7 phrases to express love without using the word “love”

Do you want to tell someone just how much they mean to you, but the word ‘love’ somehow doesn’t quite capture it? 

You’re not alone.

Love is a big word, and sometimes you need something more, something different, to express how you feel. But you don’t need complicated or flowery words for that. 

There are simple phrases that can make hearts skip a beat, all without using that four-letter word we all know. 

In this article, I’m going to equip you with seven everyday, heartwarming phrases that will make your feelings shine without ever uttering the word ‘love.’

Are you ready? Let’s dive right into it!

1) “Let me know when you get home safely.”

Imagine spending quality time with a friend or someone special, and as you’re parting ways, they say this to you.

What they’re really saying is, “Even when we’re not together, you’re on my mind, and I want to know you’re safe.”

Though it may seem like a simple phrase, it’s a heartfelt expression of their affection. It signifies that, regardless of the physical distance between you, they remain connected and are genuinely concerned for your well-being.

Knowing that someone cares enough to worry about your safety is a beautiful feeling, so it’s only right and equally heartwarming to reassure them of your safe arrival.

That’s why I’ve made it a habit to text or call my parents or friends as soon as I arrive home. It also gives me a sense of comfort to hear the sound of relief in their voices or responses.  

Not only that, it makes me feel closer to them because I know that they always have my best interests at heart.

2) “How was your day?”

One of the best feelings in the world is coming home after a long day and connecting with someone who genuinely cares about what’s happening in your life.

You see, the act of asking is more than just words. It’s a way to check in with each other and show that you’re there for one another, no matter what life throws your way.

When I’m having a challenging day and my partner greets me with this question, I know that I’m being given the opportunity to release the stress and share my burden, and that alone instantly makes me feel better.

And when I’m having a fabulous day, this question also allows me to relive the happy moments and celebrate them with the person I cherish the most.

To put it simply, when you ask someone about their day out of love, you’re actually telling them that you care, that you pay attention, and that you want to be a part of their life.

3) “Did you eat yet? I’ll make you something.”

Food is a universal love language. That’s why it’s always comforting whenever someone offers you a homemade meal prepared with love. 

But it’s not just about the food; it’s about the effort and thoughtfulness that go into it.

You might share what you’re in the mood for, or they might surprise you with something they know you love. Either way, their willingness to prepare a meal for you shows that they’re not just there for you in words but also in actions.

When my grandma asks me this, I usually translate it as, “I worry about you, and I want to make sure you’re well-fed and nourished.” 

No matter how simple, it also serves as a gentle nudge to always prioritize my well-being and make time for nourishment, even in the midst of a busy schedule. 

Oftentimes, my grandma would even join me, and we would spend a good amount of time just talking, connecting, and enjoying each other’s company. 

Sharing a meal is a deeply human experience, and doing it with someone who loves you makes it even more special.

4) “I saw this and thought of you.”

phrases to express love without using the word love 1 7 phrases to express love without using the word "love"

Now, this is my mom’s go-to phrase whenever she’s back from market day. Seriously, she has a habit of approaching me with a bright smile and a little something in her hands. 

Most days, it’s a pre-loved shirt that perfectly fits me. Some days, it’s a cute vintage bag, a small potted plant that brings life to my work desk, or even those delightful rice cakes that instantly remind me of childhood. Whatever it is, I love it every single time!

But it’s not about the gift itself; it’s about the emotional value and the thoughtfulness that come with it. Plus, I appreciate the fact that she knows me enough to know my personal style and the things that I adore. 

It doesn’t have to be a tangible thing, either. It could be anything that reignites a memory and reminds your loved ones of your shared interests or a unique quality you possess. 

One thing is for certain, though: this phrase is always an opportunity to discover a new layer of your relationship and deepen the connection between the two of you.

5) “Don’t forget to bring your umbrella; it might rain.”

Isn’t it heartwarming when you’re about to head out for the day and someone looks at the sky and thinks of your well-being? 

It’s a gentle reminder, which could be translated as, “I love you, and I want you to be safe and dry.”

This simple request carries a deep sense of consideration and warmth. It’s a practical gesture of love, ensuring you’re prepared for whatever the day may bring.

Living in a tropical country, I often hear this expression from my dad. There are times when it’s actually a hoody instead of an umbrella. But it’s not just the rain that he’s protecting me from; it’s also the extreme heat.

To be honest, though, I can be stubborn and intentionally leave my umbrella behind sometimes. The truth is, I don’t like bringing it with me because I don’t trust myself enough to remember it on the way home.

But on the days that I do and the raindrops start to fall, the umbrella becomes a physical representation of his love and protection for me. It’s like a little beacon of warmth, even on the cloudiest days.

6) “You don’t have to do this alone.”

A little story time: In the early months of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, I lost my job. Obviously, I was devastated. Not only was it my bread and butter, but it was also a significant part of my identity and routine. 

During that difficult time, I leaned on my partner for emotional and financial support (no shame in that, by the way). I knew that my bills would continue to come regardless of whether I had a job or not, so I freaked out.

It was during those times that my faith and self-belief were tested. Had I not heard my partner say those words to me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

But his support wasn’t just limited to those words. When he said that I didn’t have to do it alone, he meant it. He helped me create a plan to navigate the challenging job market during the pandemic, helped me pay my rent, and encouraged me to keep going. 

Ultimately, his love bought me some time. After 2 months, I received a wonderful opportunity, and I was back on track. 

For someone who’s struggling to make a decision or feeling overwhelmed by a situation, these words convey a sense of understanding, empathy, and a willingness to stand by your side.

7) “I believe in you.”

When you’re working towards your big visions and experiencing some growth pains, doubt will always be present. You might start second-guessing your choices and abilities. 

That’s why hearing these words from someone who genuinely cares about you can really make a huge impact on your self-esteem. In fact, it might be all you need to start believing in yourself again.

When someone says they believe in you, they’re actually telling you that they have faith in your gifts, in your dreams, and in your journey. They know that you have what it takes. But they also want to reassure you that it’s fine to make mistakes because they’ll be with you along the way. 

As a result, it becomes easier for you to navigate the changes in your life. Sometimes, this simple phrase can even lead you to your most aligned path. 

The truth is, there’s nothing you cannot overcome or achieve. And the people who genuinely love you will never get tired of reminding you of this. 

Final thoughts

See? Love can take on countless beautiful forms.

So, whether you’re into words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch, knowing your own love language and the love language of those close to you can be the key to truly connecting on a deeper level. 

After all, love is a language of its own. 

If you truly want to be fluent at it, listen with your heart. 

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Hey, I'm Julienne - a freelance writer with a passion for all things spiritual, wellness, and personal growth. I practice slow living in the countryside, where I have constant access to trees, wildflowers, and bodies of water. I love romanticizing the mundane and finding magic in life's simple moments. Through my work, I aspire to share my stories of healing and overcoming. If you feel aligned with my energy, please say hi to me on Instagram: @irishjulienne

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