7 phrases that reveal someone is living consciously in alignment with their values

We all have values, but sometimes living in alignment with those values takes more conscious effort than we’d like to admit.

You might look back on your words and actions and wonder if they truly reflect what you believe in or feel uncertain if your life is authentically portraying your core principles.

How do you know if you are living consciously in alignment with your values, or just going through the motions of life without much thought?

After reflecting deeply on my own life and the lives of my friends, I’ve put together a list of phrases that could reveal whether someone is living consciously in alignment with their values. 

1) “I choose…”

The power of choice is at the heart of living consciously.

When you hear someone use the phrase “I choose…”, it’s a clear indication that they are acknowledging their power and taking responsibility for their actions, decisions, and ultimately their life.

This isn’t about making the right choices all the time. It’s about recognizing that you have the freedom to decide and that each decision is an opportunity to align with your values.

2) “I was wrong…”

Admitting our mistakes isn’t always easy. It requires humility, vulnerability, and courage – qualities that can be tough to cultivate. 

This shows that they value truth and integrity over their ego. It suggests that they understand the importance of learning from their mistakes and are willing to adjust their actions to align more closely with their values.

If you find it hard to admit when you’re wrong, it might reflect a disconnection between your actions and your deeper principles. 

Embracing your mistakes as opportunities for growth may be counterintuitive.  Yet it is a potent sign of intentional action that matches your principles.

3) “It’s not about me…”

At first glance, this might seem to imply a lack of self-worth or assertiveness. 

This phrase signifies that they understand the importance of empathy and selflessness in their interactions with others. It shows they can put their ego aside and focus on the bigger picture, whether it’s in relation to their personal relationships, their work, or their contribution to society.

Living consciously means understanding that our individual actions are part of a larger context and have an impact beyond ourselves.

4) “I’m taking a digital detox…”

In an age where we’re constantly connected to screens and inundated with information, taking a step back from technology is a powerful statement. When someone says “I’m taking a digital detox…”, it suggests they’re making space to refocus on their values and live more deliberately.

This shows that they understand the influence of the digital world on their mindset and actions. It’s an acknowledgment that technology, while immensely beneficial, can also distract us from our true values if not moderated.

Did you know that the average person spends about 3 hours per day on social media? That’s a significant chunk of time that could be spent aligning your actions with your core values. 

Sometimes, we may need to disconnect to reconnect with what truly matters.

5) “I’m scared, but…”

When someone says “I’m scared, but…”, it’s not just an admission of fear, it’s a declaration of bravery. It’s a testament to their commitment to being true to their values despite the fear they might feel.

This is a powerful acknowledgment of vulnerability and courage. It shows an understanding that fear is a part of life, but it shouldn’t be a barrier to living a values-based life.

Fear can often make us retreat into our comfort zones and away from the actions that truly reflect our values. By acknowledging your fears and choosing to act in spite of them, you allow your convictions to guide your actions instead of your fears. 

6) “I don’t know…”

If a man uses these phrases in a conversation he lacks empathy for others 7 phrases that reveal someone is living consciously in alignment with their values

In a society that values certainty and expertise, admitting “I don’t know…” can seem like a weakness. 

This demonstrates an understanding that it’s impossible to know everything and that it’s okay to admit it. It shows a willingness to learn, grow, and adapt – key aspects of living intentionally.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with uncertainty or always needing to have the answers, take a moment to reflect. Sometimes, embracing the unknown and admitting our limitations can be an unexpected pathway towards aligning more closely with our values.

7) “I appreciate…”

When someone expresses their appreciation, it’s a sign that they’re not just going through the motions, but actively acknowledging the good in their life.

This shows a recognition of the interconnectedness of our lives and a gratitude for the people and circumstances that enrich our experiences. It emphasizes the value of relationships, kindness, and positivity.

If you find that your day is often filled with complaints or criticisms, try shifting your focus to appreciation. 

Recognizing and expressing gratitude for what you have can help align your actions with your values, fostering a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Finding your path to conscious living

The phrases we’ve explored are not just words, but reflections of a mindset that embraces conscious living. They are signposts that guide us toward aligning our actions with our deeply held values. But it’s important to remember that this journey is personal and unique to each of us.

The path to conscious living is not a straight line. It’s a winding road filled with trials, triumphs, setbacks, and breakthroughs. It demands introspection, patience, resilience, and above all, authenticity.

It’s about understanding that every choice we make, every word we utter, and every action we take, is an opportunity to align ourselves with our values. It’s about realizing that it is not an ultimate destination to arrive at, but a continuous process of self-discovery and growth.

There are days when you may feel like you’re not living up to your values. Perhaps you acted out of fear instead of courage, or succumbed to societal pressures instead of standing by your beliefs. Remember, it’s okay to falter.

What matters more is the awareness of these moments and the willingness to learn from them.

And then there will be days when you feel a deep sense of alignment between your actions and your values. 

These are the moments when you’ll realize the profound impact conscious living can have on your personal satisfaction, relationships, and overall well-being.

Embrace your true nature

As we navigate through the journey of conscious living, it’s vital that we embrace our true nature. The phrases we’ve discussed are not just about aligning our actions with our values, but also about getting to know ourselves at a deeper level.

The journey of self-discovery is an integral part of living consciously. It’s about peeling back the layers of societal conditioning, expectations, and fears to reveal our true selves. 

It’s about understanding what makes us unique, what drives us, and what truly matters to us.

When we understand ourselves better, we’re able to make decisions that align with our deepest values. We become more authentic in our actions and interactions. We start living life on our own terms, rather than following a script written by society or others.

Get to know yourself – your passions, your fears, your dreams, and your values. Use this self-knowledge as a compass to guide your decisions and actions.

Remember, conscious living is not about fitting into a mold or ticking off boxes on a checklist. It’s about being true to who you are and living a life that reflects your values.

So go ahead and embrace your true nature. It’s the first step towards living consciously in alignment with your values – and it’s the most rewarding journey you’ll ever embark on.

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