People with a strong moral compass never do these 8 things

You know those people who consistently stick to their values and principles, even in tough situations?

Those people you know for their honesty and respectfulness?

Those co-workers and friends who take responsibility for their actions, stand up for what’s right, and show kindness and generosity?

Ding, ding, ding!

You guessed it – they’re the people who have a solid moral compass.

For them, it’s about being a good person and positively impacting the world. 

Not for bragging rights, though. They just want to do good stuff and encourage others to do the same. 

You’re pretty lucky if you know someone who falls into this category. 

Most people do things daily without a care about the impact on the world around them. 

But morally strong people consider themselves and you.

That’s why they’ll never…

1) Intentionally cause physical or emotional harm to others

We’ve all hurt people unintentionally. But if you choose to do something that you know will definitely hurt someone, you’re a little wicked. 

People with a strong moral compass are empathetic and kind. 

They genuinely value the well-being of others and would never do something to intentionally hurt them. 

Simply put, they treat others the way they want to be treated. 

I know it sounds cliché, but it’s really worth living this way too. 

This means you should avoid:

  • Any form of assault, like hitting or punching someone. 
  • Verbal abuse like spewing insults or name-calling. 
  • Intimidating, humiliating, or intentionally excluding someone. 
  • Deliberately misleading or manipulating someone
  • Mistreating people based on religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic.

All of these actions can leave lasting scars. And some people never recover. 

We all make mistakes. I get it. 

But people with a solid moral compass consciously try to minimize harm. 

This is also why they tend to never…

2) Cheat or steal

A ton of people cheat or steal to get ahead. Whether it’s in exams, relationships, or business.

But those with a strong moral compass steer clear of this. 

At the core of their values is a deep sense of integrity and honesty. 

Deceiving others and being dishonest goes against their principles. It’s also about self-respect. 

Cheating is disrespectful and unfair to others who play by the rules. It also diminishes anything the one who cheated achieved. 

People with strong moral values prioritize feeling good, and cheating can make them feel the exact opposite. 

Of course, the temptation to cheat might arise. But how you act on it is what matters. 

Cheating is like stealing. And with both comes lying. 

Honestly, it just spirals. 

If someone has a strong moral compass, they won’t waste their time with any of this. 

You should always play by the rules. You won’t have to spin tales or deceive others if you do. 

It’s great not having to remember who you told what to – I promise!

Aim to be honest – in your word and actions. It shows you respect yourself and others and have a solid moral compass. 

3) Discriminate

Mistreating people based on race, gender, religion, or other characteristics is just a big no-no. And people with a strong moral compass know this. 

They strive to be inclusive and accepting of everyone. 

We should all learn to love diversity as they do. 

The thing is, people come from different walks of life, and that makes the world a fascinating place! Embrace it, and don’t judge others because of their differences. 

Someone with a solid moral compass appreciates that everyone has their own story, experiences, and background that makes them unique. 

It’s all about building bridges, not walls! 

Understanding that diversity can enrich your life will broaden your horizons. And it can make you a better person. 

Discrimination, on the other hand, limits perspectives, stifles creativity and leaves a lot of people feeling left out and hurt. 

Morally strong people choose love over hate and acceptance over rejection. 

And hey, I know it isn’t always easy. But it’d be great if we all tried!

4) Abuse power

Do you know someone who uses their position or authority to exploit others? Do you?

Well, people who do this don’t have a strong moral compass. 

You see, it’s true that power comes with great responsibility. And morally strong people use it to uplift others and support them. 

For them, it’s a tool that helps them be a better person. They don’t care about personal gain.

They get that with great power, there’s an even greater need for humility and empathy. 

You won’t see power getting to their heads. For them, it isn’t an opportunity to gain minions. 

Morally strong people want to make a positive impact. And being in a powerful position helps them. 

And you know what else they won’t do? Even if they have the power to? They’ll never…

5) Ignore responsibilities

midlife crisis husband wants divorce People with a strong moral compass never do these 8 things

Taking responsibility is important to morally strong people. They’ll never dodge their obligations because of status.

Sure, life can get busy and overwhelming, especially if you’re thrown into a new position. But someone morally strong won’t use this as an excuse to shrink their duties. 

They’ll face the challenges and show you can still count on them. Whether it’s by finding new ways to manage their time or getting help. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

No, taking responsibility has to do with more than just tasks. 

Morally strong people also admit it when they make mistakes. They’ll never blame others and choose to keep themselves accountable. 

Shifting the blame is messed up. And often, you’ll have no idea what ripple effect it has on someone else’s life. 

Morally strong people take their punch. In their books, it’s never worth it to…

6) Be selfish

A selfish person might shift the blame without even considering the impact it could have. 

They could also be the kind who drops out of responsibilities for no good reason.

But morally strong people just aren’t like this.

They’re kind souls who always think beyond themselves. 

And they try to help others when they can instead of being self-centered

Now, don’t get me wrong. 

Self-care is essential. If you need to take a break, treat yourself, or say no, even though you know someone will struggle because of it, don’t beat yourself up. 

We all deserve some TLC every once in a while. Morally strong people too. 

But here’s the thing: you shouldn’t act like a toddler in a candy store. 

Even though morally strong people take time for their own desires and interests, they know how making this their sole focus can be isolating. 

They’re team players. They’re generous. And they create a ripple effect of kindness.

Morally strong people practice selflessness in balance with self-care. 

7) Create unnecessary conflict

Disagreements are natural. What isn’t, though, is escalating situations. 

Avoiding drama in today’s world? Now, that’s a real challenge! 

But you know what?

People with a strong moral compass are pretty good at steering clear of it. 

And it’s not because they have drama detectors or something that helps them stay away. They just value peace. 

So, if they see unnecessary conflict is about to arise, they leave. Most other people will stay.

Truth is:

Drama is draining. 

And it’s way different than having those necessary conversations that tend to be hard. 

The last-mentioned is more their vibe. Morally strong people are okay with disagreements that challenge their maturity and respect for others.

And they handle it without turning them into dramatic spectacles. 

You should always choose to rise above the drama and focus on what truly matters. 

Drama may be entertaining in the movies, but it’s better to live your life with grace, empathy, and a whole lot of chill!

Morally strong people will always ignore drama. But you know what they won’t do? 

They’ll never…

8) Ignore the environment

Yeah, I had to throw this in here. Environmental ethics has a lot to do with someone’s moral compass. 

Morally strong people tend to be mindful of their impact on others and the planet too.

You see, these kinds of people understand that we only have one Earth. They also understand that it’s our duty to protect and preserve it for future generations. 

They know that their actions – big or small – impact the environment. That’s why you’ll probably see them:

  • Trying to reduce their personal waste.
  • Take proactive steps to minimize their eco-footprint.
  • Encouraging others to do the same.

And this way of living has nothing to do with a belief in global warming. 


Morally strong people just embrace responsibility in all kinds of ways – even towards the environment. 

So, even if they don’t think it’s getting hotter, they still want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink, and they know their effort to reduce waste helps to make this possible. 

Remember, everyone’s moral compass is slightly different. But these are some everyday things people with strong ethical values typically won’t do. 

Above all else, morally strong people aim to make the world a better place through their choices. 

If you follow their lead, you can too!

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Natasha Combrink

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