11 phrases high value women use daily, according to psychology

Other women want to be her, guys want to be with her.

A high-value woman exudes confidence and class.

She knows what’s important and who she is, and she won’t compromise on that.

But that certainty doesn’t mean she’s not considerate and concerned about others too.

Here are some of the daily phrases you’ll hear a high-value woman use, and what it says about her.

1) “No”

It’s all about boundaries baby.

Learning to say no with ease is surprisingly tricky. But every high-value woman knows it’s vitally important.

As highlighted in Psychology Today:

“At times society teaches us the word “no” is impolite and inconsiderate. We feel more obligated to go along with things we honestly do not want to do in order to be socially accepted. Yet there are clear benefits to the word no. Saying no can create more mental health stability by helping with self-care and build your self-esteem and confidence by setting boundaries.”

It’s an exercise in finding your voice and owning your power. Saying no is how we make our preferences clear and show our priorities.

2) “I appreciate it”

Gratitude is everything.

No wonder it’s been scientifically proven to come with a whole host of physical and mental benefits.

Women who express their appreciation have better relationships, meaning it can impact both our personal and professional lives.

For example, as Harvard Medical School points out, “Managers who remember to say “thank you” to people who work for them may find that those employees feel motivated to work harder.”

The bottom line is that expressing thanks is not only good manners, it shows high social and emotional awareness too.

3) “It’s no big deal”

There is a caveat with this one: We shouldn’t say it when we don’t mean it ladies!

If you’re feeling let down and disappointed by someone’s actions, this can be far too dismissive of how you’re feeling.  

But in the right context, it’s a wonderful sign that you don’t sweat the small stuff or dwell on life’s little dramas.

Our daily lives are full of frustrations and irritations.

High-value women learn to focus on the bigger picture and let go of things out of their control.

So when slip-ups, misunderstandings, and accidents occur, they refuse to blow it out of proportion and overreact.

4) “I’ll get this”

I’m specifically talking about picking up the tab.

Phrases like “it’s on me” or “it’s my treat” show that a woman is capable of paying her way.

High-value women certainly aren’t freeloaders.

Offering to pay undoubtedly shifts our perception of people in subtle but powerful ways.

Gustavo Arellano explains in the New York Times how he learned this lesson from a friend of his who told him:

“The people I wanted to do business with or start a friendship with were those who offered to pick up the bill; the shady characters were those who just sat back and waited for someone to pay. And when I started picking up the tab for my friends and on business meals as I became wealthier, everyone’s view of me changed. They knew me now as someone who would take care of business.”

It’s not about living beyond your means or being generous to a fault.

It’s about taking care of yourself and showing others you’re happy to put your hand in your pocket.

Even if it’s the gesture of buying your bestie her coffee alongside your own.

5) “It’s ok, I can manage”

High-value women are often self-sufficient and capable too.

It’s this underlying strength that gives them their self-belief and self-worth.

They certainly don’t expect everyone around them to run around after them. Needy just isn’t their style.

So often, when it’s offered, they find that they don’t need assistance. But as we’re about to see, that doesn’t mean they can’t also accept a helping hand when they do.

6) “Do you mind giving me a hand?”

sneaky phrases passive aggressive people use to indirectly criticize you 11 phrases high value women use daily, according to psychology


Asking for a favor or some support is something high-value women are perfectly comfortable with.

They don’t think it makes the weak to rely on others.

In fact they believe that collaboration and cooperation are a part of all healthy relationships.

They have the strength of character to show vulnerability. That means being transparent when they are in need of a bit of help.

7) “Actually, X would work better for me”

This is essentially about being clear about your needs and wants.

High-value women aren’t afraid to make them known.

She doesn’t see it as awkward or demanding stating her preferences. She has the self-worth and confidence to be forthcoming about them.

Rather than go along with something that is inconvenient, she would much rather express what works better for her.

8) “I don’t really feel like it”

We’ve probably all experienced when we’re not in the mood for something, but feel slightly pressured into doing it anyway.

Sadly, it can happen in all sorts of social situations.

High-value women let their voices be known. They won’t be guilt-tripped, cajoled or manipulated into things.

Part of that comes from the self-esteem to know that it’s important to honor your own well-being.

That can mean putting yourself first sometimes.

High-value women can do so without feeling guilty because they know there is a world of difference between self-care and selfishness.

9) “I’d love to”

I guess this is the other side of the coin.

Because equally, high-value women aren’t shy about expressing their enthusiasm either.

Some women mistakenly think it’s sophisticated to “play hard to get”. In reality, it’s kind of immature.

High-value women don’t have the time, energy, or inclination for games.

By showing encouragement, they also highlight their warmth and positivity — and that’s alluring.

It’s much more fun to be around a woman who approaches things with passion than seems aloof and disinterested.

10) “I totally understand”

Extending compassion, empathy, and patience towards others makes you a total class act.

Being strong doesn’t mean being harsh.

Sometimes that’s a mistake overly assertive people can make. They miguidingly think that to be respected they have to be aggressive.

Yet letting someone know that you get where they are coming from helps to build bridges.

Perhaps they turn down an invitation, have to cancel plans, or don’t want to do something you’ve suggested.

Saying “I totally understand” is a way of being tolerant of our differences.

11) “I’m sorry”

Sometimes the most dignified response is “I’m sorry”.

Emotionally immature people may get defensive, deny culpability, or try to downplay their actions.

Respectful and self-aware people can acknowledge wrongdoing and take accountability for it.

Professor of psychology Karina Schumann studies conflict resolution, she reminds us, that apologies are the super glue that holds relationships together.

“In the research that we do, we show that apologies are incredibly effective, especially to the extent that they are sincere and perceived as sincere by the victim or the person on the receiving end. And that they do a lot to promote forgiveness, to create healing in the relationship, and to reduce anger and revenge motivation in the victim.”

It’s all about integrity

The daily phrases of a high-value woman are designed for optimal self-expression.

Both in negative and positive situations she is clear about what she wants and how she feels.

And importantly, she communicates this to others in healthy ways.

That’s how she holds on to her integrity and stays true to herself.

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Ava Sinclair

Ava Sinclair is a former competitive athlete who transitioned into the world of wellness and mindfulness. Her journey through the highs and lows of competitive sports has given her a unique perspective on resilience and mental toughness. Ava’s writing reflects her belief in the power of small, daily habits to create lasting change.

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