People who thrive in their retirement years often let go of these 6 self-imposed limitations

Everyone’s excited about retirement.

You finally have the time to truly spend on yourself, on rest, and on people whom you care about – without having to worry about your career.

But entering retirement does require some adjustments as well.

The mindset that you brought to the workplace, that has been influenced by your work environment, will need to be adjusted in this new season of life.

Retirement also brings its own set of challenges, and the perspectives one had as a younger person will also need to shift – maybe not drastically – but changes will have to be made all the same.

And this includes letting go of things that will limit you from living your best life.

Want to know how you can thrive in your retirement years?

Read on to find out what are some limiting beliefs you have to let go of.

1) Fear of change

Change is always constant. You’ve probably heard it before multiple times in your life. 

Moreover, you’ve likely experienced significant changes as well – from entering different environments and meeting new people to leaving people and places behind to start a new chapter.

If there hasn’t been much change in your life, there definitely have been changes to the world around you – whether you like it or not.

Therefore, one needs to be adaptable in order to thrive.

If you’ve always been fearful and resistant to change, now is the best time to let this go!

This limiting belief can rob you of your ability to truly thrive and live your best life.

If this has stopped you from doing so when you were younger, don’t let it stop you from truly living in your retirement years.

Pursue new experiences, try out different hobbies that you were previously afraid to do (with care, of course), and get out of your comfort zone.

It’s only when you’re placed in these situations that you realize life has so much more to offer you.

When we get out of the box we’ve placed ourselves in (knowingly and unknowingly), we realize how much we have missed.

2) Negative self-perceptions

Having negative self-perceptions is another huge limiting belief that people impose on themselves, preventing them from doing what they’re capable of.

Perhaps when you were younger, you cared a lot about how you looked and thus, restricted your eating, went on tons of exercise regimens, and only wore clothes you thought made you look good – all to attain this ideal physique or look you wanted people to identify you with.

Or maybe you felt like you were never good enough, so you let people, opportunities, and experiences pass you by.

Now’s the time to let these negative self-perceptions go.

If you truly want to thrive in your retirement years, don’t waste it on self-limiting beliefs.

If you’ve always thought that you weren’t good enough for singing classes, why not sign up for one?

You may not have the best voice, but that’s what classes are for – to help you improve and build confidence!

If you’ve always been afraid of entering the gym for fear of being judged – this is a sign to tell you that no one’s looking at you.

Everyone’s there doing their own thing, so don’t be afraid to embark on your fitness journey now.

When you put your mind to it, you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve.

3) Fear of growing older

Ageing is something most people are afraid of because they believe that it prevents them from doing the things they once loved.

I’m here to tell you that age is just a number!

While we have to accept that our bodies will not be the same as when we were in our 20s or 30s, there are still many activities out there that you can do.

Yes, you may need more time to recuperate after a long day, and your body may need more time to recover after intense activity, but the fact remains that you can still tick things off your bucket list if you want to. 

I’ve seen parents of friends pick up running (yes, they run marathons now), gymming, enroll themselves back in school, and essentially having a wonderful time learning new things.

There’s no ‘set’ list of activities designated for retirees – get creative and pursue interests you once had, or never thought of embarking on.

4) Attachment to past roles

Attachment to past roles People who thrive in their retirement years often let go of these 6 self-imposed limitations

One of the main self-limiting beliefs I observe about people about to retire is their attachment to their jobs.

I don’t blame them, after all, their careers have formed their identities for the better part of their lives.

Now that they no longer have this title attached to them – and this is especially so for people who’ve climbed up the corporate ladder – they’re suddenly lost.

There’s no anchor to their identity.

Don’t let a title stop you from finding purpose in this new season of life.

This is the time for you to learn more about yourself, and explore new interests, identities, and allow yourself to let go of this attachment to your past role.

Work was never going to be forever.

Take the time to explore avenues that can bring you (perhaps even greater) satisfaction and fulfillment. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

5) Wrong beliefs about health

Now that I’ve talked a lot about pursuing your hobbies and embarking on new experiences, it’s also important to be realistic.

If you haven’t been mindful about your health when you were younger, your retirement years are the best time to take full care of this.

You may be experiencing the side effects of mistreating your body when you were younger, so it’s good now to focus on maintaining your health through proper diet, exercise, and more regular medical checkups.

This will help you experience a much richer and more enjoyable retirement life!

6) Social isolation

Finally, but most importantly, don’t isolate yourself or only stick to old friendships.

Go out and meet new people by joining clubs, volunteering, or participating in community activities.

These will not only lead to new experiences but new connections as well.

All these can contribute to enriching your retirement years, as you continue to expand your social circle.

You’ll be amazed at how many interesting individuals you’ll meet, from all backgrounds, walks of life, and age groups!


Retirement is something to look forward to, so don’t let your self-limiting beliefs rob you of thriving in these years.

Now with more time on your hands, make the most of it.

Go out and explore, make new connections, and pursue enriching experiences that can make your retirement years some of the best years of your life.

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