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something about them just feels off.

Well, a lot of times, our instincts are picking up on subtle signals from their body language.

We’ve all been around genuine folks and we know how they behave.

So when someone’s words are all sweet but their body language is screaming “fake,” we tend to notice.

Want to get better at spotting a faker? Start by tuning into their body language.

Do they really pay attention when you’re talking, or are their eyes permanently glued to their phone?

When they congratulate you on your latest win, do their expressions match their words, or do you spot a forced smile, a monotone voice, or a vacant look in their eyes?

Body language can be a powerful tool for detecting insincerity. But remember, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Always take into account their overall behavior and the nature of your relationship with them.

8. They’re Allergic to Admitting Mistakes

Fake people have this weird aversion to admitting when they’re wrong. It’s like they’re more worried about preserving their picture-perfect image than owning up to their slip-ups.

Instead of holding their hands up and saying, “My bad,” they’re more likely to cook up a buffet of excuses or even throw someone else under the bus.

Fakers are so invested in their “I’m perfect” persona, they just can’t bear to admit they messed up.

They’re not interested in learning from their mistakes or becoming a better person – in their minds, they’ve already reached peak perfection.

They’re not bothered about how their actions affect others or making things right in their relationships.

For them, it’s all about keeping up appearances.

9. They Don’t Make an Effort to Connect on a Deeper Level

You can often spot a fake person by their lack of effort to really connect with you, or anyone else for that matter.

Sure, they might be charming and fun to hang out with, but that’s usually more about maintaining their image than anything else.

They don’t take the time to show their real selves or to get to know the real you.

And when the chips are down, don’t count on them to be in your corner.

In the eyes of a fake person, you’re just another pawn in their game, someone they can sway or use when they need something.

Now, I get it, we all have our own lives and can’t always be there for our friends.

But true friends, they show they care, especially when you’re going through tough times.

10. They’re Only Sweet When They Need a Favor

Ever notice how some people turn on the charm only when they need something from you? That’s a big red flag that you’re dealing with a fake person.

They’re experts at buttering you up, making you feel special, all to win your trust and make it easier to bend you to their will.

It’s no surprise that fakers are often found circling around those with wealth or influence.

Putting too much trust in a faker can lead to a whole lot of loneliness.

They’re not likely to be there for you when you’re down or truly understand what you’re going through.

In fact, once they’ve got what they want or they realize they can’t use you anymore, they might start acting like you’re invisible or even be downright rude.

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