14 phrases only authentic people use, according to psychology

Look around you.

How many people do you know who are genuinely authentic? People who don’t pretend, seem a bit too polished or rehearsed, and have a unique vibe that you honestly can’t place?

I bet it’s not a lot. 

Authentic people are hard to come by these days. 

Everyone’s chasing an image they saw somewhere else because they think that’s who they’re supposed to be. 

Meeting someone authentic is refreshing! And part of what makes them stand out are certain phrases they use that instantly make you think, “Wow, this person is so real!”

These phrases reveal a lot about their character and intentions and even make them more relatable and trustworthy. 


If you ever hear these words, you’ve probably met someone genuine:

1) “I don’t know.”

Sounds simple, right? 

There’s more to it, though.

In a world where everyone seems to be an expert on everything (thanks, social media), admitting when you don’t have all the answers shows you’re real. 

The thing is, authentic people aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. They know that not knowing something doesn’t make them less intelligent or worthy. 

And that the right people will open doors for them to learn and grow instead of looking down on them. 

So, when someone drops an “I don’t know,” it’s not a sign of weakness. 

They’ll also usually say this followed by…

2) “Tell me more.”

This phrase is all about curiosity and empathy. 

Authentic people love to understand, not just on a surface level but deeply. 

They’ll use this phrase when they don’t know much about something and genuinely want to learn more. But also when they want to validate someone’s feelings and experiences. 

It’s not just about filling the silence. 

Genuine people know that different perspectives are valuable, and they’re open to being influenced by it. 

3) “I was wrong.”

Admitting mistakes is a big part of being authentic. 

It requires a level of self-awareness and humility that many people don’t have. 

Truth is, no one likes admitting their faults. But authentic people still do this because they know their actions impact others, and they understand that taking responsibility is important.

In short, they value honesty and integrity over their ego. 

Saying “I was wrong” doesn’t just clear the air. It builds trust and respect. 

It shows someone values relationships over being right. 

And in a world full of people who’d rather defend their mistakes to the death, this is pretty rare. 

4) “Let’s agree to disagree.”

Agreeing on everything is impossible, even when you have a lot in common with someone. 

Some people will argue their hearts out to make others see things their way, but an authentic person will drop a “Let’s agree to disagree,” instead. 


Because they prefer to keep their good relationships intact even when viewpoints differ. 

It’s not about dismissing conversations or just trying to keep the peace. Authentic people recognize and respect differences. 

Plus, it’s a classy way to navigate tricky conversations without losing your cool or your connections.

5) “You’re really good at this.”

Fake people tend to exaggerate. When they compliment you, they’ll say you’re the best at something or even that no one compares to you. 

Is this nice to hear? Sure!

But it’s rarely the truth. 

There are probably a thousand people who could do a better job than you. 

So, when someone uses this phrase instead of an inflated one, it’s because they really see you. 

They’re not just throwing out big words because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do. 

Authenticity isn’t about being the loudest voice in the room. It’s more about saying things that you actually mean and not just because they sound cool. 

Authentic people give compliments that are specific and feel just right. And honestly, isn’t that just a whole lot nicer to hear? 

6) “How does Saturday around 3 sound?”

Ever bump into an old friend, make some small talk, and then they say, “We should hang out soon”?

Yeah, that’s a non-committal phrase. And commonly used when someone is just trying to be nice. 

Authentic people rarely say stuff like this. 

They’ll suggest a time and place because they’ll actually want to get together. 

This move is all about action. 

If a genuine person really wants to hang out with you, they’ll make the space. And if they don’t want to, they’ll be honest or just not say anything in the first place. 

7) “What do you think?”

This question isn’t just about being polite – authentic people genuinely care about someone’s thoughts.

Again, they value diversity. 

And they want to make it clear that all viewpoints are not only welcome but wanted.

8) “I need some time to think about this.”

if you notice someone using these phrases youre dealing with a cerebral narcissist 14 phrases only authentic people use, according to psychology

Nowadays, everyone’s looking for quick responses and snap judgments. But often, taking a step back to reflect is the best move. 

Authentic people know when they need time to think something through. They don’t make hasty decisions about serious matters. 

It’s not because they want to keep people waiting but because they respect everyone involved and understand that it’s better to respond thoughtfully or have a well-planned-out course of action. 

9) “This is hard for me to say, but…”

Being authentic also involves raw honesty

It’s never easy to tell the truth when you think it could hurt someone or make a difficult confession. 

But genuine people are open and build the courage to be vulnerable no matter how hard it is. 

For them, personal truth outweighs the fear of judgment. 

They’re willing to share, even when it’s tough because they know when it’s the right thing to do.

10) “I don’t think this is right.”

Authentic people have a strong moral compass. So besides always wanting to tell the truth, they also have the guts to stand for what’s right, even if they’re standing alone. 

This isn’t about being disagreeable for the sake of it. 


A genuine person is just comfortable enough in their skin to voice concerns when something doesn’t sit right with them. 

They’ll never go along with stuff that’s hurting others to along with the people agreeing with or causing the hurt.

11) “I don’t care if everyone else is doing it.”

This phrase is another one that takes a lot of courage to say. But authentic people use it often. 

Not out of defiance but a deep sense of self-awareness and integrity. 

The thing is, not simply following the crowd comes down to standing firm in your beliefs and values. It reflects a person’s commitment to their principles, no matter the societal pressures and trends.

Why does this make them authentic? 

It’s actually simple:

People rarely choose to stand by their convictions. Conformity is the easiest path.

So when someone does, it shows they’re willing to be misunderstood or even isolated for the sake of staying true to themselves.

12) “Let’s hear what they have to say themselves.”

While everyone else tends to jump to conclusions, authentic people understand that every story has more than one side. 

And they believe people deserve a chance to share theirs. 

By using this phrase, they’re advocating for fairness. 

Genuine people believe in getting the complete picture before making up their minds.

13) “I can help you with that.”

Simply put, authentic people like extending a helping hand when it seems like everyone else is too busy to care. 

It’s not just about the act of helping, though. Or because they expect anything back…

Genuine people are just more about actions than words. 

Ever have someone say they’ll be there for you or help you, but then they flake the moment you need them?

An authentic person won’t do this. 

They genuinely want to make a difference, even in the smallest ways, because they believe in supporting others and are instinctively super generous people. 

14) “I need some help.”

Let me clarify first: authentic people don’t help others because they want them to return the favor. 

But if they genuinely need help, they won’t be afraid to ask, either.

And if we really think about it, asking for help is probably the most unrecognized sign of authenticity. 

Most of the world today is all about self-sufficiency and independence. So, admitting you need some help is deeply human. 

Genuine people know that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. They can admit they have limitations and can’t do everything alone. 

Asking for help also does more than just take a load off someone’s plate. 

It invites people into their lives – something authentic people don’t mind doing because they have nothing to hide. 

People who wear masks, trying to look perfect, can’t say the same. 

So when someone uses phrases like these, it’s clear that they’re being authentic

Because for them, it’s not only about using the right words but backing them with action – even when it’s uncomfortable. 

Know someone like this? Keep them close!

Wanna be like this?

Remember that authenticity is a journey. You’ll have to do a lot of self-reflection and be willing to admit your flaws. 

But most importantly, you’ll need to understand that everyone has value, including you. 

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