12 reasons why free spirits need to be in relationships with each other

Free spirits are people whose true purpose in life is to seek new experiences and embark on epic adventures. They are repelled by monotony and routine.

You’ll often hear that free spirits cannot be contained by marriage or a serious relationship because commitment is difficult for them.

This isn’t necessarily true, however. All they need is another free spirit searching for love. It’s vital that the free-spirited folk commit to someone of a similar temperament that won’t wan’t to tie them down. 

So, if two free spirits are lucky enough to find a partner with the same life philosophy, neither party ever feels suffocated or trapped by commitment.

The perfect partner or spouse for a free spirit would innately understand that their boo’s first priority would always be adventure, whether their partner is up for it or not.

So naturally, another free spirit would be an excellent choice. 

Here are some other compelling reasons why free spirits benefit from being in a relationship with each other. 

1) You both know to reject the free spirit stereotypes

Pop culture gives us all some rather skewered ideas about what it means to be a free spirit

A fellow free spirit will recognize they aren’t in a relationship with a manic pixie dream girl. You’re dealing with a real, three-dimensional human being. 

Sure, your partner may share certain characteristics with fictional personalities, but another free spirit is astute enough to realize that they aren’t a TV character or even what you may perceive them to be. They’re a complete person in and of themself, not a caricature. 

2) You both despise routine

It’s a well-known fact that free spirits detest routine, and if their partner insists on adhering to a regular schedule every day, it’s just a matter of time before they’ll begin to resent it.

This is when hooking up with another free spirit comes in handy. It’s far more likely that both of you will try and keep your relationship fresh by experiencing new things together. 

And neither of you will ever have to feel suffocated or mired down by monotony.

3) Flexibility is your joint forte

Free spirits truly embrace the unexpected in life. This, of course, is not for everyone. 

Two free spirits aren’t going to be bothered planning out every detail of their life in advance, complete with detailed lists of goals. 

They much prefer to just go with the flow in their nonchalant way.

While many people might struggle with your love of spontaneity, another free spirit will not only tolerate that proclivity, but revel in it. 

As a couple, you’re inclined to be more flexible and understanding about change than a less free-spirited person would be in the same situation. 

4) You encourage each other’s individuality 

Free spirits are individualists and they’ll never want to suppress that characteristic. And rightly so, as it’s a huge part of who they are.

They actually enjoy standing out from the crowd, and anyone who tries to stifle their personality will be rewarded with the utmost resistance. 

This is another compelling reason why two free spirits make a good fit. They are far more apt to be understanding of views and behaviors they already share with their partner. 

5) You both need space 

As we discussed, free spirits don’t like being fenced in, which means they need a partner who will accept and respect their need for freedom.

A fellow free spirit knows giving your partner space doesn’t mean you love them any less – far from it. But it does indicate how much regard you have for your significant other’s needs as a free-spirited individual. 

If your fellow free spirit feels respected, they will always return to you energized and ready for a new adventure.

6) You prioritize solitude as a couple 

X reasons why free spirits need to be in relationships with each other 3 12 reasons why free spirits need to be in relationships with each other

For free spirits, solitude is a safe space where they can recharge their psychic batteries and reconnect with their inner selves. 

The outside world is a noisy, contrary, and even chaotic place to be. Free spirits absolutely need their solitude to align with their higher purpose, along with putting some space between themselves and society.

Only another free spirit can truly empathize. They know their partner’s need for refuge is also their own and it’s essential for you both to reflect on and reconnect with your authentic selves. 

7) You both search for the deeper meaning

Free spirits avoid superficial discussions. If they’re conversing with someone, they prefer to stick to deep psychological and emotional topics. 

Small talk about the weather and superficial niceties are revolting to the free-spirited. A partner who shares their love of philosophical conversations is a far better fit than someone who’d find this tendency off-putting.

8) You’re an open-minded couple

On the whole, society frowns upon those with the tendency to frequently change their minds. 

I don’t see how this is a bad thing. Free spirits have the ability to rethink and reframe their thoughts and tweak their opinions as a result. 

This is a quite beneficial trait to have. The capacity to reconsider older ideas and thought patterns and replace them with up-to-date ones is a boon, any way you slice it. 

The ability to learn and relearn new concepts and behaviors is one of the most positive aspects of being a free spirit. 

And when two free-spirited people join forces, they challenge and encourage each other intellectually and spiritually. It’s a profoundly positive influence, even if your growth leads you in different directions. 

After all, you’re both free spirits and don’t deny each other your autonomy. 

9) Shared rebelliousness

Since free spirits challenge societal norms by their very nature, they are sometimes defined as rebellious. 

They’re not rebellious in a bad way (is there a bad way?), but they challenge most societal norms just by existing. 

These tendencies manifest in different ways, but many free spirits enjoy testing boundaries and pushing the envelope. Having a partner who’s in sync with that is far easier than dealing with someone more conventional.

10) Two misfits are better than one

Free spirits don’t see the need to conform to societal pressures. Couples who are both free-spirited can provide the needed support that more sedate people would struggle with.

They’re completely cognizant that they don’t fit in, and that being their authentic selves often creates more problems for them than benefits at times. 

The sacrifices are well worth it for a free-spirited couple. They don’t compromise who they are and who they want to be for anybody. 

These ideals and concepts are their dominant characteristics, and personal freedom is their fuel. 

11) You’re both non-materialistic

Most people in today’s capitalist-driven society serek material things to bring them happiness. Houses, cars, and designer clothing are all carrots dangling from dollar sign sticks.

Sadly, this longing for material objects can be the root cause of immense suffering. Because no matter how much people have, they still feel empty inside and feel like they never have enough. 

Also, the price you pay for these material objects are years off of your life. It’s not a flex working yourself to the bone solely to keep up with the Joneses. 

Free-spirited couples realize that materialism isn’t as important as what’s intangible, like emotions and values.

12) You just click

Oh yes, free-spirited folks can, and do, fall in love, just like everyone else.

But it’s crucial that free spirits find a partner who shares their same life philosophy and, above all, respects their need for freedom.

The best person for a free spirit to fall in love with is another free spirit, someone who is open-minded, spontaneous, and shares their passion for living outside the box.

Final thoughts

A relationship between two free spirits has the potential to be the most exciting union someone could wish for.

Both parties would support their partner’s ideas and give them the needed space to get out there and follow their dreams.

Having a relationship with someone who shares the same free-spirited personality traits means sharing your life with someone who understands you on a level conservative people just arent capable of.

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