These 8 phrases that make you more persuasive and influential

If you’ve ever wished you could master the art of persuasion, I have some excellent news for you…

All you need to do is sprinkle some specific phrases into your pitches and presentations.

Ok, maybe it’s not ALL you need to do. 


Including the following eight game-changing phrases WILL help increase your persuasiveness and influential power!

1) “Imagine if…”

In my writing, I love to start articles with “Imagine if…”

Here’s why;

When you start any written or verbal speech with something like “Take a second and imagine…” it immediately grabs the audience’s attention.

Imagination is something we naturally engage in whenever we hear a story. We visualize the characters, environment, etc.

So whenever you hear or read “Imagine if…” your mind automatically assumes it is about to listen to a story. 

And stories are something we humans have LOVED for centuries…

Throughout evolution, our ancestors used storytelling to find and communicate information. People would tell stories to understand the benefits and dangers of the world around them.

What’s more… 

The phrase “Imagine if…” has a very positive connotation. 

When you start a conversation with this phrase, you encourage the listener to visualize a positive outcome or a desirable situation.

That’s why it’s a top phrase to use to win over people.

2) “Here’s a solution…”

This phrase positions you as a problem solver

You show the person you’re speaking to that you have a concrete resolution rather than just a possible option.

This reassures and puts the other person at ease while making them trust you more. This is because we tend to trust people who appear like experts. 

However, as trust is something that builds over time, it’s essential to ensure you follow through with the solution you offer.

Research by Harvard Business Review supports this. Based on data from 360 assessments, researchers found that there are three elements of building trust:

  • Positive Relationships (caring about the issues and concerns of others)
  • Good Judgment/Expertise (showing that you’re well-informed and knowledgeable)
  • Consistency (backing up your words with actions)

But what does trust have to do with being influential?

According to speaker and best-selling author David McNally, we can only influence those who trust us. 

Talking about workplace culture, he says:

“Influential Leaders understand that power comes not from their position but from their ability to inspire others. However, inspiration – the engagement of the human spirit – is only possible when employees know their leaders are trustworthy.”

3) “Let me show you the benefits…”

This phrase is crucial for effective persuasion as it focuses on your proposal or idea’s positive aspects or advantages.

Why is this important?

People are generally more receptive to ideas that promise positive outcomes or advantages.

By talking about the pros, you can overcome any potential objections. This is because when people see the value in your proposal, they become less resistant to your ideas.

Meanwhile, the word “show” implies you have tangible evidence or information. 

This adds credibility to your argument, as you’re not just making claims but offering concrete reasons.

4) “According to research…”

People trust science.

Social science research and survey data show that scientists are among the most trusted people in society, considerably more than religious leaders or elected officials. 

So if you want to persuade or sell someone on an idea, back up what you’re saying with science.

Doing so will significantly increase your authority and credibility, as it suggests your argument is supported by objective and verified information.

Another thing that builds credibility is sharing your personal experience of a subject, which we’ll discuss next.

5) “In my experience…”

By starting a sentence with “In my experience,” you assert your authority on the matter immediately. 

We ALWAYS prefer to hear the ideas of people with firsthand knowledge and experience in the topic rather than those without.

Just think about a time when someone tried to advise you on a matter they knew nothing about!

In contrast, when someone shares their experience, they have practical insights into the topic of discussion and, thus, are a credible source of information.

6) “Let’s work together to achieve…”

This is one of the best phrases for leaders to use when they want to engage and influence their teams. 

“Let’s work together to achieve…” emphasizes collaboration and creates a sense of shared goals. 

Thus, your team will feel like they will achieve something out of it, too, rather than just helping YOU achieve YOUR goals.

Here’s another excellent phrase for leaders who want to be more influential…

7) “What are your thoughts on…”

By asking for the other person’s thoughts, you invite them to share their perspective, fostering a collaborative environment. 

This shows you respect the other person’s opinions and experiences and, thus, do not see them as inferior to you.

Encouraging dialogue builds rapport and helps foster trust, which, as we’ve established, is key to being influential.

What’s more…

 This is an active listening phrase. Active listening is a communication style that encourages positive and open communication dynamics.

Using active listening phrases like this makes the other person feel heard and understood, increasing your influential power.

8) “I’m not sure if this is for you”

You might be surprised to see this phrase on the list, but it’s actually one of the most powerful. 

It uses a form of reverse psychology, suggesting the idea may not be suitable for the person. 

Why is this powerful?

Starting your statement with “I’m not sure if this is for you” triggers curiosity, which increases the likelihood of the other person listening to and considering your idea.

It is a particularly good phrase to use on someone you know is naturally competitive.

By saying, “I’m not sure if this is for you,” you subtly suggest they might not be able to do it, creating a challenge for them to prove you wrong.

Final thoughts

From sparking imagination to sharing personal experiences, these eight phrases are not just mere words. 

They are linguistic tools that can elevate your communication game, allowing you to effortlessly sway opinions, win negotiations, and lead with influence.

Don’t believe me?

Try a few of them out and see the results for yourself. Comment below to let me know how you get on!

Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke

I am a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher and an experienced content writer in the spirituality and personal growth space. I’m passionate about sharing my expertise through the power of words to inspire and guide others along the path of personal and spiritual development.

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