People who lack class and sophistication usually display these 10 traits (without realizing it)

There are some really classy people out there, and there are, well…

Other people.

Some have boorish manners. Others are simply lacking in style and grace.

Most people don’t seem to realize that they don’t have style and sophistication, and that’s alright. But what’s not great at all is someone who thinks they’ve got it all going on, but they really haven’t got a clue.

Some people seem to have been born classy, while others have developed over time, like a fine wine or stinky cheese. What a pairing!

But here, we’re going to talk about the people who don’t seem to have picked up on what it means to have class and instead are churlish, loutish, and uncouth.

People who lack class and sophistication usually display these ten traits without realizing it, which helps you pick them out right away.

1) No volume control

I don’t want you to think that I’m coming down too hard on people who lack class and sophistication.

Some of my best friends are total brutes!

In this article, we’re simply looking at the traits that can define these people, and the first one that you’ll notice before you even approach one is a lack of volume control.

Classy people know when to speak loudly and assertively, like when they’re giving a speech or leading a team. But they also know when to keep things soft and quiet, like the gentle murmur of a cocktail party or a private conversation in a high-end restaurant.

But people like my friend Pam have no volume control.

I love her to bits, I really do, but Pam is not the kind of person you’d think of when you think of sophistication.

She has only one volume setting – incredibly loud!

So, while she’s great at a raging kegger or a football game, you might think twice about bringing someone like her along to the ballet.

2) Arrogance

Classy people show humility, which is something we all appreciate.

They admit their mistakes and don’t brag about their successes. They understand that they can always grow and improve, and they give credit to others when credit’s due.

Some, and by no means all, people who lack class and sophistication may, instead, be arrogant.

When they succeed at something, they act like they’re better than everyone else, and if they actually got help, they’ll downplay the contributions of others.

When they fail, they won’t admit it or take responsibility but will try to pass the blame so it falls anywhere but on their shoulders.

They think they’re more important than other people and don’t listen to their views or suggestions. They’re dismissive of others because they ultimately think they’re the cat’s pajamas.

3) Impoliteness

I didn’t want to come right out and say rudeness, though this falls on the far end of the spectrum.

So far, I’ve used the words “boorish” and “churlish” to describe people who aren’t classy or sophisticated, though mildly impolite or inappropriate may be as far as some of them go.

What does it mean to be polite?

Courteous, mannered – people who are polite and, respectful and considerate of others. They try not to bother or inconvenience others and treat people with respect no matter what their position in society is.

Impolite people just don’t do that.

They may use speech or mannerisms that show they don’t care about other people. It can be as simple as missing out on their P’s and Q’s or as rude as talking down to people in the service industry.

But in any case, there’s certainly nothing classy about being impolite.

4) Lacking etiquette

Some people seem unable to treat others respectfully.

But some people may be kind and polite but still seem really unsophisticated because they lack culture and refinement.

Not knowing or practicing etiquette is a good sign that a person isn’t very classy.

And I’m not just talking about table manners, though this is where most of our concepts of etiquette start.

Etiquette is the customs of behavior expected by a certain group or in a certain situation. 

It’s knowing when to shake someone’s hand and when to give someone a gift. It’s about knowing what’s appropriate to wear to a funeral or when to be quiet and listen when someone is talking. 

When you don’t know the etiquette that various situations require, you can seem impolite or callous, and certainly not classy.

5) Low empathy

One thing I think we often overlook when we think about classiness is empathy, even though it’s a hugely important component.

If we define empathy as the ability to recognize, understand, and relate to our own feelings and those of others, it quickly becomes apparent why it’s a classy trait.

But there’s certainly nothing classy at all about walking all over someone else’s feelings or ignoring them when they’re hurt or upset.

When you have low empathy, it’s easy to focus on yourself and feel like other people are being unreasonable or overly emotional.

But denying the importance of emotions is a very unsophisticated thing to do because it shows your lack of understanding and respect for their motivations.

6) Envy

if you notice these behaviors you may be dealing with a communal narcissist People who lack class and sophistication usually display these 10 traits (without realizing it)

Classy people can easily give recognition to people who have achieved success.

But people who aren’t classy often find this quite a bitter pill to swallow.

Rather than being happy for others, these people begrudge them. They’re jealous of success when it’s anyone’s but their own.

But this kind of envious behavior is ultimately disrespectful to others. It denies their capacity to do well and achieve success and focuses only on negativity.

7) Stinginess

Have you ever split a bill with someone, and they tried to pay less than they owed?

Have you ever experienced this and thought, “Classy!”

Yeah, I doubt it.

Call it meanness, cheapness, stinginess, or whatever you will; trying to sponge off of others or gain benefits from them is anything but sophisticated.

Classy people are generous and don’t mind helping other people with their time and money if it can create some good.

But they’re often answered with tightfistedness and selfishness by people who lack class.

If sharing is caring, then selfishness is… well, I can’t think of anything that rhymes, but it’s definitely not nice!

8) Excessive openness

I’m sorry in advance to Pam, but I have to return to her for this point.

People who are classy and sophisticated know when to reveal things about themselves and when to keep personal details private.

But a lot of people don’t know what’s really appropriate, and Pam is one of them.

Not only is she terrifically loud, but she’s also excessively open, and this means that within minutes of meeting her, you’ll basically know all about her.

Now, this can seem friendly, and in Pam’s case, it absolutely is. However, it’s not necessarily classy.

If you introduced her to your boss, you might not want her to talk about the time the two of you got arrested together. I’m just saying.

People who reveal personal details or give “too much information” at the wrong time or to the wrong people don’t end up being viewed as classy.

9) Over-confidence

Neither do people who are over-confident.

Hey, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, that’s excellent. 

But those beliefs that you hold should be founded and grounded in reality. I think I’m a good writer, but you won’t see me going around saying I’m the world’s greatest. Not until my novel becomes a best-seller, anyway!

But many people puff themselves up and act like they have a certain something when there’s no real proof to support that behavior.

People who are over-confident end up seeming like they believe they have some magical abilities or special powers that we know they don’t.

They end up looking silly or even arrogant rather than simply confident and classy.

10) Inability to take criticism

The last trait I’m going to mention that you see often in people who lack class and sophistication is the inability to handle criticism.

When you see someone being criticized and they seem to take it on board and even thank the person who’s critiquing them, you usually think to yourself, “Wow, they handled that with class.”

But when someone makes excuses or even tries to argue with the person giving them feedback, the whole thing usually feels quite cringy.

People who can’t take criticism because they’re either arrogant, overly confident, or living in a fantasy certainly don’t come across as classy.

People who aren’t classy or sophisticated

People who lack class and sophistication usually display these ten traits without realizing it. 

Like my friend Pam, a lot of the time, they’re actually expressing great traits that are fun and friendly, just not classy. This certainly doesn’t mean they’re bad people (love ya, Pam!), but you just don’t scream style and sophistication. 

But some of these traits, especially things like impoliteness and arrogance, don’t look good from any angle.

Marcel Deer

Marcel Deer

Marcel is a journalist, gamer, and entrepreneur. When not obsessing over his man cave or the latest tech, he’s failing helplessly at training his obnoxious rescue dog ‘Boogies’.

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