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Our media platform publishes commentary pieces exploring the ideas shaping the world. Our education programs help people to build a deeper connection with themselves, others around them and society more broadly.

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Become a Prime member and get access to our online workshop, Developing Your Personal Power

If you decide to support Ideapod and become a Prime member, you’ll get immediate access to Developing Your Personal Power.

This is our online workshop that helps you to start doing things in life aligned with your purpose while making progress everyday towards deep and meaningful life goals.

The regular price of Developing Your Personal Power is $160. With this special offer, you get lifetime access as part of your Prime membership.

The workshop is built around a 5-step process to create a motor of change deep within so that you can move forward powerfully in life. There are 5 modules, over 15 videos and action steps to accompany 20 lessons.

By the end of the journey, you have clearly identified your purpose in life, created goals aligned with your purpose and you’ll be living life with a motor of change embedded deep within.

Here’s one of the videos from Module 2. Check it out to get a snapshot of what the workshop is like.


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Yes! Everything by Ideapod Academy has a 30-day money-back-guarantee. All you need to do is send an email within 30 days to [email protected] and we’ll process your refund. No questions asked.

Developing Your Personal Power is a self-guided online journey and you can move throught it at your own pace. However, our recommendation is to complete the program according to a 30-day process according to the email alerts we send out.

This is really up to you. The materials are there for you to completely immerse yourself into. Or you may prefer to just glance at them.

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