9 phrases truly authentic people never use in a conversation

Ever caught a pretender out and about?

You see, there are folks amongst us who prefer to showcase a version of themselves that’s far from their true identity. Spotting them can be somewhat difficult as they invest considerable effort in constructing this alternative persona.

However, once you’re clued into the signs, it becomes markedly easier to differentiate those who aren’t authentic in their behaviour.

A major giveaway is their vocabulary – individuals lacking sincerity often resort to words and phrases that seem out of place in everyday chatter.

Here’s a rundown of nine phrases you’re unlikely to hear from someone who’s genuinely authentic.

1) “I’m not one to brag, but…”

You know when someone starts their sentence with “I’m not one to brag”, only to follow it up with a grand tale of their achievements?

It’s a pretty clear attempt to parade their accomplishments without seeming too self-obsessed.

From what I’ve seen, folks who are truly humble tend to let their actions make the noise. They bypass the hoopla and let their work speak for itself.

It’s interesting how when someone says they’re “not one to brag,” it often implies the opposite.

Let’s think about it for a moment. If you truly don’t feel the urge to boast about yourself, you probably wouldn’t feel the need to emphasize it.

2) “No offense, but…”

This phrase may appear as a gentle way of expressing one’s thoughts without causing harm. However, it is often used by individuals who believe their opinions are indisputable and expect unconditional acceptance from others.

It also suggests a lack of responsibility for one’s words – as if the blame for any discomfort caused lies with the listener, not the speaker.

Genuine people value diverse perspectives and strive to convey their views without belittling anyone’s self-worth. They don’t take refuge behind terms like “no offense” as though it’s some kind of protective barrier against critique.

The more appropriate approach is to be thoughtful about how you articulate your ideas and take into account the emotions of others.

3) “It is what it is”

When someone uses this phrase, they usually want to minimize a situation, suggesting that there doesn’t seem to be a practical solution.

However, the reality is, life is never that stagnant – it’s perpetually shifting and transforming.

Genuine people acknowledge that nothing is permanently fixed or preordained. Concentrate on making an impact, regardless of its size.

Rather than surrendering to a circumstance and taking it as given, endeavor to alter it for the better. Who can tell? You might be pleasantly astounded by the outcome!

4) “They’re just jealous”

It’s a given that jealousy isn’t exactly a desirable emotion. However, is it fair to label someone as envious when we’re not privy to their internal thoughts?

Maybe they’re not envious of your success – they could just be curious about how you achieved it.

Genuine individuals take a moment to think before expressing their opinions. It’s all about considering different perspectives and sharing thoughts in a friendly and conversational manner.

Rather than making hasty judgments, they’ll invest time in dissecting a situation and try to comprehend it from various viewpoints.

They won’t presume someone’s envious simply because their views don’t align. Instead, they would actually be open to having a conversation in order to foster mutual understanding.

5) “Life isn’t fair”

phrases to avoid if you want to sound like a strong and confident person 1 9 phrases truly authentic people never use in a conversation

When folks utter this expression, they’re often attempting to rationalize their actions or elucidate why things aren’t panning out as expected.

But here’s an important reality:

Life is essentially what you mold it into.

Nothing is predestined to be just or unjust – you possess the capacity to sculpt your future and author your own fate.

Genuine people comprehend this as well. By perpetually seeking innovative ways to advance and maintain a positive outlook, they refuse to let the notion of “fairness” confine their potential. Rather, they concentrate on gleaning lessons from their past encounters and utilizing them as fuel to propel onward.

6) “Should have/Could have”

When these words are spoken, it often indicates a deficiency in self-belief. The speaker is suggesting that if their actions had varied, outcomes would have swung in their favor.

In contrast, sincere individuals don’t lean on these expressions when reflecting on prior choices. They grasp the fact that future events are unpredictable and that even well-laid plans may not always yield the anticipated results.

Instead of getting caught up in “what ifs,” genuine people learn to accept their missteps and press ahead. Though challenging, this approach is the only route to authentic personal growth and maturation.

7) “I was born for this”

You often hear folks casually tossing around the idea that they’re simply destined for greatness.

It can be amusing at first, until you realize the harm such overconfidence can cause.

Those who are truly authentic acknowledge their achievements as a result of their dedication and perseverance.

They don’t chalk up their victories to destiny or chance – instead, they appreciate the sweat and toil it took to hit those high notes and aren’t shy about giving credit where it’s deserved.

8) “I’m the best”

Have you ever come across someone who is so confident in their own worth that they start believing it as absolute truth?

It’s really interesting to see how some people have this incredible self-assurance.

However, genuine people don’t inflate their self-perception in this manner.

Instead, they recognize the promise in others and appreciate the unique abilities each person contributes. They grasp the concept that perfection is unattainable and that no single person can accomplish everything.

This is why they refrain from portraying themselves as superior, as they don’t perceive it to be factual.

9) “I’m too busy for that”

This phrase is often dropped as an easy escape route to dodge something you’re not in the mood for – but let’s be honest, no one appreciates a shirker!

When I’m truly swamped, I put my best foot forward to navigate through it. Genuine humility lies in being adaptable and open-minded enough to brainstorm inventive solutions.

Real-deal folks acknowledge their boundaries yet keep pushing to turn the tables, even when they’re up against the wall.

Instead of sticking to the “I’m too busy for that” excuse, they’ll hustle to devise other ways to complete the task at hand.

Final thoughts

Authenticity is all about embracing your true self, imperfections and all. It’s crucial to be conscious of how you voice your thoughts and emotions – your choice of words holds more weight than you might realize.

Instead of leaning on hollow phrases, invest some time in introspection to figure out what you genuinely want to express, and select your words with care. This way, your real voice gets the spotlight it deserves!

Also, never forget that life is a canvas and you’re the artist. Don’t opt for the path of least resistance and wait for things to fall into place – rather, dare yourself to break through your boundaries each day. With a good dose of determination, the sky’s the limit!

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