If someone possesses these 15 qualities, they’re truly a kind soul

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we are occasionally blessed to encounter special people that stand out as truly kind souls. Even better, you might be one of them too.

When I wrote this article, I couldn’t help but feel seen. Kindness is something I work on but give myself little to no credit for. I hope this article reminds you to celebrate your kindness ways. 

So what makes someone truly kind? How can you identify when someone radiates genuine kindness or when you embody the qualities yourself?

True kindness implies more than just being nice. It’s a profound empathy that permeates every action, a generosity of spirit that becomes almost palpable. 

It’s about compassion, understanding, and a desire to elevate the lives of those around us—it’s something I always aspire to be. 

Qualities of a Genuinely Kind Person

If you’re feeling unsure about your own kindness quotient or if you want to recognize the traits in others, read on to discover the 15 qualities of a truly kind soul.

1) Empathy 

Empathy is the cornerstone of a kind soul. It’s the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. 

Kind people can put themselves in others’ shoes, feeling their joy and pain. This emotional intelligence makes them exceptional listeners and insightful friends. 

When you find someone who really “gets” you, chances are they’re an empathetic soul.

Moreover, their empathy isn’t just for those close to them. Kind souls feel for strangers, animals, and the world at large. This broad compassion drives their actions, making them considerate and thoughtful in ways both big and small.

2) Generosity 

Generosity is more than giving material gifts. It’s a readiness to share time, energy, and resources freely. 

Kind souls are generous in every sense of the word. They give without expectation, knowing that the act of giving is its own reward. 

When I give someone something, I don’t expect (or even want!) anything in return. 

Truly kind folks freely share their love, wisdom, and positive energy. Their attitude towards sharing lifts others up, creating a warm and welcoming environment wherever they go.

3) Patience 

A kind soul understands that everyone has their own pace in life. They are patient with others and give them the time and space they need. 

When dealing with difficult situations, they remain calm, understanding, and supportive, allowing for mistakes and offering gentle guidance when needed.

Not only are they patient with others, but they also exhibit patience with themselves. 

Genuinely kind people understand the value of personal growth, recognizing that it takes time and there will inevitably be setbacks. Yet, they remain gentle and patient with themselves, always striving to learn and grow.

4) Authenticity 

A truly kind person is genuine. They aren’t kind because they want something in return or because it makes them look good. 

These authentic beings are kind because it’s who they are. They’re true to their values and are guided by their heart in everything they do. Their authenticity shines through, making them a magnet for others. 

People are drawn to their realness, their ability to be vulnerable, and their unwavering commitment to being the best they can be. When you encounter someone who’s genuinely kind, you feel seen, heard, and accepted.

5) Respect 

Kind people show respect to everyone they meet, regardless of their social status, race, religion, or personal beliefs. 

Respectful people understand that everyone has their own unique journey and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Their respect extends beyond individuals to the environment and all living beings. They take care of the world around them, recognizing the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of treating every creature with kindness and respect.

6) Understanding 

Being understanding is another significant trait of a kind soul. They are open-minded, accepting others’ perspectives even when they don’t align with their own. 

Understanding people strive to comprehend why people act the way they do, which allows them to extend grace and kindness, even in challenging situations.

Additionally, these kind souls often act as mediators in conflicts. They can see both sides of the story, helping to find common ground and promote harmony. 

Their presence can be calming and reassuring, a beacon of peace in tumultuous times.

7) Gratitude 

A kind soul is often marked by a profound sense of gratitude. They are deeply thankful for what they have and express their appreciation regularly. 

Those who are grateful tend to focus on the positives, radiating a contagious joy that uplifts everyone around them.

Gratitude helps them remain grounded and content. They don’t incessantly yearn for more but appreciate the beauty in simple things. 

Their joyful demeanor is a testament to the power of gratitude and a reminder for us to appreciate life’s blessings.

8) Compassion 

If someone possesses these 15 qualities theyre truly a kind soul 2 If someone possesses these 15 qualities, they're truly a kind soul

Compassion, the ability to feel for others in need and act on it, is a hallmark of a kind soul. 

Sweet people can’t help but reach out to those who are suffering, offering comfort, support, and love. Their hearts bleed for the disadvantaged, and they actively seek ways to alleviate pain and hardship.

Compassion also extends to themselves. They treat themselves with the same loving-kindness they offer others, understanding the importance of self-care in being able to care for others.

9) Honesty 

True kindness involves honesty. 

Kind people value truth and integrity, striving to be truthful in their words and actions. They understand that honesty builds trust and strengthens relationships.

Yet, their honesty is never brutal. They’re adept at delivering truth with kindness, ensuring it’s constructive rather than hurtful. 

Trustworthy people possess the rare gift of being able to tell you something you might not want to hear while still making you feel loved and respected.

10) Positivity 

Kind souls are a beacon of positivity. They exude an upbeat energy that’s both soothing and inspiring. 

This optimism is infectious, and these people have a way of making people feel good about themselves and the world.

People who mean well believe in the power of positive thinking and often encourage others to adopt a similar mindset. They’re the people you turn to when you need a pick-me-up, a bit of encouragement, or a reminder of the goodness in the world.

11) Encouragement 

Encouragement is another hallmark of a kind soul. 

Encouraging people are often a personal cheerleader, uplifting those around them. They are quick to acknowledge others’ accomplishments and are genuinely happy for their success.

These natural-born cheerleaders not only provide a pat on the back but also offer support during challenging times. They believe in the potential of others and are there to remind them of their abilities when self-doubt creeps in.

12) Resilience 

Resilience might seem like a surprising addition to this list, but it is a crucial trait for a truly kind soul. 

Life is filled with challenges and adversities, and it takes a certain level of resilience to continue choosing kindness in the face of hardships.

Kind individuals understand this and strive to maintain their positivity and compassion, regardless of the circumstances. They bounce back from setbacks, their kindness undeterred, inspiring others with their strength and determination.

13) Humility 

Kind souls are humble. They don’t seek recognition for their good deeds. 

Their satisfaction comes from the act of kindness itself, not from applause or accolades. They’re often working behind the scenes, making a difference without a desire for acknowledgment.

Humility also means they’re open to learning and growth. Humble people acknowledge their mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn and improve. 

This humility makes them relatable and endearing, adding to their likability.

14) Forgiveness 

Kind people are quick to forgive. They understand that holding onto grudges only hurts them in the long run. 

Forgiving folks are able to let go of anger and resentment, offering forgiveness to others and themselves.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean they allow people to walk all over them, but they choose to focus on understanding and empathy over retaliation. Their forgiving nature can teach us a lot about moving on from past hurts and embracing peace.

15) Love 

Above all, a kind soul is characterized by love. They love deeply and openly, their hearts filled with affection for others. 

Naturally loving people’s actions are motivated by love, and they spread it wherever they go.

Their love extends to all—friends, family, strangers, and even those who may not be particularly lovable. 

We love that they see the good in everyone. Their love acts as a mirror that reflects back the best version of each individual they meet.

Being Kind All the Time Can Be a Challenging

If someone possesses these 15 qualities theyre truly a kind soul 3 If someone possesses these 15 qualities, they're truly a kind soul

The thing is, it’s not always easy to be this way though. I struggle with it daily because I’m a human who has a complex web of emotions and experiences.

In a world that often seems to reward the opposite (think: winners, opportunists, and demanders), it’s hard to find your place. You want to be be ahead, but at what cost? Sometimes the idea of kindness can get in a way. 

The truth is, being genuinely kind is a daily commitment and something everyone has to work on. The rewards are immeasurable, so it’s worth the effort. 

When we embody kindness, we not only light up our lives but also spark a chain reaction that can positively affect countless others. 

How to Be Kinder Every Day

Embodying these qualities might seem daunting, but remember: kindness is a journey, not a destination. Every small step counts, like:

  • Start with empathy. Try to understand others’ feelings, perspectives, situations. 
  • Share generously—your time, your resources, your love. 
  • Practice patience and respect. 
  • Be real, be you, and let your authenticity shine. 
  • Practice gratitude, compassion, and honesty. 
  • Stay positive, encourage others, and remember to encourage yourself too.
  • Stay resilient, keep your heart open, learn from your mistakes, and forgive quickly. 
  • Let love guide you. Love yourself, love others, love life.

As you embody these qualities, you’ll not only become a kinder person, but you’ll also inspire kindness in others. 

In this journey of life, remember that being kind doesn’t mean you’re weak or naive. It’s a strength, a courage that illuminates the world one act at a time. 

So, let’s celebrate the truly kind souls in our lives, and strive to be one ourselves. Let’s make this world a little kinder, a little brighter, one kind act at a time.

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