13 personality traits in a man that signal high self-confidence

Being around insecure people can break you. 

Okay, not literally. 

But it will influence your life – more often than not – negatively. 

And dating an insecure man?

Well, that could mean the death of you.

Again, not literally.

But he will hurt you in ways that affect your self-esteem and how you see love. 

Being an insecure man isn’t fun either…

Whether you want to find out if your friend or partner secretly lacks confidence or you simply want to learn how to be a more confident man, the deets are below!

Secure men have some unique traits that signal high self-confidence. 

If a man is the confident type…

1) He knows how to be vulnerable. 

Confident men embrace vulnerability. They feel comfortable acknowledging their emotions and expressing them. 

They don’t believe that guys never cry, and if they love you, they’ll have no reason to act immune to it. 

When a man is confident, he knows authentic emotions are a strength. His ego doesn’t get in the way of them.

And talking about ego…

You’ll know you’re dealing with a confident guy when…

2) He has no problem admitting he’s wrong. 

Insecure people think mistakes make them look weak. But a confident man knows admitting when he’s made one shows responsibility. 

Confidence is all about acknowledging humanity. And what better way to do this than admit being flawed?

A secure man values truth over ego.  

He’ll always see faults as an opportunity to learn and grow. This is also why you’ll notice that…

3) He handles criticism constructively. 

Confident men know that any type of feedback can help them gain valuable insight. 

That’s why they choose to never see criticism as a personal attack

Instead, they use it to improve themselves. 

An insecure guy might feel threatened or get defensive when you try to point out something they should work on. 

But those who don’t build their value on external validation will keep an open mind and consider your opinion objectively. 

4) He maintains eye contact. 

Ever talk to someone, and they’re looking all over the place, not really focusing on you?

Well, a confident guy is different

When it comes to interacting with others, he wants to show that he’s present. And one of the best ways to do this is by maintaining eye contact. 

Confident men want conversations with them to feel genuine. They want you to know they’re really interested in what you’re saying. 

Unlike most insecure people, they don’t feel intimated by eye contact, either.

And let’s admit it: when someone maintains eye contact, we’re more likely to remember them. 

Want to know what else a confident guy will do to ensure conversations with him are memorable?

5) He actively listens. 

I’m sure we’ve all felt unheard before. Like all that talking flew right over someone’s head…

A confident man will never make you feel this way. 

He doesn’t just hear words when someone’s talking – he really pays attention. 

Secure men also give others a chance to speak without interruptions. It will feel like you have the time and space to truly share your thoughts. 

And when he finally says something, you’ll notice that…

6) He communicates assertively. 

Confident guys say what they mean – but in a cool way. 

While they don’t beat around the bush or talk confusingly, they also have no need to be rude

When a confident man has something to say, he’ll say it clearly and respectfully. 

This makes chatting with them straightforward and easy. They speak up but aren’t mean, like many insecure people tend to be. 

7) He can accept a compliment. 

signs someone is manipulating you according to psychology 13 personality traits in a man that signal high self-confidence

Insecure people have a hard time hearing nice things about themselves. They either downplay it or feel uncomfortable. 

But a confident man says, “Thank you!” and means it. 

He won’t get shy or say, “Oh, it was nothing!” when you’re praising him for a job well done. 

Confident guys like being happy. When others say good things about them, they want to soak up all the good vibes.

8) He sets healthy boundaries. 

Confident men have no problem losing people over personal limits. 

They know we all have them, and if someone wants to give them the cold shoulder over theirs, it’s okay. 

We all have things we’re uncomfortable with. And sometimes, we all just need a little space. 

People who genuinely care about you won’t get upset over this. 

A secure guy knows that setting boundaries means he respects himself. And if he loses people because of it, they were never meant to be in his life. 

9) He isn’t afraid to ask for help.

It’s rare that you’ll ever see a confident man struggle. And the reason for this is pretty simple:

Confident guys know that asking for help doesn’t make them weak. 

They know that when they can’t figure something out or find themselves in a tricky situation, turning to others means they’re working smart. 

Insecure people often think needing a hand shows others that they’re lacking. But confident guys know there’s no shame in it and that it’s totally okay to ask for help. 

10) He easily adapts to change.

Confident guys deal with change like champs. For them, it’s like an exciting adventure!

While most people are scared to change direction, confident men can handle almost any surprise thrown at them. 

Don’t get me wrong – they could still fear the unknown. But instead of succumbing to it, they maintain a positive attitude. 

Another reason why a confident man will handle change so well is because…

11) He generally likes taking calculated risks. 

So, stepping out of his comfort zone is common. 

You see, confident guys are smart adventurers. Whether it’s to achieve a personal or professional goal, for them, taking a calculated risk rarely feels like a bad idea.  

Emphasis on ‘calculated.’

This isn’t about being reckless. 

Confident guys aren’t the type to throw something good away without a huge probability that something much greater is waiting on the other side. 

But they like trying new things and seeing where unpaved roads lead. 

12) He has a sense of humor.

Confidence is often accompanied by a good sense of humor. If a guy is secure, he’ll know how to laugh at himself and find joy in different situations. 

Whether they make you laugh or always manage to chuckle even when things get a bit tricky – being around a confident man will bring good vibes. 

Want to know the best part?

With their great sense of humor also comes understanding. Sometimes, a joke isn’t all that funny, or someone feels hurt.

And if this happens around a confident man, you’ll notice that…

13) He stands up for others. 

A confident guy is the one who says, “Wait a minute, that’s not right!”

He isn’t afraid to rock the boat or cause a little drama if it’s for a good cause.

Standing up for others is his way of showing he cares about what’s right and fair. 

Whether it’s a joke aimed at someone, mistreatment at work, or a social injustice…

The confident man in the room is likely to be the one who also stands up for the wronged party

Who wouldn’t want someone like that around them?

Whether as a friend or partner. 

Confident men – who aren’t full of themselves – can improve your life and raise your vibes, too. 

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