7 phrases that indicate someone is emotionally intelligent

How many times have you heard someone say, “Wow, they really know how to read the room?”

What they’re actually referring to is emotional intelligence. It’s that keen sense of empathy, understanding, and awareness that some people just seem to naturally possess. 

And it’s not just about reading the room, it’s about knowing the right thing to say at the right time.

Now, how does one spot emotional intelligence?

You might think it’s something intangible, that it’s just a feeling you get around certain individuals. 

But there are actually certain phrases that emotionally intelligent people tend to use, which can help us identify them.


Well, buckle up because we’re diving into a fascinating exploration of these key phrases that indicate someone is emotionally intelligent. This isn’t just about spotting these traits in others; it’s a chance for self-reflection too. 

So keep reading and who knows? You might discover some of these phrases already live in your daily vernacular. Or perhaps, you’ll find new ways to express your own emotional intelligence.

1) “Tell me more about that.”

Emotional intelligence begins with the art of listening.

But it’s not just about being quiet while the other person speaks. It’s about showing genuine interest in what they’re saying, and encouraging them to share more.

This phrase is a powerful tool in the emotionally intelligent person’s arsenal. It conveys that you’re not just hearing their words, but that you’re actively interested in understanding their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

It’s far more than mere politeness. It’s a demonstration of empathy, a desire to connect on a deeper level. So the next time you’re in a conversation, try using it. You might be surprised at how it can transform your interactions.

2) “I understand how you feel.”

Emotionally intelligent individuals are experts at empathizing with others. They don’t just listen, but they make an effort to understand and acknowledge the feelings of those around them.

“I understand how you feel” is a phrase that signals empathy and validation. It’s a way of saying, “I get it”, or “I’ve been there too.”

I recall a time when a close friend was going through a rough patch. Instead of offering unsolicited advice, I simply said, “I understand how you feel.” 

This phrase may seem simple but it can be incredibly comforting to someone who’s struggling. It helped my friend feel heard and understood, which made her feel less alone in her challenges.

Remember, this phrase carries a lot of weight, so it’s crucial to only use it when you genuinely understand and resonate with the other person’s feelings.

3) “I was wrong.”

There’s a certain power that comes from admitting our mistakes. It’s a humbling experience, but it also paves the way for growth and understanding.

“I was wrong” is a phrase that emotionally intelligent people are not afraid to use. It shows an ability to self-reflect, accept responsibility, and learn from one’s errors.

I can recall a heated discussion I had with a colleague over a project. My stubbornness was in full swing and I was adamant that my approach was the only viable one. It took a night of contemplation to realize that I had let my ego cloud my judgment.

The next day, I walked into the office, looked my colleague in the eye and said, “I was wrong.” That phrase did more than any elaborate apology could have. It showed my willingness to admit my mistake, and it opened the door for us to find a solution together.

Using this phrase doesn’t show weakness. On the contrary, it shows strength of character and emotional maturity. It’s an indication that you value the relationship more than being right.

4) “How can I help?”

Emotionally intelligent people do more than just understand emotions; they take action. Their empathy leads them to be proactive and offer assistance where they can.

“How can I help?” is a phrase that signals both understanding and a willingness to support others

It’s a direct yet considerate way of offering assistance, showing that you’re not merely a passive listener but someone who’s ready to step up and lend a hand.

When my neighbor lost her job during the pandemic, she was understandably stressed about making ends meet. Instead of just expressing sympathy, I asked, “How can I help?” 

This simple question allowed her to be open about her needs and gave me the opportunity to provide practical help.

Emotional intelligence is not just about understanding emotions, it’s about responding to them in meaningful ways. This phrase shows that you’re ready to do just that.

5) “I appreciate your perspective.”

get better at making small talk phrases 7 phrases that indicate someone is emotionally intelligent

Differences in opinion are inevitable. We all see the world through our own unique lenses. But being able to respect those differences, now that’s a mark of emotional intelligence.

“I appreciate your perspective” is a phrase that embodies this understanding. It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing, but acknowledging and valuing the other person’s point of view.

In a recent group project, one team member suggested an approach that was drastically different from mine. Instead of dismissing it outright, I said “I appreciate your perspective.” This set the tone for a constructive discussion where we combined our ideas to create an even better solution.

This phrase is a testament to one’s emotional intelligence, showing an openness to learn from others and foster constructive discussions.

6) “You’re not alone.”

Feeling isolated, especially during tough times, can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s during these moments that a little reassurance can go a long way.

“You’re not alone” is a phrase that emotionally intelligent people often use to provide this reassurance. It shows empathy and understanding, reminding the person that they have support.

When my cousin was diagnosed with a chronic illness, she felt like nobody could understand what she was going through. While I couldn’t fully grasp her reality, I could offer her my support. So I told her, “You’re not alone.”

Those three words offered comfort and solidarity. They helped her realize that she had people around her who cared and were ready to help.

This phrase is powerful because it doesn’t trivialize what the person is going through. Instead, it offers reassurance and companionship, two cornerstones of emotional intelligence.

7) “Let’s find a solution together.”

The gauge of emotional intelligence isn’t just about understanding emotions but also about channeling them towards productive outcomes.

“Let’s find a solution together” is a phrase that encapsulates this perfectly. It’s not about dismissing the problem or passing the buck, but about collaboratively working towards a resolution.

This phrase speaks volumes about an individual’s emotional intelligence. It shows that they are not just engaged in the conversation, but are also invested in the person and the situation at hand. It’s an invitation to partnership, a commitment to resolve issues together, and an affirmation of mutual respect and understanding.

Final thoughts

If you’ve been nodding along with these phrases, chances are, you’re already wielding the power of emotional intelligence. But remember, it’s not about ticking off a checklist.

Emotional intelligence is a journey of understanding – understanding yourself, others, and the intricate dance of emotions that guide our interactions.

And here’s the beautiful thing – it’s a journey that never ends. There’s always room to grow, to deepen our empathy, to refine our ability to navigate emotions.

Start by observing your conversations. Are you using these phrases? If not, could they enhance your communication? Reflect on the impact of your words on others.

And most importantly, be patient with yourself. Emotional intelligence isn’t built overnight. But each step, each reflection, each conscious conversation brings you a little closer.

So take these phrases and hold them in your mind the next time you engage in a conversation. You might find they lead you to deeper connections and richer conversations.

At the end of the day, emotional intelligence is about fostering understanding and building connections. It’s about seeing and being seen. And what could be more powerful than that?

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