7 personality traits in men that all women secretly admire

Tall, dark, and handsome – the quintessential description of a man that can capture any woman’s heart.

But who’s also, entirely fictional.

In reality, while it’s true that good looks and charm can capture a woman’s attention, retaining her interest is another story altogether.

If you want to identify the traits women really admire – and find out if you do have them – read on to find out.

1) Confidence

Now I know this may sound cliché, but you’ll be surprised at how many men think they have this trait when they actually don’t.

What does confidence look like?

It’s certainly not having a big ego, which is what some men may have to compensate for the lack of confidence.

While confidence can be projected from a man’s body language, it also shows in their behavior.

Confident men know what they want, own up to their mistakes, and aren’t afraid to ask for help.

These stem from knowing their worth and being secure in who they are.

Confidence is thus by far one of the most attractive traits a man can have.

And usually, if someone is confident, they would also have this next trait.

2) Willingness to be vulnerable

This is a trait that not everyone – regardless of gender – has.  

It takes a certain depth of humility and courage to open up to someone else and reveal a lesser-known side of yourself.

While trust also plays a huge factor here, sometimes it’s worth taking the first step and lowering your emotional boundaries.

In doing so, both parties are able to connect at a much deeper level.

And women love meaningful connections, instead of skimming the surface of a relationship.

After all, if a man – or anyone for that matter – is always putting up walls, how can one party expect to get to know the other better?

3) Ability to listen

It’s one thing to take in what the other person is sharing, and another thing to process what they have said and respond appropriately.

A common complaint I often hear from my female friends is that their male friends or partners are too eager to solve their problems.

You might be thinking – who doesn’t want their problems solved?

But what they really have in mind, is for someone to listen to them.

Most of the time, my friends already have the answers.

They just want a sounding board, or someone to talk things through with to better process their thoughts.

If you’re on a date and she realizes that you’re actually a good listener, this would very likely work in your favor.

4) Willingness to improve

personality traits in men that all women secretly admire 1 7 personality traits in men that all women secretly admire

It takes a bigger measure of self-awareness and humility to not only acknowledge your shortcomings but also be willing to work on yourself.

I’d think most of us reflect on our actions or words from time to time, and know where we need to do better.

However, not everyone is willing to put in the work.

Some men might feel that admitting their flaws or that they have a lot to work on, make them look like a failure.

But trust me, most women admire men who have this trait.

5) Emotionally available

This is another big one, so much so that it is a common red flag that women identify in failed relationships.

I’ve met people in relationships with emotionally absent men.

Usually, the guy doesn’t mind hanging out with her. He just doesn’t want to be emotionally involved.

So he avoids sharing his feelings, and doesn’t even attempt to understand his partner’s feelings.

Imagine trying to connect with someone like that.

It’s very clear that they’re not interested in something more.

By taking the step to being emotionally present in a relationship, it signals to the other person that you’re invested, and want to pursue something deeper.

6) Matching sense of humour

Ask anyone what are some key traits they’d like their partner to have and I guarantee they will mention this – “someone who can make me laugh”.

I, therefore, speak for most women here when I say that a man with a sense of humor is a highly admirable and desirable one.

Life’s too short to take things too seriously! And who doesn’t love a good laugh?

Moreover, as people react to things differently, finding a man with a similar sense of humor is someone most women would treasure. Being able to make fun of himself is also a great trait to have.

It shows that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, is able to let go and have fun!

At the right time, of course.

7) Empathy

Finding truly empathetic people is very difficult because it involves taking the time and effort to fully understand the other party.

Empathetic people don’t necessarily go along with whatever the other person says but are able to read the other person’s emotions and decide where to go from there.

Of course, no one can expect the other person to have this trait on the first one or two dates, but whether or not they possess this quality will show not long after.

Women appreciate men with empathy, who can, regardless of the situation, register what they’re feeling and decide the next best course of action.

A man who’s willing to see things from a woman’s point of view is something that will definitely mean a lot to her.

Note that she doesn’t need you to agree with everything she says. She just wants you to see where she’s coming from.

If you’re able to put aside your biases, consider things from her perspective, and share an objective opinion, she’ll admire you even more.

Final thoughts

While this article may just skim the surface of qualities that women admire in men, it’s a start.

You may not possess all traits, but the key is understanding where you’re at and moving forward from there.

It may require you to unlearn certain practices or learn how to get better at other things.

Ultimately, it’ll definitely pay off in the long run!

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