10 personality traits genuinely awesome people have, according to psychology

We all know someone who is genuinely awesome. Think about them for a moment. 

The energy they emanate, how they present themselves, how they make other people feel…

What is it that makes them so special?

Awesomeness is a quality we all admire in others. And though everyone’s opinion on who’s awesome may differ, there are proven characteristics that all badass people share.

So, what exactly makes some people so damn awe-inspiring?

Well, there are 10 personality traits genuinely awesome people have, according to psychology.

Let’s dive in… 

1) They’re strong but gentle

As the saying goes, it’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

And the warrior would have an easier time in the garden than the gardener would in battle.

Remarkable people operate from a place of power.

They are gentle, but not harmless.

In fact, they have the potential to do enormous harm but chose not to, according to psychology.

And it’s this capacity to control their impulses and exercise self-discipline that makes them so remarkable, formidable, and powerful beyond words.

2) They’re kind 

Who doesn’t appreciate and admire someone with a truly kind soul? 

Surely, they are the most special sort of people on earth. And among the more exceptional among us.

These people possess a natural sensitivity and desire to do good in the world.

They are considerate of others and put themselves out in their service, something that is quite a rarity in the modern world.

This is what makes these people so exceptional and rare.

3) They are do-ers

I bet you know someone who is constantly achieving great things but not necessarily talking about them.

I have a friend who informed our group that she’d secured an art exhibition by sending us an email invitation.

We didn’t even know she was that serious about her art!

The truth is, anyone can talk the talk, but few walk the walk.

Psychology says that another quality that makes some people so outstanding is that they take consistent and massive action to realize their life goals.

They don’t talk about doing things, they don’t avoid doing what needs to be done. They simply get involved. 

By taking purposeful action, they stand out from the many talkers and procrastinators of the world.

They serve as an inspiration to those around them and encourage them to do better too.

And this really makes them shine!

As do their interpersonal skills…

4) They make others feel heard

We have all heard about the ability of charismatic people to make whoever they’re speaking with feel like the only person in the room… 

So, it’s not surprising that psychology indicates that another characteristic of genuinely awesome people is that they are incredible communicators.

They have the power to make people feel interesting, important, and heard.

Being excellent and assertive communicators ensures that they always make a positive impression on those around them, gain people’s trust quickly, and are likeable and popular. 

They also tend to have great empathy which makes them wonderful listeners who have a knack of putting people at their ease and inspiring them to confide in them. 

5) They are excellent observers 

Genuinely awesome people have an innate ability to recognize social dynamics and respond appropriately. 

And this is because they also tend to be excellent observers and easily read non-verbal cues that give them insight into how other people are feeling.

And knowing this helps them relate to and interact with people more powerfully. 

The result? 

They understand what people need, whether it’s comfort, encouragement, or insight, and they give it to them.

This makes them highly sought-after companions and people generally seen as incredible.

6) They strive for self-mastery 

Genuinely awesome people are always trying to better themselves; to achieve self-mastery.

They are impressive because of their ability to control their impulses and emotions, understand and be always led by their purpose, and move steadily towards their personal goals. 

They have remarkable self-discipline and focus and ooze serenity and wisdom due to a high level of self-awareness

This, combined with emotional intelligence, enables them to make powerful connections with others. 

They are generally seen as balanced and trustworthy, making them extremely valuable and sought-after company!

And as we mentioned moving towards goals, another trait of awesome people is… 

7) They crush their goals 

The extraordinary among us set goals and put in the work to achieve them. 

To do this, they cultivate a growth mindset which inspires them see the world through the lens of “anything is possible.” 

This also boosts their confidence and drives them to achieve what they set out to.

As a result, they become a massive inspiration to others, whether they like it or not!

8) They look on the bright side

Think about what it feels like to be around someone who radiates positivity… 

How do you feel after being with them, for the rest of the day or the rest of the week? 

Positivity is powerful so it’s no coincidence that another psychology-backed trait of genuinely awesome people is that they have a can-do attitude.

Empowering thoughts and self-talk and being positive in their intent and interactions are hallmarks of an incredible person.

Their ability to foster happiness and emotional wellness for themselves and those around them means that everyone connected to them gets the benefit of a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 

9) They’re always authentic 

The most popular guy I’ve ever known is more ‘himself’ than anyone I’ve ever met.

He doesn’t have a self-conscious bone in his body, always speaks his mind, and never gave a damn what anyone thought of him. 

And people can never get enough of him!

And I get it, he’s a genuinely awesome person.

Psychology says that authenticity is a sign of a truly happy and healthy person.

Authentic people have integrity, hide nothing, and are the same person regardless of the company they’re in. 

Therefore, it’s easy to see why this is a characteristic of awesome people.

10) They are grateful for what they have

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.

So, it’s no surprise that the final characteristic of a genuinely awesome person is that they will practice gratitude all the time. 

Feeling positive emotions and relishing great experiences helps them to improve their health, deal with challenges or adversity, and build strong relationships.

And this results in them becoming phenomenal people!

It all boils down to attitude and energy 

There’s no doubt that some people just nail that wonderful combination of personality traits that make them genuinely awesome. 

They inspire us and make us feel good!

And there’s a lot each of us can do to up our awesomeness game. 

By working on and becoming better versions of ourselves, we not only attract admiration, friendship, and respect, but we also inspire others to do the same.

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Niamh McNamara

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