People who love others unconditionally usually share these 15 traits

Love makes the world go round, but it often comes with strings attached.

Not for everyone. In this increasingly cynical world, some people still manage to love others unconditionally.

What is their secret? Do they have a positivity chip implanted in their brain?


However, they do share these 15 traits that allow them to give away love with no reservations.

1) They’re kind

People who love unconditionally stand out because they have a caring attitude toward others.

Not only do they doll out love to those closest to them, but they always seem excited to connect with a stranger.

They’re the first to lend a helping hand to someone in need, and they passionately work to make the world better.

Everyone has bad days when being kind feels nothing short of challenging.

But it’s important to never lose track of what matters most: connection.

2) They’re compassionate

Compassionate people respect others, ask about their struggles, and do their best to provide comfort.

This description fits people who love others unconditionally to a T.

Love and compassion go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.

3) They’re non-judgmental

“If only you could be more [insert adjective here], then I could really see myself loving you.”

Ambitious. Outgoing. Successful. Quiet. Skinny.

Just reading that statement should make your skin crawl.

You can’t love someone unconditionally if you constantly judge them for their behavior, appearance, or mistakes.

People who love unconditionally don’t do that. They accept others just like they are, warts and all.

They realized long ago that no one is perfect, and they’re usually the most tolerant person in the room.    

4) They’re trustworthy

It’s easy to trust people who love unconditionally. Betrayal isn’t a word they’re familiar with.

You can tell them secrets, talk about your struggles, and share your darkest fears.

Not only will they listen, but they will offer excellent advice.

More importantly? They won’t blab about your sorrows to anyone else.  

5) They’re dependable

people who love others unconditionally share these traits 2 People who love others unconditionally usually share these 15 traits

People who love unconditionally understand the importance of showing up.

While they might cancel an outing or bail on a group activity, they’ll be there when it truly matters.

Big or small, they can sniff out momentous occasions, and you can count on them to make an appearance.

Either to celebrate or to hug you while you fall apart.

6) They’re empathetic

Empathy is an overused word these days, but people who love unconditionally know its true meaning.

They’re so finely tuned to others that they can tell what someone is going through from a mile away.

Imagining themselves in someone else’s shoes has become second nature to them.

You can’t love someone wholeheartedly without understanding what battles they’re fighting.

And once you relate to someone on such a deep level? That only makes you love them more.

7) They’re thoughtful

People who love unconditionally always think of others.

They’ll buy you a cone of ice cream on a bad day and call to see how that important meeting went.

They’ll help you move without even asking for a pizza after.

And they’ll remember the little things that make you smile.

They’re not people pleasers. They’re genuinely nice.

8) They’re resilient

The downside of loving unconditionally? You get burned. Time after time.

People leave you, disappoint you, and break your heart.

But you survive – and that builds resilience. The heart mends.

People don’t love unconditionally because they know they can’t get hurt. They do it in spite of that.

9) They have a sense of humor

And once you experience enough heartbreak, surviving without humor is downright impossible.

Ask any comedian: humor comes from pain.

People who love others unconditionally never seem to take themselves too seriously.

They’ll be the first to make fun of themselves. They laugh with ease and always have a joke or two at the ready. 

It’s part charm, part coping mechanism.

10) They’re loyal

people who love others unconditionally share these traits 1 People who love others unconditionally usually share these 15 traits

People who love each other unconditionally wear their loyalty on their sleeves.

They’ll defend the ones they care about and be by their side through good times and bad.

On the same note, they won’t bail once things get tough. They’ll never end any type of relationship at the first sign of difficulty.  

Their loyalty is tied to that resilience we already talked about.

Instead, they’ll have the patience and desire to work things out. Even better, they’ll push you to follow in their footsteps.  

11) They’re honest

That said, they’re also honest – and you’ll be the first to know if a limit has been reached.

Just because someone loves you unconditionally doesn’t mean they’ll be in your life forever.

People who love others like that also love themselves. And if the relationship can’t be salvaged, them hanging around will do more harm than good.

As a result, they’ll gently extricate themselves.

They’ll be open about their reasons, and they’ll still love you. Only from a distance.  

12) They’re friendly

Any stranger can become a friend if you take the time to know them.

At least, that’s the common mentality of people who love others unconditionally.

They’re approachable, curious about others, and quick to strike up a conversation with someone they don’t know.

They’re the type of person who can listen to a boring story without rolling their eyes and can make small talk with virtually anyone.

Needless to say, they’re fun at parties.

13) They’re brave

Anyone can become jaded. The world isn’t always a nice place.

Trusting others with your heart, no strings attached? It takes an insane amount of courage.

Others may underestimate them and call them delusional.

But underneath their warm exterior, people who love each other unconditionally are nothing short of fearless.

They should be celebrated for that.

14) They’re consistent

Here’s a quick way to spot someone who loves you unconditionally:

  • They reach out on a regular basis
  • They make time for you, even if they only have 2 minutes to spare
  • They keep their promises
  • They back up their words with actions
  • Their behavior doesn’t dramatically change from one day to the next

Consistency is key to building long-lasting relationships of any kind.

15) They like to see the best in people

People who love others unconditionally give them the benefit of the doubt. They forgive. They’re big fans of second chances.

In short: they like to focus on the good rather than dwell on the bad.

And they’re that much happier for it.

Bottom line

It’s not easy to love unconditionally. People who manage it make room for more joy in their lives.

They might get hurt from time to time, but they don’t falter.

Their hearts stay wide open.

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