The Power of Ideas – A New Blog by Ideapod

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The Power of Ideas – A New Blog by Ideapod


Ideapod is so easy to use that it’s hard to explain

At we made it really simple for people to share their ideas in 1000 characters or 40 second videos. It’s a place where you can keep all your ideas, whatever they may be, and view other people’s ideas.

The Power of Ideas is our blog where we write longer articles about the ideas being surfaced on Ideapod.

What are ideas?

Ideas are almost like mini-blog posts or short videos via the iPhone appIdeas can be thoughts on anything. From what inspires you in life, to ideas about work, technology, or even the Universe.

How it works

All those useful and perspective changing ideas that you have or hear from other people are all in the one place. We’ll help you find and follow topics and people that you like.

Once you follow someone, all of their posts will show up on your timeline, just like you’d expect. See something great? Support it and add commentary if you like. Other people will do the same to your posts. That’s how you meet people here.

Seriously, put any ideas you have on here

We embrace all different perspectives. That’s how we learn and grow.

Now you understand how Ideapod works. So come on in. Join now.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter

We share some of the most thought provoking ideas and articles from the blog on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Join us there to be part of the conversation.