People who have successfully escaped from a relationship with a narcissist usually have these 6 character traits

No one said that dating a narcissist was easy. In fact, ending up in this type of relationship can be one of the most harrowing and challenging experiences of your life. 

That’s because narcissists don’t think the way you and I do. They don’t have an ounce of empathy, and they always put their needs before yours. 

So when you’re thinking about ending the relationship, they find ways of sucking you back in by begging and promising that they’ll change. 

Narcissists want to leave on their terms because it makes them feel like they’re in control. When you’re the one to suggest ending things, they’ll try to berate and manipulate you and drag you down with them. 

The good news is that people who have successfully escaped from a relationship with a narcissist usually have these 6 character traits. 

So, if you’re stuck in a situation that you think you can’t get out of, think again. Here’s what you should know… 

1) Resilience

After reading what a resilient person represents, I can understand why they reach a point where they escape being with a narcissist

When you’re resilient, you learn to push yourself forward regardless of your circumstances. Considering the difficulties of a manipulative partnership, resilience helps you keep your chin up even during the darkest times. 

Because narcissists make you feel like you need them and they need you, it becomes challenging to know if and when you should leave. 

They have a way of making you feel special and wanted like no one else can in the early stages of your relationship. But as time passes, you start picking up on a change in the dynamic. 

Even though you’re terrified of ending the relationship, your resilience is a character trait that helps you finally cut ties. Deep down inside, your positivity lets you know that there’s someone else out there who’s made for you. 

And if you can’t seem to break it off, remind yourself, even if you have to write it down, why you don’t see a future with them, along with the way they treat you. 

2) Self-awareness

Self-awareness is one character trait that can help you think more clearly. Those who have managed to successfully break up with a narcissistic boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé can thank their self-aware personalities for it! 

Here’s why…

A self-aware person understands their wants and needs, particularly when it comes to sharing their lives with someone else. They know what it takes to be undeniably happy, and you know that transparency and open communication are some of the most important factors in relationships. 

But honesty and clear communication are not a narcissist’s forte.  

You need it, but they can’t give it, and eventually, their sneaky and selfish ways come to light. Self-awareness gets you to realize that what you want in a partner is not what this person is giving you. 

Being mindful also shows you how much give and take there is in your relationship. You’re aware that support, love, and care are not a one-way street, but lately, it feels like it is. The more you think about it, the more you realize that you’re the one doing 100 percent of the giving, and they’re gladly taking. 

If you think of an example where you’re trying to explain a bad day at work to your partner, and they kind of laugh or shrug it off only to “top” your story with their experience, something in the pit of your stomach doesn’t feel right. 

Those who have left these types of relationships pay close attention to the way someone treats them, and you and I both know that narcissists can make you feel isolated, confused, and misunderstood. 

This serves as a cue to break things off.

3) Independence

If there’s something that a narcissist dislikes in a relationship, it’s independence. They want you to rely on them because it is easier to manipulate and break you down

For those who have managed to leave a narcissistic partner, they have relied on their sense of independence to help them make their own choices. 

They know who they are, and they simply don’t allow anyone to try to change them or make them feel lonely and unsure of themselves. In addition to realizing their value, they establish their expectations from the get-go, and they make the effort to understand the perspective of their significant other. 

Once they’re aware of the tactics of a narcissist, they don’t just accept the way they are treated in the relationship. 

They question their partner’s intentions and why someone makes them feel frustrated and emotionally overwhelmed. 

How can you have a secure relationship with someone who finds pleasure in demolishing your confidence and self-image? 

As an independent person, you don’t compromise your happiness and stand by wanting a partner who can satisfy your wants and needs while building and supporting you rather than trying to control you. 

4) Motivation

zodiacs with independent personalities People who have successfully escaped from a relationship with a narcissist usually have these 6 character traits

Narcissistic people enjoy the limelight, and as soon as they notice that your energy is being placed elsewhere, they will try to guilt you into giving them more attention. 

“You don’t love me” or “Show me how much I mean to you” are some of the phrases they’ll use to redirect your focus. 

People who managed to leave their narcissistic partners identified their toxic patterns, and they were motivated by their desire to build a healthier future for themselves. 

Should you find yourself in such a relationship, know this… 

You have worth, and it’s much more than being tricked and deceived by someone pretending to be invested in the relationship. 

Find the motivation to pick yourself up and want more for your life by deciding to leave a relationship that is not in your best interests. 

5) Self-love

I want you to think about this. If you care about your needs, happiness, and future, why are you with someone whose sole purpose is to compromise all of that? 

People who’ve left narcissists have self-love; there are no two ways about it. You’ve got to love yourself enough to recognize that you’re in an unhealthy relationship and act by letting go of someone who doesn’t have genuine and unconditional love for you. 

You have self-love when you put yourself first, and I mean this in a healthy and balanced way. You know how to support your partner, you compromise in the relationship, and you focus on your goals. But a narcissist doesn’t like any of these things. 

You only need to consider the lifestyle and motivation of someone who puts their needs first to understand why being in a narcissistic relationship just won’t work. 

Narcissists love themselves. They want everything to be about them, and if they notice that your attention is veering away from them, they’ll pick fights for no reason and end up manipulating you to get their way. 

While you were once a person who did things for yourself, like going out with friends or enjoying time out to treat yourself, all of your physical and emotional attention is directed towards your partner. 

It’s not on, and it’s time to love yourself enough to make a run for it. 

6) Confidence

Confident people don’t accept being treated poorly, and in a relationship, they go in with a strong inclination of what they expect in a partner. 

You may be thinking, then, why do they get caught by a narcissist in the first place? Well, narcissists don’t reveal their tendencies in the early stages of a relationship. By the time you’ve invested, they change, and this is when you pay attention to their attitude and behavior. 

People who have low self-esteem make constant sacrifices to appease their partners, even if it means sacrificing their own happiness. 

Confidence stops you from needing reassurance from your partner. It also stops you from relying solely on them to make you happy. Narcissists want you to seek reassurance from them, and they want you to depend on them because that makes it easier to control you

Most importantly, confidence allows you to recognize your worth, which is one of the first things that narcissists attack. These people want you to doubt yourself, and they do things that diminish your value. 

Once you realize their intentions, it’s time to work on your resilience, mindfulness, and self-love so that you can be confident enough to make a change.

Final thoughts

You see that the person you’re with has narcissistic tendencies because they’re downright selfish, and you’ve picked up on the manipulation. 

Why do you stay? 

Once you realize that the person you fell in love with is no longer making you feel heard or supported, you need to look within to understand why you aren’t moving on

Maybe you need some inner strength and resilience, which are among the character traits of people who have successfully escaped from a narcissistic relationship. 

You could already have a few of these traits, or you could be working on them. Either way, don’t get caught up in their promises of changing or giving them one last chance. Once you know what and who you’re dealing with, it’s time to want more for your future. 

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