20 phrases weak men use to put strong women down

Dear weak men,

You never cease to amaze us with your creativity when it comes to undermining the strength of a powerful woman. 

However, you fail to learn that this behavior only serves as fuel to our fire, inspiring us to be even bigger and brighter than we already are.

The following 20 phrases are some of the most widely used put-downs employed by weak men. 

If you notice yourself saying any of them, check yourself and stop trying to put that strong woman down!

1) “You’re just too intimidating”

This is absolutely classic. In what world is a strong woman a walking, talking terror who should dampen her spirit to avoid emasculating any nearby weak men? 

Ladies, if this is ever directed at you, hit them back with, “Strong women intimidate boys and excite men.” And then continue being your fabulous self. 

2) “You must be on your period”

Please. This is positively stone-age. 

Are we really going to blame everything on a woman’s hormonal cycle? 

Being strong and assertive is a sign of intelligence and determination, not the result of hormones.

If a man thinks that your boundaries are just a mood swing, then swing right past him because he’s certainly not the one.

3) “You’re too ambitious for a woman”

Oh, bless his quivering little insecure heart. 

No woman should ever have to confine her ambition to the narrow borders set by a man with a fragile ego.

Sorry boys, we are going to be turning up the brightness and shining for the world to see. Don’t like it? Grab yourself a pair of shades, honey. 

4) “You’re trying to be a man”

Newsflash, weak men! We don’t need to “be a man” to thrive in this world. 

There is enough space for us to be our authentic, fabulous woman selves without trying to become one of you. 

5) “Why don’t you smile more?”

We’ve probably all heard this one at some point in our lives. Maybe it was the guy at the coffee counter or your misogynistic boss.

Sorry but why should we make ourselves look more pleasing to your eyes? The death stare you are currently receiving is a way of attracting attention to our faces — not the other parts of the body on which an unwelcome gaze may have landed.

6) “You’re too outspoken”

Strong women will always come up against weak men with fragile sensibilities who want to silence them. Why are the opinions of an intelligent woman so frightening to weak men? 

We will continue to speak the truth; we aren’t here to make life more comfortable for a feeble ego.

7) “You’re just playing hard to get”

The most overused excuse when a woman asserts a boundary. 

No, dear sir, we’re not playing hard to get at all. We don’t appreciate your advances and have much higher standards than you measure up to. 

8) “You must hate men”

Why is this even a thing? Whenever I hear this, I’m like, “Really?”

The assumption that if a woman asserts herself, it automatically means she’s a man-hater is so Victorian. 

Challenging patriarchal ideology and outdated expectations of how women “should” be is necessary for growth and evolution. We can question the system and also appreciate the good men out there! 

9) “You’re too emotional”

zodiac signs who prefer intellectual conversation over small talk 1 20 phrases weak men use to put strong women down

The irony of this phrase is lost on anyone who uses it. 

A man saying this is literally admitting to being too emotionally immature to handle a grown-up situation. 

Surely by now, they must know that emotions aren’t a weakness; they’re a beautiful part of the human experience, and everyone has them. 

10) “You’re too independent”

Well, excuse me for being self-sufficient and not relying on a man to validate my very existence. 

Weak men take note: independence is empowering, and a strong woman will not compromise her integrity to pander to your insecurities.

11) “You’re just seeking attention”

Another classic turn of phrase from weak men who need to diminish a woman’s achievements. 

Maybe it’s not seeking attention. Perhaps it’s quite literally a due celebration of her awesomeness?

And why shouldn’t we celebrate our wins? Propping each other up is what helps everyone to rise and evolve.

12) “You’re just bitter”

When all else fails, weak men resort to calling strong women bitter.

Because clearly, the only reason we’d challenge their fragile egos is because we’re filled to the brim with bitterness. Sure, buddy, keep telling yourself that.

13) “You’re too aggressive”

This can literally be translated into: “You’re not acting the way I want you to.” 

Smile and respond with, “You call it aggressive; I call it standing up for what I believe in.”

Don’t let a weak man who is threatened by your assertiveness bring you down to appease him.

14) “You’re too competitive”

Competition doesn’t discriminate based on gender. 

If a weak man gets wobbly because you’ve got the competitive edge, then perhaps he should think about raising his own game. 

15) “You’re too strong-willed”

That sounds like the way someone would describe a horse, not a woman.

Being strong-willed is a superpower; it empowers us womenfolk to achieve greatness. 

Weak men would do well to learn from a determined woman and perhaps find a bit of that magic for themselves. 

16) “You’re too demanding”

Well, excuse us for not settling for mediocrity. 

Weak men often try to chalk up strong women asking for what they want out of life (or a relationship) as being demanding. 

It’s not. It’s called having standards.

17) “You’re too serious”

While we don’t want to be stony-faced all the time, life is way too short to try and humor weak-minded men. 

Being serious about what you are working towards isn’t a character flaw; it’s a strength to be celebrated.

18) “You should be more feminine”

Major ick. Like the biggest ick there is.

Who even dictates what is feminine and what isn’t? Femininity isn’t limited to outdated stereotypes. We get to define it, live it, and flaunt it however we want.

19) “You’re just trying to emasculate me”

Oh, the fragile male ego strikes again! No, we aren’t trying to make you less of a man.

If your frail ego can’t handle a strong woman, then your definition of manhood needs a rethink.

20) “You’re too much”

Absolute classic, this one. 

What does it even mean? Too much for what? For you?

Being too much for a weak man is a good thing. It means he’ll stop bothering you and trying to dim your lights. 

Final thoughts

Weak men will always find something to criticize, but it’s up to you to rise above the squawking insecurities. 

Your strength is something to be embraced. Your uniqueness is such a powerful part of you, so let your confidence shine out. 

Weak attempts to bring you down won’t work when you are feeling empowered, resilient, and ready to expand yourself like the boss lady you are.

Remember, you can always deal with these comments with style and grace. Just shoot them a knowing smile and perhaps add in an arched eyebrow for an extra sprinkle of sass.

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Amy Brangwyn

Amy has a background in literature, poetry, health and wellness, and nutritional medicine. She loves to explore spirituality and self-development in her writing, and hopes her words inspire others on the journey of growth. She loves helping people to connect with each other on a deeper level, dissolving borders and fostering greater intimacy. When she's not at her desk you'll find her writing poetry in the forest or swimming in the ocean.

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