People who have a rare combination of being emotionally and logically intelligent usually display these 9 traits

We often hear about people whose forte is emotional intelligence.

Then, those who show prowess in using logic and rationality.

But what about when two worlds collide?

Balancing emotional and logical intelligence is a rare but powerful combination.

Emotionally intelligent people can understand, use and manage their own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. 

On the other hand, logically intelligent folks are excellent problem solvers who can analyze situations, think critically and make rational decisions.

Finding someone who possesses both these traits is a rarity indeed.

They do however tend to display certain distinctive traits, the top 9 of which listed below will be helpful if you’re trying to gauge whether you too are a child of emotions and logic combined:

1) A keen eye for observation

Emotionally and logically intelligent are the keenest of observers.

They don’t just look – they take everything in and memorize it. They don’t just hear, they listen. 

These two combine to gift them an uncanny ability to pick up on nuances of any given situation; microexpressions, tiny fluctuations in tone, a sporadically chosen vocabulary.

Their emotional intelligence allows them to empathize with others and understand their feelings. At the same time, their logical intelligence helps them to analyze these observations and make rational decisions based on them.

This trait helps them navigate complex social situations and make sound judgments, as they excel at reading between the lines and understanding what’s not being said.

2) A balanced head and heart

“Follow your heart”, clamors one half of the world.

“No – be rational! Follow your head”, shouts the other.

It’s hard knowing whether to follow what your mind tells you, or whether to follow what sings to your heart.

However, those who balance emotional intelligence with logical intelligence tend to ease into a middle ground between the two without too much trouble.

Without straying too far towards either end, they let their practical thinking guide the way, and allow their gut feelings to call them home.

Many of us tend to favor listening to our hearts OR our heads, so this ability to deftly swing between the two is a rarity that few people possess.

3) High adaptability

Adaptability is another key trait that those with both emotional and logical intelligence possess. 

They can swiftly adjust to new situations and changes with ease – which is an incredibly valuable trait in our fast-paced world.

Darwin highlighted the fact that as a species, it was not those who were strong nor intelligent who survived, but those with the greatest capacity to change, and to change quickly.

Whilst change scares many people off, these unusually balanced individuals use their emotional intelligence to manage their reactions to change and their logical intelligence to plan and strategize how to navigate it. 

This combination not only helps them survive changes but often allows them to thrive in them.

4) Extremely self-aware

You better bet you won’t catch anyone saying, “I know you better than you know yourself” to these types, as they’re the best in the business at it already.

Just as they excel at quietly observing the world around them, do they also excel at observing their own thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

Their emotional intelligence allows them to recognize and understand their own feelings, while their logical intelligence helps them to evaluate these emotions objectively.

All in all, they tend to be excellent at emotional regulation coupled with knowing their own strengths and weaknesses, and acting on these accordingly.

They have no fear in facing their shortcomings and actively working on areas they need to improve. 

Equally, this self-awareness also means they can better understand others’ perspectives, leading to more empathetic interactions.

5) 5 star communication

Communication involves more than just talking (a hurdle which many fail to overcome). It involves listening, understanding, and responding appropriately. 

Now, people who possess both emotional and logical intelligence are often excellent communicators.

Their emotional intelligence allows them to empathize with others and understand their feelings. Through this, they can listen actively, show genuine interest in others’ thoughts and feelings, and respond empathetically.

On the other hand, their logical intelligence enables them to express their thoughts clearly and rationally. They can articulate their ideas effectively, make persuasive arguments, and handle difficult conversations with tact and diplomacy.

So, whether it’s a group meeting at work or a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, these individuals know how to get their message across effectively.

6) Kind & compassionate

things you dont realize youre doing because youre a kind person People who have a rare combination of being emotionally and logically intelligent usually display these 9 traits

At the heart of someone who is both emotionally and logically intelligent lies a deep well of compassion and kindness. 

This is because they not only understand and feel what others are going through, but also take active steps to help alleviate their suffering or discomfort.

Their emotional intelligence allows them to deeply empathize with others, and shar in the suffering, joy, or fear they are made privy to. 

Alongside this, their logical intelligence then steps in to find practical ways to help. Not just stopping at the emotional side of things, they can actively assess a situation, understand what’s needed, and take effective action.

This combination leads to a compassionate approach to life, where kindness and understanding form the basis of all their interactions. 

7) Steely resilience

Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s not always so easy to bounce back from adversity when it feels like one constant rollercoaster. 

But people who have both emotional and logical intelligence have an inherent resilience that helps them weather life’s storms and come out the other side (usually grinning).

Thanks to their emotional intelligence, they can understand and process their feelings during tough times. They tend also to be good at feeling those feelings, but not letting them dictate their entire response.

Meanwhile, their logical intelligence helps them to step back, analyze the situation, find solutions, and create a plan of action.

This nifty mix of acknowledging emotions whilst also being able to create their own path forward is what makes them so resilient

They don’t just survive hardships; they learn, grow, and become stronger from them.

8) Gentle patience

People who possess both emotional and logical intelligence have an abundance of patience

They understand that good things often take time, and that rushing can lead to mistakes or missed opportunities.

This is down to their emotional intelligence, which allows them to manage their feelings of impatience, anxiety, or frustration. Thanks to this, they can stay calm under pressure and handle delay without getting too frustrated.

Next, their logical intelligence steps in to help them to understand the need for patience. 

Their rational minds allow them to see the bigger picture, plan for the future, and understand the value of waiting for the right moment.

Thanks to this powerful combo, they’re patient not only with themselves, but also in all interactions with the world around – a rarity in a world that lives for acceleration.

9) Confident authenticity

Above all, people who possess both emotional and logical intelligence are true to themselves. 

Their authenticity shines through in every interaction. They understand their values, stand by their principles, and aren’t afraid to express their true thoughts and feelings.

Their emotional intelligence allows them to be in tune with their inner selves, and their logical intelligence helps them live according to these insights. 

This combination leads to a life lived wonderfully authentically, where actions align with beliefs, and words match the heart’s language, and invites trust, respect, and admiration from those around them.

Final words

If you’ve finished the list and are nodding away to yourself, suddenly having realized that you too are in possession of a mind that excels not only in logic but also in emotional intelligence – hats off to you.

Finding balance between the two is an art difficult to master, which comes naturally to some.

If you still find yourself having a tendency to be led either by your heart or your head, perhaps there are a few things that you can learn and begin integrating from the distinctive traits mentioned above. 

Just remember: the journey to becoming emotionally and logically intelligent isn’t about reaching a destination. It’s an ongoing process of growth and self-improvement. 

So continue to observe, learn, and adapt. 

Your journey is unique to you, and every step you take brings you closer to realizing your full potential.

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