How to Use Buddhist Teachings for a Mindful, Peaceful and Happy Life (eBook)


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Over the past few decades, scientists have grown increasingly interested in happiness: What makes us happy or unhappy? How can we increase our happiness?

Buddhists have been studying the phenomenon of happiness for millennia.

Today, there’s considerable intersection between Buddhism and science. Recent research indicates that Buddhism has an incredible amount to teach us about living more mindful, peaceful and happy lives.

By unwrapping iconic Buddhist teachings, this eBook focuses on specific actions you can take to improve all aspects of your daily life.


We have a 14-day money-back-guarantee

About the eBook

The western world is starting to wake up to what Buddhists have always known: that mindfulness and living in the moment are key components to living your best, happiest, most fulfilled life.

However, you don’t have to travel to a remote cave or mountain or desert to find a sense of calm. All of these things are already in your mind. (It is called mindfulness, after all).

You can learn how to meditate, how to foster healthier relationships, how to heal from pain and trauma, how to unburden yourself from intrusive negative thoughts right here, right now, where you already are.

How to Use Buddhist Teachings for a Mindful, Peaceful and Happy Life will introduce you to several Eastern religious and philosophical traditions—primarily Buddhism, but also Taoism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Hinduism—drawing on their insights to make practical suggestions for your everyday life.

In this eBook we explain:

  • The main benefits of mindfulness and how to be mindful on a daily basis.
  • Why meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness and 4 simple techniques to start meditating today.
  • The best way to approach relationships.
  • How to minimize harm in your daily actions.
  • How to let things go.

We draw on Buddhist teachings through the book, particularly as they relate to mindfulness and meditation. Jain and Sikh ideas make an entrance when we talk about cultivating relationships. Jainism appears alongside Hinduism on minimizing harm in the world.

How to Use Buddhist Teachings for a Mindful, Peaceful and Happy Life is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to improve their life, using the timeless wisdom of Buddhism to inspire them along the way. Within these pages is all the information you need to live your happiest and most fulfilled life.

A review by Justin Brown, founder of Ideapod


We have a 14-day money-back-guarantee

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