10 reassuring signs your kids are on track to becoming great adults

“What if they end up homeless?”

“What if they grow old alone and miserable?”

As parents, it’s normal to have thoughts like these haunt us.

We all fret about how our kids will end up in the future because—hey, they’re our everything!

Now while we can’t see the future, there are some signs you could look for.

Here are 10 reassuring signs your kids will likely become great adults.

1) They care about the world

There’s more to being great than just being rich or successful with one’s career.

Anyone and everyone can dream about being rich and living in luxury. But it takes a truly special person to actually give a damn about the world we live in.

So if you catch your kids watching the news and saying things like “we all deserve rights!” and “let’s save the planet”, then be happy.

And if they’re motivated to actually put their hands to work and help in whatever way they can, then be even happier. 


Because what that means is that when they become adults, they’re probably the kind of person who will actually change the world for the better

Now that’s what GREATNESS is all about, isn’t it?

2) They pick up after themselves

According to a 75-year-old Harvard study, kids who do chores often end up being successful and responsible adults.

Do they do the dishes when they’re done eating?

Do they clean the house without being pestered about it?

And when they make mistakes, do they own up to it?

Let’s say they accidentally kicked your neighbor’s flower pot. Are they likely going to say sorry, clean up the mess, and offer to replace the pot?

You know you’ve made it as a parent if you’ve taught your children responsibility and accountability.

They’ve already learned one of the most important skills they can ever learn if they are to succeed in life.

3) They enjoy being alone

Some of us worry when our kids like to hide away all by themselves.

We look at them and wonder, “what if they’ll never have friends?”

Rest easy. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some solitude. 

Some people are just less social than others, and that’s fine!

And in fact, being a loner can actually mean that they’ll grow up into amazing adults.


There are plenty of reasons.

First, they won’t be prone to peer pressure. This significantly decreases their need to try cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and risky behaviors just to feel like they belong.

They don’t find the need to impress people. 

If they’re the kind of person who’s completely at ease in solitude, then friends are just icing on the cake. Nice to have, but not absolutely necessary.

Second is that they might just be more genuine and authentic than others. They have less reason to pretend to be someone they’re not if they’re not that insecure about their friendships.

Introverts have so many good traits that can potentially turn them into great adults. So don’t worry one bit. In fact, be glad they find joy in solitude.

4) They try to become more responsible 

everyday habits that can build emotional intelligence in your child 10 reassuring signs your kids are on track to becoming great adults

Kids are, well… kids.

So it would be perfectly normal for them to have a hard time waking up at 5:30 even though they know it’s a good habit.

They might forget to do things sometimes, or slack off on occasion.

But nonetheless, you see them constantly TRYING to become better.

They try sleeping earlier, or setting up alarms. 

They might start taking notes or adopting some kind of time management strategy to avoid slacking off.

That is to say, they recognize their flaws and put in effort to do something about it. 

This is something that will help them thrive in the adult world.

Best you can do is to encourage them when you see them doing it, even if the end result isn’t exactly what you wish it was.

5) They  pursue their passions

Not everyone finds their passions at 5, or at 8… and that’s okay. Not everyone is destined to become a Beethoven or a Picasso.

What matters is that they’re pursuing their passions, never mind if they’re not so good at it (yet) or that it changes every other month.

They’ll turn out great anyways if they truly do love what they’re doing (and they eventually WILL find what they’ll love if they’re the type who always tries things).

So don’t worry if they “jump” from one interest to another—like being really into guitar this week only to get obsessed on gemstones the week after.

It’s normal to explore. I’m sure YOU didn’t know what you wanted when you’re ten, either.

What’s important is their willingness to try and learn and explore—this drive is what will turn them into great adults.

6) They know how to negotiate and compromise

Do they take turns with their siblings?

Do they know how to assert themselves?

And most importantly, do they know how to accommodate the needs of others?

Then they’re probably more mature than most adults!

Because, yes, unfortunately many people grow old without once having learned how to negotiate with people or to accept compromises.

Children who know how to negotiate and compromise will turn out to be great leaders. They’ll have great relationships, too.

That’s why if this is your kid, give yourself a pat in the back. Or at least, stop worrying too much.

You’ve raised someone who’s going to have a long, happy life ahead of them.

7) They rarely get bored for long

As Bukowski said “Only boring people get bored.”

A somewhat more accurate version of the saying would be “only boring people stay bored.”

Fun people do get bored from time to time, yes, but never for too long.

They’re creative, resourceful, and open-minded enough to be fascinated and entertained by… almost everything, really.

So what’s your kid like?

Do they complain when there’s nothing to do, or do they go out and find something fun to do?

How quickly do they get bored, and how hard is it to break their boredom?

This isn’t in itself a full-blown guarantee that they’re going to have a good life in the future, but it does mean that they’re going to be content when they become adults.

8) They love to learn (not just study for exams)

Untitled design 22 10 reassuring signs your kids are on track to becoming great adults

Some kids  just study to pass the exams and have good grades—to be “good students” for mom and dad.

But for your kids, knowledge is its own reward.

So they go out of their way to read books and study about things even if it’s not part of school.

They go to museums and galleries all because they want to.

And they nerd out on the things they want to learn more about.

A kid who’s truly interested in learning will likely become a great adult.

Who knows—they might even discover something or create a ground-breaking invention.

Not that they have to, of course. Being a knowledgeable person is reason enough to be considered “great”.

9) They’re not entitled

They don’t expect the world to cater to their needs.

Sure, they once depended on you (and they still do), but they don’t expect you to give them everything they want.

They know that they have to do the work to get what they want in life.

So when anyone gives them gifts—even ones they don’t want—they will nonetheless smile and appreciate it.

They’re patient, and they know to accept when people tell them “no”.

They might even go out of their way to earn money the moment it’s legal for them to do so.

Well, you’re one lucky parent. 

Your kids might just turn into hard-working, responsible, and kind adults.

10) They’re stubborn and brave

You know what really makes people GREAT?


Most of us were raised to just bow down our heads and follow orders. To our parents, there’s no greater show of respect.

And yet, when taken to the extreme, this same meekness could easily turn us into people-pleasers.

We become the ones who stay on the sideline never being able to become the people we were meant to be.

That’s why it’s good to be just a little bit stubborn. 

Do they stand up for themselves and ask questions?

Do they set boundaries?

Do they try to do what they want even if you’re against them?

Well, don’t feel too bad.

You might think your kids are being a pain in the arse every now and then and wish that they’d just say “yes mom” and “yes dad”, but hold that thought.

In a way, you should be thankful that they’re not just blindly following your commands. 


Because that means they know to stand up for themselves when they get older…and that could be the trait that can turn them from good to great.

Final thoughts

We all want to see our children grow to be the best versions of themselves. 

We want them to be independent, successful, and happy.

And yet sometimes, it’s us—the parents—who are the reasons why they fail. 

We might try too hard to make them follow in our footsteps, or we feel threatened by their willingness to question the things we say.

In the end, what we should be doing is to accept them as they are—to respect who they are as people while offering them our protection and guidance.

And most of all, to relax. Anxiety can turn us into people our kids don’t want to be around with…and you don’t want that!

So calm down.

Even if you see only half of these signs on your kids, I assure you that they’ll turn out great. 

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