Quiz: Manipulative gurus and their strategies for mind control

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manipulative gurus Quiz: Manipulative gurus and their strategies for mind control

In the third issue of Tribe, our new digital magazine app, we’re focusing on Cults.

One of our articles will explore some of the manipulative gurus in history and their strategies for mind control.

We will select five manipulative gurus to focus on from the quiz below. Please vote on who you would like us to focus upon!

If you think we’re missing someone deserving to be in this article, select the “other” option and let us know. If the same guru gets mentioned multiple times, we’ll add them as an option to the quiz!

Note: Whoever fills out the quiz below gets 90 days of Tribe membership for free! If you’re not already a member, you’ll receive a special link to sign up with a 90-day free trial (you can cancel anytime). If you are already a Tribe member – thank you! For the next 90 days you won’t be charged.

Thank you!


If you think we’re being unfair in the selection of so-called manipulative gurus above, leave a comment below and let’s discuss it together!

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Loving yourself is about committing to who you are, understanding the many different nuances to your identity, and showing yourself a level of care and intimacy that we usually reserve for other people.

Unfortunately, we’re not taught how to love ourselves from an early age. And we end up caring about what others think of us rather than focusing on what we need at a more fundamental level.

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It’s a must-watch and we couldn’t recommend it more highly.


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