8 rare habits of people who are true originals

It’s quite a compliment to be considered a true original. 

Don’t get me wrong. 

We’re all unique in our own right, but some people just have that X factor that makes them interesting and inspirational. 

When you’re called a true original, you don’t conform to the norm. 

You’re authentic in everything you do, from what you wear to the way you interact with other people. 

But here’s the secret:

You can become your own true original by learning about the 8 rare habits of people who are true originals. 

So, if you’re ready for change, let’s learn about these rather intriguing habits together. 

1) They rarely make the first move

If you’re an innovator by heart, you should always strive to be first, shouldn’t you? I’m kind of competitive, and I’ve been under the impression that you’ve got to be in the number one position if you want to be noticed or make an impact. 

Little did I know, this isn’t true. 

True originals don’t try to be first or make the first move all of the time. 

If you jump at every opportunity to lead the race or create something new, you never have the time to reflect and improve your skills and abilities. 

While gaining the advantage of being first is great, sometimes it’s even better when you slow things down and look at how you can improve yourself, the process, or the development of a product. 

Originals consider themselves movers because they always find ways of being creative and innovative, even if it means working on or refining an existing product or problem, which can make you a winner, too. 

2) They’re willing to take risks and try something new

As an interesting person, you don’t follow the trend or do what’s comfortable. You constantly seek new opportunities and ventures that will develop insights and broaden your knowledge. 

Originals are true fans of taking risks, but that doesn’t mean that they’re impulsive. 

They take calculated risks. 

When they’re alone and thinking about their next creative move, they’ll probably ask themselves this question when an opportunity presents itself: “Will the payoff be rewarding?” “If it is, then I’ve got to figure out the steps I need to take to get there.” 

Even if things don’t go as initially planned, they have the courage to pursue a goal or take a chance. 

That’s what excites them! 

Trying new things, even if at first they fail, is about self-improvement through learning. 

3) They’re not followers

How can you possibly be original if you only follow the crowd? 

A true original will always find a way to create their own path in life. They don’t wait for an opportunity to present itself or land in their lap. 

Even if you are more of a follower than a leader, there’s nothing wrong with that. The difference is that true originals don’t conform and prefer to set the standard rather than follow it. 

There’s another side to them that I have to mention. 

They’re true wonders because of their never-ending curiosity. They don’t like to accept the status quo, and they’re happiest when they get to figure something out for themselves. 

This sense of wonder and curiosity helps them continue to learn new things, which means that they constantly try to set themselves apart. 

It’s definitely a habit that you and I can easily work on. 

4) They don’t walk around with baggage

people who are truly confident never fear 8 rare habits of people who are true originals

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found the company of an egotistical person interesting or entertaining. Not in the slightest! 

If there’s one habit that authentic people always practice, it’s leaving their egos at the door. 

When you have a chip on your shoulder, and you’re constantly preoccupied with what everyone else thinks about you, you don’t make good company, and you certainly won’t lead by example. 

Even some of the world’s most popular celebrities understand the importance of exercising balance and trusting their instincts rather than their egos. 

How do you make this a habit? 

Don’t simply dismiss your own judgment, and never hide behind a fake persona to fit in. 

Your decisions should be based on your experiences and values rather than what other people think. 

5) They have unique coping mechanisms

Fear and anxiety aren’t limited to a certain type of person or group of people. We all experience these uncertainties, and maybe I’m speaking for myself, but they can get the better of you. 

Fear can be paralyzing, and many of us crumble under the pressure because we start questioning our worthiness and capabilities. 

You might be under the impression that if you’re an authentic, outgoing, and courageous person, you rarely face fears, let alone self-doubt. 

The truth is that even these innovators can have their confidence shaken, but they try not to fall apart in the moment. 

They take a step back, breathe, and then tackle the problem. 

What does this look like? 

Let’s say that something happens to threaten their job security. Rather than completely fall apart and panic, they first assess the issue and think, “This is really hard and taking me out of my comfort zone, but maybe I can take these steps to create opportunities for myself if things don’t go my way.” 

“Things are hard right now, but I think I’m going to be okay.” 

Once they come out the other side unscathed, they realize that their situation wasn’t that dire after all. 

I know that it’s all good and well to make working through fear and doubt sound this easy, but when you make it a habit by controlling your thoughts and emotions, it really does become less frightening. 

Another habit of a true original that’s worth mentioning is their ability to reframe self-doubt. 

When you doubt yourself, you become panicked and feel lost

Rather than remain stuck in this state of mind, innovators look at how they can change their perspectives or ideas to improve their situation. 

They go through a creative process that doesn’t involve attacking their skills and abilities but rather reframing the situation by considering what didn’t work and how to improve it. 

It’s something we can all try to strengthen our coping mechanisms and mindsets when times get tough. 

6) They have no problem being themselves 

You can’t be a true original if you can’t be yourself. 

For some of us, being ourselves can be challenging because we naturally want to create a positive impression. 

You want people to like you, and when you aren’t sure of their reaction, especially when you’re on a date or with a group of people, you can fall into the trap of changing aspects of your personality to fit in. 

The problem is that you can never be truly happy if you can’t be your authentic self. 

People who consider themselves originals never pretend to be something they’re not, and they certainly don’t apologize for being themselves, either. 

They have the attitude, “If you don’t like me, that’s your problem.” 

Regardless of who they’re with or where they are, they will always act naturally. Sometimes, this means bringing their quirks along, but that’s what makes them an original! 

7) They turn bad ideas into good ones

phrases to avoid if you want to sound like a strong and confident person 2 8 rare habits of people who are true originals

If you’re constantly thinking of ways to be original, you’re probably going to have tons of ideas for fixing a problem or creating a multitude of steps to reach a goal. 

Just because someone has so many ideas doesn’t mean that any of them are good. 

When people who consider themselves true originals try to problem-solve, they generate as many ideas as possible, and then, by a process of elimination and careful analysis, they decide which of their ideas will make the cut. 

As true creatives, they believe in generating many ideas and perspectives until they reach the right one. 

If they have a few bad ideas, they don’t adopt a bad attitude, as they know that mistakes happen. Instead, they focus their efforts on transforming those unhelpful steps into solutions. 

Many of us think that we have to come up with a single brilliant idea to move forward in life

What true originals understand is that life doesn’t always work this way. It’s usually better to have a few bad ideas that can motivate and inspire us to improve our initial plan than to put so much pressure on ourselves for one solution that it usually leads to stagnation. 

8) They don’t seek validation

There’s one thing that many of us need when we aren’t confident in our choices, and that’s validation. 

We get into the habit of checking in with people who think the way we do, and we seek their approval because that’s how we know that we’re on the right path. 

When you’re a true original, you do the complete opposite. 

They welcome criticism and people who challenge them. In fact, they’ll go as far as looking for people who think differently and who criticize their ideas because it helps them see things from a unique perspective. 

Even if the person challenges their ideas and makes them feel uncomfortable, they push through it to grow and learn. 

Final thoughts

If there’s one habit that you can take away from a true original, it’s moving out of your comfort zone. 

It might seem unrealistic to play by their rules, but if you focus on incorporating just one habit at a time, it’s bound to change your life in a positive way. 

We can all become true originals if we’re willing to put on a brave face, think outside the box, and always be ourselves, no matter the circumstance. 

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