People who keep their social media on private and never overshare usually have these 10 traits

There’s a striking contrast between people who oversaturate social media with every detail of their life and those who keep it on the down-low.

The difference? It’s all in the personality traits.

People who keep their social media on private and shy away from oversharing usually exhibit specific characteristics. And let me tell you, these individuals are often the most interesting ones.

In this article, we’ll delve into the 10 traits commonly found in those who maintain a low-key presence on social media. Prep yourself for some intriguing revelations!

1) Value of privacy

This trait is a no-brainer, right?

People who keep their social media private tend to have a high regard for their privacy. They’re not interested in broadcasting every detail of their lives to the world.

But here’s where it gets interesting – their respect for privacy often extends beyond just themselves. They are usually careful about not sharing information about others without their consent too.

Chances are, these individuals have a keen understanding of the digital footprint they leave. They understand the potential consequences of oversharing online and choose to control what they let out into the digital world.

Just because they enjoy their privacy, doesn’t mean they’re secretive or anti-social. It’s about setting boundaries and controlling their narrative in an ever-watching world.

When you come across someone who keeps their social media private, remember – they’re not being elusive, they’re just being smart.

2) Thoughtful communicators

In my experience, I’ve found those who keep their social media on private to be thoughtful communicators.

For instance, I have a friend named Jake who is very selective about what he shares online. He doesn’t just randomly post things; instead, he takes the time to think about what he wants to say and how he wants to say it.

This trait extends beyond social media. When you talk to Jake in person, you can sense that he thinks carefully before he speaks. He’s not one to blurt out the first thing that comes to his mind. Instead, he’ll pause, consider his words, and then share his thoughts.

These individuals understand that words have power – both online and offline. They are careful not to misuse this power by oversharing or by sharing something that can be misconstrued.

If you find someone who keeps their social media on private, chances are they’re not just cautious digital citizens but mindful communicators too.

3) Discerning users

Did you know that the average person spends about 145 minutes a day on social media? Now, consider those who keep their accounts private and rarely overshare. They’re not spending their time mindlessly scrolling or curating the perfect post.

Instead, they use these platforms with a purpose. It could be to stay informed about the world, stay connected with loved ones, or even for professional networking. The key here is intentionality. They’re not aimlessly lost in the digital world but are there for specific reasons.

This trait often translates into being discerning in other aspects of their lives too – from what they consume to who they spend their time with. So no, they’re not just conscious internet users but wise consumers in all aspects of life. 

4) High self-esteem

People who keep their social media profiles on private often have a higher sense of self-esteem. They don’t need the validation of likes, comments, or shares to feel good about themselves or their lives.

They are content in their own skin without needing to compare themselves to others. They are comfortable with who they are and don’t feel the need to project a certain image or persona online.

What’s more, this confidence usually extends beyond their digital life. In real life, they are often secure in their decisions, not easily swayed by others’ opinions, and have a strong sense of self-worth.

If you encounter a private social media user, you’re likely meeting someone who’s pretty confident and comfortable in their own skin.

5) Authenticity

People who keep their social media on private often value authenticity. They aren’t interested in creating a picture-perfect online persona just for the sake of appearances.

They understand that life isn’t always about sunshine and rainbows, and they don’t feel the need to pretend otherwise. They are real, genuine, and unapologetically themselves.

This trait often extends into their real life – they are likely to be honest, straightforward, and have no time for pretense or false appearances.

When you interact with someone who prefers to keep their social media private, you’re likely dealing with someone who values authenticity – both online and offline.

6) Deep connections

People who keep their social media on private tend to value deep connections over a multitude of casual acquaintances. They prefer having a handful of meaningful relationships rather than a long list of followers.

They understand the value of genuine connections and meaningful conversations. They would rather invest their time and energy in nurturing these relationships than in maintaining a superficial online persona.

This approach often leads to more fulfilling relationships in their offline life as well. They tend to form profound connections with people around them, cherishing the quality of these relationships over their quantity.

If you’re lucky enough to be close with someone who keeps their social media private, cherish it. You’re likely to have a deep and meaningful relationship with them.

7) Embracing the moment

I remember a time when I was at a concert, completely mesmerized by the performance. But I noticed that instead of soaking in the music, most people around me were busy recording the concert on their phones, probably to share on their social media.

This is something you seldom see with people who keep their social media on private. They believe in living in the moment, fully experiencing it, rather than viewing it through a screen. They don’t feel the need to capture every moment for virtual consumption; they prefer to capture it in their hearts and memories.

This trait often translates into their real life too – they are usually present in their interactions, fully engaged and attentive. They value actual experiences over virtual ones.

If you know someone who keeps their social media private, you probably know someone who truly knows how to live in and enjoy the moment.

8) Open-mindedness

You might think that people who keep their social media on private are closed off or reserved. But surprisingly, the opposite is often true.

These individuals are typically open-minded and receptive to new ideas and different perspectives. They don’t let the echo chamber of social media limit their worldview.

Instead, they actively seek out diverse sources of information, engage in thoughtful discussions, and are open to having their perspectives challenged.

This trait reflects in their daily life as well – they’re usually curious, eager to learn, and willing to challenge their own beliefs.

Don’t be fooled by their private profiles; behind them may be some of the most open-minded people you’ll ever meet.

9) Respect for others

People who keep their social media on private and avoid oversharing are typically respectful of others’ boundaries as well. They understand that not everyone might be comfortable with their information being shared online.

They respect the privacy of others as much as they do their own. They are careful not to post pictures or share details about others without their consent.

This trait often translates into real life – they respect personal boundaries, are careful with their words, and show consideration for other people’s feelings.

So when you come across someone who keeps their social media private, know that you’re interacting with someone who has a high regard for respect and consent.

10) Emotional intelligence

People who keep their social media on private often possess a high degree of emotional intelligence. They understand the impact of their actions and words on themselves and others, both online and offline.

They are self-aware, empathetic, and excellent at managing their emotions. They understand that oversharing on social media might not only affect their own well-being but can also impact others.

This emotional intelligence translates into their offline lives as well – they are often good listeners, sensitive to others’ feelings, and adept at handling interpersonal relationships.

When you encounter someone with a private social media profile, remember – they might just be one of the most emotionally intelligent people you know.

Final thoughts: It’s about digital mindfulness

In this hyper-connected digital age, keeping one’s social media on private and refraining from oversharing may seem counter-cultural. However, as we’ve explored, this approach often stems from key personality traits that reflect a person’s values and worldview.

The digital sphere is a tool – a powerful one at that. And like any tool, its utility depends on the user. It can be a platform for expression or a source of information, but it can also lead to comparison, insecurity, and in some cases, invasion of privacy.

Those who keep their social media private are not necessarily anti-social or secretive; instead, they demonstrate a mindful approach to digital engagement. They understand the power and potential pitfalls of the online world and choose to navigate it on their own terms.

In essence, they remind us that in the midst of likes, shares, and followers – it’s essential to maintain our sense of self, respect for others, and most importantly, our peace of mind.

As we navigate our digital lives, it might be worth pondering – in the era of oversharing, what does our online behavior say about us? And how can we cultivate a more mindful approach to our digital interactions?

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