People who leave lasting impressions wherever they go usually display these 12 behaviors

Some people just have it! 

That undetectable quality that makes them impressive and sometime irresistible to others. 

The “je ne sais quoi”, as the French would say.  

We’ve all met people like this, whether in a social or work setting. 

They seem to project a fundamental nature that is powerful, alluring, and inclusive, at the same time.  

And whether its noticeable as they enter a room or felt after their departure, this incredible essence makes them stand out from the crowd. 

So, what are the behaviours that work together to create this magical aura? 

Here’s what we know… 

People who leave lasting impressions wherever they go usually display these 12 behaviors. 

1) They’ve got elegance

People who tend to leave lasting impressions present themselves in an elegant way

They hold themselves with confidence, move almost musically, and appear totally comfortable in their skin and their surroundings. 

They are eloquent and weave words beautifully, enveloping others in their boundless charm.  

Whatever your definition of elegance: David Bowie, Grace Kelly, or the man from Delmonte; its power is undeniable.  

And even more so when teamed with the next behavior of people who make lasting impressions…  

2) They have great manners

Whether in a large or small group, in a business or leisure context, having excellent manners is fundamental.  

Because being mannerly shows a great deal of respect for oneself as well as respect for others.  

People with refined manners project self-assurance, assertiveness, and a wonderful consciousness of other people. 

A must have for creating a positive lasting impression on others!  

3) They are authentic

It isn’t as prevalent as it should be, which often makes it even more powerful when we encounter it… 

Authenticity is one of the most attractive characteristics a person can have. 

Think about it. How comfortable do you feel around someone you know if putting on an act?  

Someone who is obviously feigning interest in what you’re saying? Who seems dead behind the eyes? 

Or (the worst) so focused on trying to make a good impression that they end up doing the opposite. 

Meeting someone who is totally themselves, open, and straightforward is a breath of fresh air!  

So, it’s not surprising that people who accept themselves and are happy being themselves generally make great impressions on others.   

As do people who look on the bright side… 

4) They are positive  

To really appreciate the awesomeness of positive people, we must first consider the alternative… 

Ever get landed speaking to someone at a party who has the most negative view of life? 

Society is finished, people are idiots, all bosses are incompetent, etc. 

Any of this sounding familiar? 

And I bet you couldn’t get away from that person fast enough! 

Because negativity rubs off on us and brings us down. 

Whereas if a person exudes positivity, they are a joy to be around. 

They make us feel hopeful and excited about ourselves and life in general.  

They are approachable, supportive, and encouraging… 

It is no wonder they create wonderful impressions wherever they go!   

5) They show passion

And like positivity, passion too is catching! 

Is there anything more intoxicating than watching someone who is passionate speak about a certain topic? 

This quality can make anything interesting, and it does.  

Consider the difference between a presentation or speech that is muted and dull, or one that is filled with purpose and excitement… 

The more animated delivery will always be more inspirational to watch.  

So, when we meet someone and they show passion for their work, their ideas, their loved ones (whatever they are talking about), it makes us more interested in what they are saying. 

And consequently, they always make a great and lasting impression!  

6) They are entertaining 

And staying with the energy that passion brings… 

People who entertain others have a knack of making great impressions too.  

Life can be dull, so any opportunity to laugh is generally welcomed by most people. 

A good storyteller with a great sense of humor can literally take over a room and have everyone transfixed.  

Such is the power of entertaining others. 

An excellent way to create a lasting impression.  

7) They are curious

words you should stop using if you want to sound intelligent People who leave lasting impressions wherever they go usually display these 12 behaviors

There’s a lot of small talk in the world. 

And while it’s necessary day-to-day, there’s something really refreshing about chatting to someone who wants to go deep!  

Curiosity is another quality that is often found in people who make lasting impressions on others.  

Because people love to speak about themselves.  

So, someone who is genuinely curious about them and asks them questions will always make a favorable impression.  

Extra points if they refer to previous answers as conversation segways as this shows active listening and genuine interest.  

8) They are empathetic

Being empathetic is a behavior that also creates a strong impression that lasts a long time. 

Because we all want to be understood and have our emotions validated.  

And empathetic people are fantastic listeners who take a genuine interest in the wellbeing of those around them. 

To be able to make others feel seen and special is a powerful quality.  

People really notice and appreciate those that make them this way.   

9) They show vulnerability  

People like others who appear human, not too imperfect, and certainly not too unattainable. 

This is why being vulnerable is a behavior important to make a lasting impression on others.  

While the previous qualities are obviously powerful and impressive, so is being vulnerable, just in a different way. 

People love others who lead with humility and are open to feedback, and admit to their flaws, weaknesses, or failures instead of trying to conceal them.  

This makes them powerfully relatable and helps them to create a lasting impression on others.  

10) They are kind

Another gentle behavior that has the potential to move mountains! 

Kindness and thoughtfulness go a long way – even from the first meeting with someone. 

As well as being beautiful human qualities, they also demonstrate a gratitude and appreciation for other people.  

Kind people win people’s trust easily and are always found to be charming to others. 

Pretty important for making a great and lasting impression. 

As is being… 

11) They have style

Style is deeply personal. We all have our own preferences, idols, and aspirations. 

And whether we like a trend or not, there is no doubt that some people are undeniably stylish. 

This can be down to how they cultivate their image with clothes or accessories, or maybe it’s more how they wear what they wear. 

Either way, great individual style doesn’t fail to get people noticed and create a lasting impression. 

12) They ooze charisma

The final and most mysterious quality of people who stay in the memory of others is charisma.  

It is the power to attract attention and influence people and is embodied in the way someone speaks, what someone says, and how someone looks when communicating. 

Think Cleopatra, Oscar Wilde, and John Lennon. 

Charisma is intoxicating, it makes people incredibly attractive, powerful, and influential. 

And consequently, ensures they leave a lasting impression!  

It’s about embracing uniqueness 

When it comes to who we like and who we don’t like, everything is subjective.

We vibe with certain people and not with others, it’s all down to chemistry.  

But there are some people who make lasting impressions regardless.  

And it’s all down to a delicate combination of the behaviours above.  

Something to consider the next time you meet someone memorable.  

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Niamh McNamara

A freelance writer fascinated with human nature and social dynamics, Niamh read literature, history, and philosophy at university before spending time in journalism and PR. Armed with a passion for words and ideas, and a healthy appreciation of the ridiculous, she tries to make sense of it all. Connect with Niamh on X @NBMcnamara123

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