People who like to be alone usually have these 10 special personality traits

I think the fine line between loneliness and solitude relies on the person’s ability to truly enjoy their own company.

What does that mean, to truly enjoy their own company?

To put it simply, it’s to be able to tap into a state of mind that is radically accepting of yourself.

How does that show up as personality traits? Let’s find out!

Here are 10 special personality traits people who like to be alone usually have.

1) Self-actualized

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is allegedly the highest level of psychological development. It occurs when one’s bodily and egoic needs have been fully met.

In simpler terms, I think it just means a person is able to use their supposed strengths and weaknesses to their own benefit. They have not forgotten their autonomy and sovereignty.

They’re able to take risks yet have their own boundaries. Regret is an emotion they seldom feel because they’re confident in all of their choices or lack thereof. 

And because they’re acting from a place of inspiration instead of fear, their decisions are naturally responsible.

Most of the other traits on this list will be a byproduct of this, and you’ll notice that some are a balance of 2 “extremes.”

2) Resourcefully overthought

The excessive thinking may have felt like a curse at the beginning.

Don’t get me wrong, overthinking about things that don’t matter like what people think of you, isn’t productive or kind to yourself.

However, I find that most of the overthinkers that I’ve met are just intelligent people who need space to explore their minds without judgment.

So they can harness their “overthinking” and project it in a way that can help themselves and the world.

Usually, this can only be done by figuring out what they value and what they don’t!

3) Compassionate objectivity

Someone who has learned to sift through their mind and come out of it enjoying their company more has likely developed a strong sense of compassion.

And this isn’t a sense of compassion that over-gives without consideration of themselves. But rather, one that gives objectively. 

Meaning, when it is in alignment with their values and boundaries.

In real life, this might show up as someone who is able to give you practical advice or be a listening ear, depending on what you need.

But it’s also the person who is able to give you the truth and push you when you’ve been feeling stuck for too long.

What do all of these things have in common? 

They want the best for you! Because they’ve identified all the parts of themselves that are critical and don’t want you to fall into the trap of mistaking your inner critic as your logical mind.

4) Wise beyond their years

Zodiacs who find joy in everyday life 1 People who like to be alone usually have these 10 special personality traits

I’m sure many of us have heard of this one.

As someone who’s been called an “old soul” since they were a child, I’ve grown to realize that it’s not exactly the compliment that people think it is.

Most old souls I’ve met are those who were forced to grow up too soon, which isn’t exactly a pleasant experience.

Instead of defining an old soul by their lack of child-like tendencies, I’d like to invite everyone to redefine it as someone who isn’t afraid to think differently.

People who like to be alone have learned to value their opinions and thoughts first and foremost. 

And the wisdom is evident because they do so in a way that encourages others to do the same!

5) Particular yet spectacular

Following the trend of unique combinations of adjectives, people who like to be alone know what they like.

So their taste in things might have a particular bend to them, and make you wonder how they came to the conclusion that that’s something they like.

This might show up in the form of a routine that they stick to like clockwork! Or perhaps they have a developed sense of style to express their interests.

This kind of self-knowledge can aid in their relationships as well.

6) Skillfully discerning

Discernment is probably one of the most valuable skills you should develop as an adult.

It’s described as practicing good judgment. And the thing with judgment is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of situation.

It requires you to know yourself and make decisions that are best suited for you.

When you know yourself and your limits, it’s easier to set boundaries as well. As well as attract people who are like-minded in the best of ways!

Which might help you be spectacularly particular in what kind of relationships you indulge in! 

So if you like to be alone, you’ll probably have an air of confidence in the people you surround yourself with, as well as make big life choices that serve you extremely well.

Which means you’re also unafraid of walking away from situations that are not good for you and not feel guilty about it.

7) Intuitive!

Intuition or psychic abilities are often commodified to be this unrealistically magical thing. But really, it all stems from a deep understanding of humanity.

And yourself.

Then being able to pick up on patterns and synchronicities which are just your brain’s way of picking out what would be the best course of action for you.

When you know yourself on all levels because you’ve taken the time to figure out who you are when no one is looking, hearing your inner voice doesn’t feel grating to your life.

In fact, it will feel like you know where your next steps are, even in the dark.

I also find that incredibly intuitive people can read others extremely well. So if you can relate to that, you probably have a million inklings about everyone and everything.

Of course, be mindful that it’s all from your perspective, but don’t push yourself away because what you feel isn’t visible in the physical world just yet.

Take these inklings with a grain of salt – it’s important to season your food but don’t overdo it.

8) Genuinely joyful

joyful people spread joy wherever People who like to be alone usually have these 10 special personality traits

This one can be a little tricky if you started off as someone who retreated to their own company because they felt misunderstood.

And if you’re still in that solitude because you felt the need to isolate yourself, just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It really is a matter of you just sticking by yourself long enough to know that what you feel and think do matter. And it’s your job to figure out how to honor that.

But once you do, you’ll be happier even when you’re not, because there is nothing like having your own back.

Maybe happy isn’t the word for it – but rather… at peace. Which to me, is genuine joy.

Seriously, it’s rare to like yourself in a way that goes beyond your achievements or what you can do for another person.

9) Zest for life!

In addition to the joy and being self-actualized, there is a zest!

Combined with a sense of self, healthy empathy, and sharp intuition, people who like being alone are also able to come out of hermit mode and take initiative towards their own lives.

They’re able to exist in the world.

Their passion and courage are fuelled by a commitment to themselves because they know their value.

It’s not that they’re fully fearless, but they definitely see fear as something to overcome.

Because what’s scarier than being alone with your thoughts?

And what’s left to be scared about once you’ve overcome those?

Sure, there’s everything else. 

But the biggest fear you can control is the one of yourself. And after that, it doesn’t make sense to live in fear of things you can’t control.

10) Innovative and forward thinking

Honoring your uniqueness while honoring the collective consciousness requires you to think outside of the box.

Because first, you have to know yourself in a way that no one else does, but then you have to figure out who you are in relation to others. We are all social creatures after all, just in different ways.

Like, how can you serve the collective consciousness – or in simpler terms, your community? Without jeopardizing yourself?

A part of being self-actualized is acknowledging this duality within you.

This for me, was when I felt stuck in the tunnel and didn’t really want to get out of it despite seeing the light at the end of it.

It felt like getting to the end meant I had to do things in a certain way. 

But then I thought, maybe the light I saw was just a reminder that the light is all around the tunnel.

And I could forge my own way out of it and therefore stay true to myself without feeling isolated from humanity.

All in all, people who like to be alone are special because they think of themselves as special. 

Because they believe everyone deserves to feel that way without making themselves more or less important than others.

Maybe this can be a loose guide as you find value in your solitude, or maybe you just needed confirmation for all the good things you feel from it. But either way, it’s a lifelong process to enjoy your own company. 

And oddly enough, it will help you enjoy the rest of the world even more.

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