20 psychic or spiritual signs your ex misses you (and wants you back)

Sometimes, breakups are not final. Even if things seem hopeless right now, it may be that your ex still misses you and wants you back.

But how can you know this with certainty?

Just take a look at these 22 psychic or spiritual signs your ex misses you and wants you back. If any of them ring true, it’s not too late.

You might be able to get your ex back if that’s what you want. And if not, then at least you’ll know they miss you and you will have a better understanding of their feelings.

1) Your ex is constantly on your mind

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The first one is pretty self-explanatory. If your ex is constantly on your mind, then they may miss you and want you back.

How does this work? Are your thoughts not your own?

In case you’ve been thinking about your ex obsessively lately, it could be because of their influence on you.

You see, once you’re in love with someone, that person has a natural influence on your consciousness and your thoughts, and it doesn’t go away as soon as you break up.

When they’re gone, they still have an impact on you. And if they miss you, then that impact will be pretty strong and frequent.

Your spiritual connection could still be strong and your thoughts could be telling you that your ex still loves you and wants you back.

2) You dream about your ex a lot

A psychic sign your ex misses you and wants you back is when you dream about them a lot.

Dreams are gateways to the spiritual realm and your unconscious. But more often than not, they’re really hard to decipher.

To figure out whether it’s your ex or a simple projection of your unconscious mind, you need to dig deeper into the symbols and meanings of your dreams.

So, pay attention to their content, but also the feeling they give you while you’re sleeping.

For example, you could be dreaming about your ex running towards you, but never quite getting to you. This could mean that your ex is trying to get back together with you but can’t quite do it.

Of course, there could be countless alternatives to this.

3) Sometimes you feel like they’re next to you

The next sign that your ex misses you and wants you back is the feeling that they’re standing or sitting next to you.

Again, this could be caused by your own unconscious thoughts and emotions, but it could also be real.

If they still love you, then their spiritual connection with you could still be strong. It might feel like they’re right next to you because of the bond between your souls.

You can’t see or hear them, but you might still feel their presence and emotions if they miss you and want you back.

Before you feel uncomfortable about this, just know that it’s harmless. What you’re feeling is your ex’s energy.

They are not trying to block you out. On the contrary, they’re open to you if you can feel them.

4) The universe suggests your ex misses you

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Want to know another psychic sign your ex misses you?

The universe sends you signs if it wants you to know that something’s going on.

For example, the universe could send you signs that you’re on the right path or that you’re in danger. In the same way, it can tell you not to let go of your ex.

Or, if you ask the universe for answers, it could give you some signs.

The signs that we receive from the universe usually come as synchronicity, but there are other ways in which the universe can communicate with us as well.

Dreams are one example, but even random signs can be revealing.

For instance, if you’re thinking about your ex and a song that is somehow related to them or your relationship suddenly comes on, it could mean that the universe wants you to know that your ex misses you and wants you back.

But, more about that later.

5) Hiccups are part of your life now


Maybe you’ve noticed that hiccups have entered your life, but they’re not connected to anything.

They just happen. And they may happen because of the influence of your ex on you.

You see, if someone deeply loves you, their connection with your soul can affect how often and how intensely you feel emotions.

And when they miss you, their love for you can cause intense feelings that result in frequent hiccups.

Why hiccups?

It’s because the diaphragm gets pulled into spasms by the upheaval of emotions. So, your ex’s love for you may be sputtering out in hiccup-like returns.

6) You often experience inexplicable changes in mood

If the connection between you and your ex is strong, then another spiritual sign of them missing you is an erratic change in mood.

Your feelings can be out of control and you might not understand why.

It could be because of your ex’s influence on you or it could mean that they miss you and want to get back together.

This can happen with other people as well, though, so try to look for more signs or consider the fact that it may just be your mind being overexcited.

7) Your break-up was circumstantial

Spiritually speaking, if your breakup was circumstantial and you didn’t betray each other, then it might be possible for your ex to miss you.

The explanation?

In such a case, the dissolution of your relationship was more a matter of circumstances over feelings.

Simply put, you didn’t hurt each other, so you weren’t in a position to leave.

But if the breakup was caused by something else, then they might still miss you. If so, they could just be reflecting on how you feel and how much they want to be with you.

8) Your intuition strongly suggests they want you back

Take a look at the signs you’re seeing in this list.

Do any of these seem like a good match for you?

If so, then you might want to consider the fact that your intuition strongly suggests that your ex misses you and wants you back.

Not everyone is prone to a heightened intuition. But if it happens, then be sure to listen to it as well as possible. After all, it’s one of the most valuable tools in life.

In other words, your intuition can be used to reveal to you what your ex is thinking and feeling about you.

Numerous experts have figured out how intuition works.

It basically gathers information from many different sources and, after processing it, gives you an overall feeling of what’s going on.

So, it’s not only safe but also advisable to rely on your intuition.

9) You experience left eye twitching

What is the spiritual meaning of left eye twitching?

When your left eye twitches, it means that good news is on the way and that you might reconnect with someone.

So, there you have it! This is a big spiritual sign your ex misses you, and it’s even possible that they want to get back with you.

You can use this twitching as a sign of them wanting to send you a message. Or, you can take it as a sign from the universe.

Either way, you’ll be able to use the message to understand what’s going on in the other person’s mind and feel better about it.

10) You sometimes feel an urge to go see them

Look, breakups are painful, but they don’t have to be traumatic.

They can be just a little annoying and even somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning.

After all, you’ll have to move on with your life and learn how to function without them.

Sometimes, you’ll feel an urge to go and see them or talk to them. But, again, you’ll realize that it’s all in your mind and wouldn’t really be the right thing to do.

But what if it wasn’t all in your head? What if it was because they miss you?

Well, this is possible.

It’s possible that your ex is “urging” you to go see them or talk to them. And you might feel guilty if you don’t.

So, depending on what you want from your ex, you could act on this urge or not.

11) Your ex reaches out when you think about them

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Can you and your ex communicate telepathically?

If it happens for you to think about them and the next thing you know they text you, then the answer might be yes.

Another psychic sign your ex misses you is when coincidences happen.

Such as? You think about them and then you run into them or they call you.

If this happens, it means you’re connected in deeper ways. And your ex is almost certainly aware of this as well.

Maybe they were taking a walk and then suddenly felt an urge to call you and they acted on it.

Or, maybe they’ve been thinking about you all day and when you picked up their signal, they decided to call.

12) You run into each other a lot

The great thing about this sign is that it’s about fate.

It’s quite possible that you both have some sort of spiritual connection that is drawing you together. Your spiritual connection is at play here and it just might mean that you’re meant to be together.

Who knows, maybe your ex is your soulmate, karmic partner, twin flame, and so on. These are all spiritual concepts, but for some people, it’s a way of explaining why they feel so strongly about a specific person.

To be sure, ask yourself whether you feel like you’ve known your ex for ages although you haven’t, if the chemistry between the two of you is off the charts, and if you share a deeper bond.

13) People keep saying your ex’s name

Another psychic sign your ex misses you?

If you hear your ex’s name randomly and it keeps coming up, this could be a tip-off that they miss you.

It’s not the most reliable sign since it can be considered a coincidence, but it’s definitely one that you should pay attention to.

You see, if the universe is speaking to you and your ex, then you’re connected in much deeper ways than you realized.

This might be a sign that they miss you and it could also mean that they want to feel close to you again.

14) It seems like everyone is listening to your song

Do you keep hearing a song that reminds you of your ex?

If you do, it could be a spiritual and psychic sign that they miss you.

How so?

Well, if this happens, then it means that you were meant to be together and the universe is making sure that you’re connected.

In other words, this shouldn’t just be taken as a coincidence, but as a sign from the universe that your relationship is meant to last.

However, keep in mind that this doesn’t work if you purposely listen to said song.

16) You are surrounded by repetitive numbers

Listen, before you freak out because you see repetitive numbers, consider their occurrence a psychic sign.

Numbers such as 11 and 555 may appear on your phone or in a dream, and so on, repeatedly, which might be a sign that your ex misses you.

Your ex might be calling you back into his or her life and into their heart.

In case you notice the number 12:12, it might mean that they feel lonely today and want to spend time with you.

Or, it might mean that you were thinking about each other during that very moment.

These numbers are also called angel numbers. Make sure to find out more about them if you keep seeing a certain sequence of numbers.

15) You keep finding or seeing pink feathers

Pink feathers? What do they have to do with your ex?

Well, seeing or finding pink feathers can be a sign that your ex misses you.

In the world of spiritual healing, feathers bring you back to a state of calm and encourage you to heal from any negative energy.

Now, if this sounds familiar, it could mean that your ex is trying to get your attention in some way. In other words, they’re reaching out to you through this feathery pattern.

Not sure what to do? Keep the feather and let things unfold naturally.

16) You often sneeze but are not sick

Our list of psychic or spiritual signs continues with sneezing.

How so?

You sneeze, and you feel the need to sneeze again.

Could your ex’s thoughts have such an influence on you?

Yes, they can! Sneezing is considered a sign that someone misses you or talks about you.

Now, this is not an exact science, but it’s a good starting point in finding out how your ex might be feeling about you.

Medically speaking, sneezing is caused by an irritation or inflammation of the nasal passage.

But if that’s not the case, and your ex might be calling you back into his or her life, then you might have a deeper connection.

17) You can’t shake the feeling of being incomplete

Another spiritual sign that your ex misses you?

You can’t shake the feeling of being incomplete. It’s as if you lost a piece of yourself and you’re desperately hoping that they are the one who can put you back together.

And it’s not just painful, but more so frightening because you don’t even know how to go about it.

The best thing to do is to take things slowly and then reconnect your energy with theirs and see where it leads.

18) The chemistry is still there

If you’re wondering how is this a spiritual sign, here’s the explanation:

In case you and your ex are soulmates or twin flames, the chemistry between the two of you will be off the charts even when you’re broken off.

If you still feel this instant attraction when you see each other, the chemistry is still there.

And if it’s there, then this might be a sign that you share a deeper bond than you have initially imagined.

You might be destined for each other and this could only be a phase in your relationship.

19) You feel you’ve known your ex for ages

Another spiritual sign that comes in the form of a feeling?

You feel like you have known your ex for ages. This means that your connection is deep and you have special feelings for each other.

You feel connected on a soul level, and it’s not just about getting physical.

This could be a sign from the universe to get back in touch with your ex. After all, your connection is one of a kind!

It could also be a sign that they miss you, although they don’t do anything about it yet.

20) Your nose gets itchier than usually

Before you wonder what’s the connection between an itchy nose and your ex, let me explain:

When someone is thinking about you, your nose might get itchy.

It might itch suddenly and without an apparent reason. This might be a sign that your ex is thinking about you, or that you’re supposed to see each other again.

Either way, it’s a good sign that you’re on their mind, and might want to get in touch with you again.

Take note, however, that when your nose gets itchy and even drips, you might be experiencing a severe allergy.

This means that your body is trying to protect itself from something. If you keep experiencing this type of reaction, it’s best to consult a doctor and get professional help.

Can my ex feel my energy?

Your ex might feel your energy even though you’re not around them.

For example, they might be feeling an emotional connection with you and might want to get in touch with you again.

They can feel your energy even if they’re not physically around you.

How is it possible?

In case you share a soul tie your energies might have similar characteristics. And that’s why they’ll feel your energy even if they’re not with you.

Final thoughts

By now you should know if the psychic or spiritual signs that you keep noticing indicate that your ex misses you.

You’ve thought about it a lot, right? It’s understandable!

So, now you have a clear vision of things and know exactly what to do.

Should you call your ex or let them call you?

It’s up to you!


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