7 personality traits that show you’re a smart woman

Being a woman in the world is tough. Not only do we have to work harder to prove our capabilities, but we also have to find the courage to put ourselves in the spotlight!

Despite this, many women have done it, as we know. 

Take a look at all the successful women who have shown that we could run the world if we wanted to!

What is it that allows them to do this?

Well, these women are SMART.

Here are 7 personality traits that show you’re just like them, and that you’re on your way to success!

1) You don’t get easily offended

The first trait of being a smart woman is that you aren’t easily offended by the things that people say to you.

In fact, you’re able to quickly decide if someone’s opinion is worth your time! That’s because there are many people out there who love to bring a smart woman down.

You may find this situation familiar:

Being in a male-dominated office, you have received patronizing remarks from managers who think you can’t do anything but sit there and look pretty.

If you’re able to let it go and focus on your capabilities, it’s a good sign that you’re a smart woman!

2) You know how to set boundaries

Knowing how to set boundaries is an important part of being a smart woman.

Why is that?

Like I mentioned, people love to bring a smart woman down! That’s why you’ve got to shut that sh*t down fast.

Maybe you’re someone who knows how to leave a conversation when it’s time. Or perhaps, you’ll decline to complete a favour if you’re busy with more important stuff.

That’s how you know you’re a smart woman: you’re good at saying “no”, and at putting yourself first no matter what!

3) You’re good at asking questions 

Another trait of being a smart woman is that you’re good at asking questions.

Let me explain.

Being in the world as a woman, it’s important to learn as much as you can from others to help you get ahead!

The thing about being good at asking questions is that you’ll get what you need quickly, without wasting your or the other person’s time.

Say you’re looking to pick up a new skill and are having trouble…you won’t hesitate to speak to your instructor to say what exactly you need help with.

And you don’t beat around the bush!

4) You’re eager to learn new skills

Speaking of learning a new skill brings me to my next point…

As a smart woman, you’re always looking to upgrade your skills!

Now why is this important?

In an ever-changing world, you’ve got to stay relevant. You don’t want to be left behind, because you’ve got so much to offer!

But being a smart woman, you likely don’t have a problem with this.

I’ll tell you why.

Your desire to constantly learn something new will serve you well in the future. And that’s what makes you a smart woman: you’re always thinking ahead!

5) You know how to build connections

Do you consider yourself a people person? If you answered yes, then you are indeed a smart woman!

A trait of such women is that they know how to build connections

And mind you, it’s not all about being fake!

There’s always sincerity in the actions of a smart woman. That’s what people see. She knows that the best way to keep a friend is by building trust!

This also isn’t about extroversion; an introvert can still enjoy meeting other people, just in smaller doses…

Whether it’s grabbing a drink with that girl in the next department, or hanging with a college friend, you know exactly how to build connections that last!

6) You don’t second-guess yourself

Even if you do make great connections, being a smart woman also opens you up to this – you might attract jealous people who want to steal some of your shine.

It can be easy to second-guess yourself around these people. After all, they just want to see you fall!

Here’s the thing.

A smart woman knows she’s better than that. She knows what she’s capable of, and she’s not afraid to admit when she is lacking in some areas!

This confidence is a personality trait of smart women. It’s also something that gives them the ability to set boundaries, like I mentioned earlier.

Another thing about smart women is that despite this confidence, they will never, ever, let their achievements get to their head!

7) You’re an independent thinker

If you’re a smart woman, you know by now that only you know yourself best! 

And you’ll also act accordingly, by shutting out the voices of people who think they can influence you.

Being a smart woman means you’re an independent thinker. You’re able to formulate thoughts on your own without relying on someone else to make decisions for you.

In short, you know exactly what you want in life and how to get there!

 At the same time, you don’t allow yourself to stay stuck in a particular way of living.

What do I mean by that?

You’re always open to new experiences and opportunities, even if it’s something as drastic as a career change!

That’s because you trust that you know what you’re doing. And you’re also someone who thinks carefully before she takes action.

As a smart woman, you understand very deeply what it means to live your truth


Now that we’ve covered the personality traits that show you’re a smart woman, do you feel more confident that you’re headed for success?

Let me leave you with this.

It’s not always easy being a smart woman. And it’s normal to have doubts about whether or not you’re on the right path.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article and read until the end, know that you’re ready for anything that life throws at you!

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