13 phrases that emotionally intelligent people use all the time

Emotionally intelligent people are empathetic souls. They have this amazing ability to feel what others are feeling.

Basically, they’re in tune with the emotions of others (and themselves, too!)

Their understanding of human emotions means they’re better able to handle conflict and clearly express their feelings.

This can help them form deep connections and relationships more easily.

With that being said, we’ll be going through a list of phrases emotionally intelligent people use all the time. Let’s waste no more time and get to it!

1) ‘I understand how you feel’

Since emotionally intelligent people are empathetic, they’re able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. This helps them understand what that person is going through or how they’re feeling.

Even if they haven’t been through the same thing, that won’t stop an emotionally intelligent person from trying to understand that person.

So, when they say, ‘I understand how you feel,’ they mean it.

They may also say similar phrases like ‘I get you’ or ‘I hear you.’

2) ‘It’s okay to feel that way’

Emotionally intelligent people also realize that all feelings are valid, even if their feelings differ.

This comes down to a few things. Respect, empathy, and a non-judgmental attitude.

No matter what someone’s views are, emotionally intelligent will respect them and take judgment out of the equation.

This creates a healthy and open space for both parties to air any grievances they may have.

3) ‘I respect your opinion’

This brings me to my next point. Let’s talk about respect for a minute.

Emotionally intelligent people understand that not everyone will have the same views as them. We’re all different, so it’s bound to happen!

So yes, there will be disagreements. And yes, they may not always see eye to eye on certain things.

But an emotionally intelligent person wouldn’t belittle or ridicule anyone for having an opinion that differs from theirs.

Instead, they’ll take the time to listen to another perspective and keep an open mind, even if it ends in a case of ‘agree to disagree’.

4) ‘How do you feel about that?’

phrases emotionally intelligent people use all the time 2 13 phrases that emotionally intelligent people use all the time

As mentioned, emotionally intelligent people understand how others are feeling.

But they never want to make assumptions or put words in people’s mouths. Plus, they may not always have an accurate read on others. They’re not complete mind readers!

So emotionally intelligent people often use this phrase to make sure they’ve understood things right and keep an open line of communication.

They also care about others’ feelings, so they want to make sure they take other people’s feelings into account.

5) ‘What do you think?’

This is a phrase emotionally intelligent people use all the time to encourage ideas and collaboration.

Emotionally intelligent people know a lot. But they don’t know everything. That’s why emotionally intelligent people like to get extra input when they can.

Times where this phrase might come in handy is when they need:

  • Advice
  • Help to choose an outfit
  • Help preparing a speech

6) ‘Could you give me some advice?’

Since I mentioned advice, this is another phrase that often comes out of their mouths.

Like I said, emotionally intelligent people don’t know everything. So, when there are gaps in their knowledge, they make sure to fill them in.

They like to hear from different perspectives, especially those more experienced. This helps them develop their knowledge and expertise.

And this guidance helps them excel in various areas of their life, like their career or relationships.

7) ‘Could you give me some feedback?’

Now, this is a phrase emotionally intelligent people use to learn of their strengths and weaknesses through someone else’s eyes.

They might ask for feedback after a job interview or tackling a work project. This way, they can learn how they were perceived and areas to improve on.

Emotionally intelligent people are self-aware, so they’ll likely already have a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

But it doesn’t hurt to ask since someone may spot strengths and weaknesses they’ve missed out on.

By asking for feedback, this opens up further opportunities to develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

8) ‘I need some time to process this’

Emotionally intelligent people have a good grasp of their emotions – both positive and negative ones.

That means they’re well aware of when those negative ones pop up, like sadness and anger.

When things get heated and conflicts arise, these are the moments where emotionally intelligent people seek space and alone time to process their thoughts and feelings.

Let’s be frank. Conflicts don’t get resolved when you’re in the heat of your emotions.

Emotionally intelligent people understand this more than anyone.

So, they’ll use this phrase and then take a time out. This gives them time to collect their thoughts and put them into words.

They’ll then be able to express their feelings clearly and calmly without emotions getting involved.

9) ‘How can I help?’

phrases emotionally intelligent people use all the time 13 phrases that emotionally intelligent people use all the time

Emotionally intelligent people have a sense of when people need help.

And get this. It doesn’t need to be said. An emotionally intelligent person will just know.

Let me give you an example.

An emotionally intelligent sales assistant works in a store. They can tell that someone needs help from the bewildered look on their face. Or they may have noticed them wandering aimlessly through the store.

Or, in the case of a friend, an emotionally intelligent person can tell that something is wrong because their friend is quieter than usual or seems on edge.

Emotionally intelligent people are helpers at heart. They are happy to step in when needed, so they’ll use this phrase often.

10) ‘I’m here for you if you need me’

Emotionally intelligent people will use this phrase to comfort someone and let them know they’re here if they ever want to reach out.

This is a phrase they’ll use in many situations, such as when someone has:

  • Lost someone close to them
  • Gone through a bad breakup
  • Is anxious or depressed

Now, they may offer help directly or the subtle alternative of ‘I’m here for you if you need me’ if their offer for help is turned down.

Emotionally intelligent people understand that someone may be too proud to accept any offer for help. Or they may genuinely believe they can handle things themselves.

In any case, emotionally intelligent people want to make clear that they’re available at any time should they need it.

11) ‘I’m sorry’

Another phrase that emotionally intelligent people use all the time is ‘I’m sorry’.

Emotionally intelligent people are not blind to the mistakes they make. They’re self-aware.

So, they’ll face their mistakes head-on and own up to them.

That’s because emotionally intelligent people understand that their actions and words affect others.

Their mess-ups can cause hurt feelings and burnt bridges – so they’ll make sure to let the person affected know how sorry they are.

They’ll also take the time to reflect upon their mistakes so they can learn and grow from them.

12) ‘Thank you’

Emotionally intelligent people value gratitude. They have a great appreciation for what they have.

One way they show their appreciation is by saying ‘thank you’ for the nice things people say and do.

For example, a friend may go out of their way to help them or say kind and supportive words that uplift them. Or, in another scenario, their friend might stick up for them when others try to drag their character.

Whatever the case, they’ll thank them to make sure they know how much they appreciate it.

13) ‘I love you’

It isn’t easy to tell the ones you care about that you love them. But these are words that fly off the tongues of emotionally intelligent people.

Emotionally intelligent people know how important it is to let the people they care about the most know how they feel.

And that’s because those words mean a lot to the people we tell them to. It’s also reassurance of how much we appreciate them in our lives.

So, these are words that emotionally intelligent people will never fail to use for the people they love!

Final thoughts

Emotionally intelligent people have a great understanding of their emotions and others, too. The phrases they say all the time reflect this.

They take the time to dive deep into someone’s feelings and experiences and to make sure they’re heard and understood.

Emotionally intelligent people also make sure that others understand how appreciative they are, whether by saying ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’.

To be more emotionally intelligent, it helps to listen fully to another person’s perspective and hear them out. Try to put yourself in their shoes, even if the shoes don’t quite fit!

Doing so will help you better resolve conflicts and have more transparency in your personal and professional relationships!

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