9 reasons strong women make the best wives

When you look around at the couples you know, you might notice something about the ones that seem happiest.

They’re the ones that are made up of two strong individuals. Whether it’s a strong woman and a strong man, two strong women, or two strong men. 

But looking specifically at the first type of couple, I’ve noticed that some men are worried about marrying a strong woman.

Won’t she undermine his freedom or power? Will it create a power play in the relationship? 

Actually, far from it. After talking about this with several strong couples, I noticed a pattern of 9 reasons why strong women make the best wives. 

1) She’s with you not because she needs you, but because she wants to be with you

One of the most beautiful aspects of being married to a strong woman is knowing that she is with you because she genuinely wants to be, not because she needs you to fill a void in her life.

This is one of the first things I noticed in the couples I know. Both people are constantly moving forward in life. The woman is active in her education and career, and of course so is the man. 

The woman would be perfectly capable of handling everything in her life herself. But she chooses to share it with her husband because they both choose to be together.

Of course, it’s important to remember that complete independence isn’t possible in romantic relationships. By definition, it consists of two people who share their lives together, which requires some form of dependence.

But the mindset with which you approach this makes all the difference. With a strong woman, you’ll grow together because you choose to, and because you’re a priority in each other’s lives. 

2) She will be your equal 

In a relationship, do you want a woman who will always go along with what you say and follow you around like a lost puppy?

If you’re seeking a deep, meaningful relationship, chances are you’d much prefer a woman who goes through life side by side with you, rather than having her in tow. 

Some men might like the feeling of having someone rely on them, and being the protector and provider. 

But the thing is, a strong woman will still let you do that. She just won’t make it become a burden for you.

She will want to support your dreams and efforts, and welcome your support of hers. 

3) She will motivate you to be better

Since you’re here reading articles on Ideapod, it’s obvious you’re someone who’s committed to improving yourself every day.

A strong woman will 100% help you in this journey. 

She has the natural ability to inspire and motivate everyone around her, but especially her partner. 

Her drive and ambition will push you to strive for greatness in all areas of your life. She won’t settle for mediocrity and will encourage you to pursue your passions and dreams with everything you’ve got.

And all the while, she’s striving to do the same herself. 

When you and your wife are both committed to being the best versions of yourselves, together you create the best version of your relationship you could possibly have. 

4) She provides unwavering support

Another great reason why strong women make the best wives is the unwavering support you will get. 

A strong woman knows the value of standing by her partner, through thick and thin.

When life throws challenges your way, she will be your rock, offering a listening ear, words of encouragement, and practical solutions. 

She understands the importance of being a team and will stand beside you through every obstacle you face.

Whether it’s a career setback, a personal struggle, or a difficult decision, you can count on her to be there for you, providing the support and strength you need to overcome any adversity.

5) She brings balance to the relationship

If you’ve had a few relationships (or perhaps even if you’ve just had one), you may have experienced what it’s like to have a lack of balance.

One person ends up compromising way too much, building up resentment towards their partner, while the other one may unknowingly bulldoze over their feelings and needs. 

You don’t have to worry about this if your wife is a strong woman, because she understands the importance of balance in a relationship — and helps maintain it.

She knows how to prioritize her own needs while also considering yours, and the needs of your relationship as a whole.  

She’ll be happy to let you have your way, but she’ll let you know her own boundaries so that no negative feelings develop, and your relationship stays healthy for both of you. 

6) She is a great communicator

I don’t know you yet, but let me take a guess and say you’ve felt frustrated by poor communication in the past. (If not, you must have some magic potion that makes everyone you meet into great communicators — where can I get some of that??)

I’ll bet you’d love to avoid this kind of conflict and difficulty in your marriage. And that’s another reason why strong women make the best wives. 

They tend to excel in this area. They understand the importance of open and honest dialogue and are not afraid to express their thoughts and feelings.

If you find yourself a strong woman, she will encourage open communication in your relationship, creating an environment where both of you feel comfortable discussing your needs, desires, and concerns. 

She will actively listen to you, validate your emotions, and work together with you to find solutions.

That’s a pretty darn great wife!

7) She knows herself well

We all have that friend who thinks their jokes are super hilarious, but others laugh just out of politeness — or who are convinced they’re a great teacher, not knowing people go to Google as soon as they’re done explaining.

Whatever the case, a lack of self-awareness can create misunderstandings, conflict, or even a lack of trust. 

So you’ll be glad to avoid these problems with a strong woman as your wife. They take the time to understand themselves, their values, and their skills.

She’ll be fully aware of her strengths and limitations, and take responsibility for what she can and cannot promise. 

She’ll also know her needs and preferences and communicate them rather than leaving you to read her mind or play guessing games. 

All in all, this creates a strong foundation for love and trust to flourish. 

8) She will be a great role model

When you marry a strong woman, you’re not just gaining a life partner but also a remarkable role model for yourself and potentially for future children.

I see this in the couples I know who have children. The strong woman leads by example, and embodies incredible qualities such as determination, resilience, and perseverance.

In every case the children are still young, but over the years I’ve had the pleasure of seeing how they have started emulating these qualities themselves.

They see their mother’s strength and are inspired to face their own challenges with a similar mindset. 

So if you and your wife decide to have children together, they will have the privilege of growing up with an empowered mother who will empower them also, to be their best selves. 

9) The relationship is more fulfilling

Weak or dependent women take and shadow. Strong women give, create, and shine. 

So having a strong woman as your wife is like embarking on an exciting adventure filled with growth and fulfillment.

You’re not signing up for a stagnant or complacent life. Instead, you’ll find yourself constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible. 

The men I know with strong wives always have something new to share when I catch up with them. 

It might even be something mundane on paper, but the smile that they wear when they talk about what they’ve been up to says it all — their relationship and life is completely infused with energy and enthusiasm. 

Final thoughts

If you’re thinking of getting married soon — or you already are — now you know 9 reasons to count yourself lucky if you have a strong woman as your wife.

From great communication to lifting the relationship up higher than you thought possible, there are immense benefits to having a partnership like this.

Of course, don’t forget your own role in the equation — a strong woman needs a strong partner by her side too!

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