8 phrases genuine people use to show they truly appreciate someone

In the rush of modern life, we sometimes forget two things: the people who make life worth living and the simple act of appreciation.

People who radiate authenticity, and understand the value of gratitude, know that a few words of appreciation can really go the extra mile. 

These expressions extend far beyond pleasantries — they carry sincerity, warmth, kindness, and the ability to bring us closer together.

In this article, let’s dive into the phrases that genuine people use to show they really appreciate someone. 

1) “Your support means everything to me.”

Genuine people aren’t shy about showing their deepest gratitude for the support of others. 

They understand that sometimes, a simple “thank you” isn’t always right. 

Saying, “Your support means everything to me” is a beautiful way of recognising just how much your contribution has meant to them.

It shows that without you and without your support, their journey would have been far more challenging, maybe impossible.

By acknowledging this, genuine people show that they not only appreciate the help — they recognize that it also may have involved personal sacrifice. And that’s no small thing.

2) “I value our friendship/relationship — it means the world to me.”

Relationships are wonderful, aren’t they? They are special sauce that makes life really sing.

Because of this, truly genuine people understand the worth of relationships.

When they say, “I value our friendship/relationship — it means the world to me,” They are loudly and clearly stating your value and reassuring you that your bond is cherished. 

Genuine people know that relationships are not taken lightly. 

This phrase also acknowledges the depth of connection and the joy it brings, noting that it holds a special place in their heart.

3) “You’ve made such a huge impact on my life.”

Our lives are forever shaped by the many interactions and encounters that cross our paths — and some leave a noticeable mark. 

Genuine people have the ability to notice when someone has made a big impact on them. 

Saying, “You’ve made such a huge impact on my life” is a testament to the significant influence the other person has had on them.

This phrase goes beyond flattery as it acknowledges the transformative power of the other person’s actions.

Authentic people understand that true appreciation requires calling out how someone has positively altered the course of their life.

4) “I admire your [specific skill], and it inspires me.”

Those who are genuine have the unique ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

When they say they admire something specific to you, be it your flair for baking or your commitment to your family, they not only clearly appreciate you, they want to celebrate you.

They love what makes you, you. 

By pinpointing a particular skill or attribute, this phrase also demonstrates that real appreciation goes beyond surface-level compliments, it takes really knowing someone.

It shows that they have gone to the trouble and have taken the time to observe, reflect, and admire a particular part of you.

It’s a sincere acknowledgment that can deepen your friendship and bring you closer together. Who doesn’t love to feel seen?

5) “Thank you for always being there for me.”

In a world where being alone can feel overwhelming, at times, having someone who is there by your side is a true gift. 

Authentic, kind people don’t take this for granted. They show their gratitude with a simple yet powerful phrase: “Thank you for always being there for me.”

This phrase is a deep recognition of the support that you have provided throughout life’s many ups and downs. 

These people see the beauty in having a community of reliable allies.

By thanking you, they reinforce the value of your connection and make sure that it stays strong.

6) “I am so lucky to know you.”

In this long life of ours, we never know who we’ll meet. Sometimes we’ll find friends who we only see on occasions or in certain situations or environments. But then sometimes we meet people who will change our lives, and ourselves, forever. 

When genuine people say, “I am so lucky to know you,” they are acknowledging the serendipity of your connection. They realize that making friends like you is not always a given.

People who are genuine understand that knowing someone great is a stroke of luck — they don’t take it lightly. 

It communicates a deep sense of appreciation for the unique qualities that you bring into their world.

7) “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

In the hustle and bustle, we sometimes overlook the many acts of kindness others offer us.

Fortunately, those who are genuine are very much aware of these gestures. 

They are able to take a minute to say, “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me,” and in doing so, they acknowledge and honor those small but meaningful deeds.

This phrase recognizes the cumulative effect of all the tiny (and sometimes, huge) things that you’ve done to make their life better. 

It shows a real awareness of the value of these actions and the impact they’ve had. Genuine individuals are in tune with these small details.

8) “You bring out the best in me.”

When we’re around certain people, we can find that we are better versions of ourselves. 

Genuine people understand the power of this influence and they don’t hesitate to say it. “You bring out the best in me,” is one such way they might do this.

This phrase is a reflection of the transformative nature of your relationship. 

Genuine people are happy to say that you have helped them to grow and possibly even become a more authentic and improved version of themselves. It’s the highest compliment and expression of gratitude.

Final thoughts

To sum things up, genuine people are people who can readily understand that words have the power to heal, strengthen, and deepen relationships. 

The phrases they use to show appreciation are not just compliments — they are heartfelt expressions of gratitude.

These phrases convey the depth of genuine appreciation for support, friendships, life-changing impact, skills, attributes, commitment, reliability, kindness, and personal growth. 

Each one is proof of the power of acknowledging the people who make our lives better and more meaningful.

So, let’s all take a leaf out of their books and embrace the chance to show our gratitude openly and sincerely. 

In doing so, we not only strengthen our connections but also contribute to a world where appreciation and kindness are king.

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