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Why join Ideapod Prime? A note from Justin Brown, co-founder

Justin Brown, co-founder and chief editor

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We began Ideapod many years ago because we were frustrated with how the communication revolution was playing out. Social media was becoming trivial and sensationalist. Mainstream media networks provided blinkered and one-sided perspectives. Technology companies filtered the information we received so we weren’t exposed to perspectives that challenged our current ways of thinking.

We aimed to address these issues by providing spaces online where ideas can be critically discussed and people can then be inspired to take action – in their own unique ways.

It’s been an incredible journey getting Ideapod to this point, with many highs and lows. The result is something we’re extremely proud of. We’ve managed to create:

  • An online magazine providing commentary on the ideas shaping our lives and our future with over 3 million monthly readers.
  • A social network for ideas with over 15,000 ideas shared generating over 100,000 interactions around the ideas.
  • A series of online webinars that have been attended by over 10,000 people.

Now, we’re opening up a membership program for people within the Ideapod community who want to help make Ideapod better and show their support.

It’s part of our efforts to move beyond an advertising-driven business model, while providing a number of benefits that will help our members take their inspiration to a new level.

By supporting Ideapod, you’ll be helping to create an independent media site focused on helping you to live a life outside the boxes created by others.

We’re also getting ready to relaunch the next version of Ideapod’s social network, and you’ll have first access.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Ideapod community. We’re glad you’re here and supporting us in creating spaces online for ideas and inspiration.

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BONUS: For a limited time sign up to the free trial and immediately receive a copy of the eBook, “The 7 Most Powerful Articles Published by Ideapod”, with an Introduction by Justin Brown


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Free for 14 days, then $4 monthly


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